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Spellstrike is a strategy game with action-packed combat.

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Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Developer: Sudden Interactive



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Platforms: PC

Spellstrike is a strategy game with  action-packed combat. It has a unique gameplay where you control a squad of three fighters, battling other squads for land, glory, and survival.

Choose a side and build your own adventure as you put together your dream squad of collectible characters while you customize their skills. Test out your squad composition by battling other players online in different map scenarios.

game flow


In Spellstrike, you select a hero character and two supporting characters you would like to control in the game.



Hero characters are unlocked in-game by collecting coins, whereas support characters are randomly generated and can be collected through mystery packs.

Skills are like collectible cards or items in the game. They can be unlocked and collected though mystery packs. You may equip a set of skills to your characters, and each skill plays differently depending on the build of that character. Skills can later be customized to suit the character type. For example: Fireball skill of character A can be a high damage fireball with short range, while the same Fireball skill on character B can have a longer range, but weaker damage.


There are several types of skills to collect, mix, and match.


Damage type skills focus on eliminating enemies by targeting their stamina or life. These are mostly direct attacks towards an enemy.


Utility Skills bring extra benefits in battle that don’t normally directly influence the outcome, but can easily turn the tide if used correctly.These skills allow characters to perform very specific actions.


Mobility type skills allow characters to cover distances as quickly as possible. These are used to quickly move between zones, reach a target, or run away from bad situations.


Survival type skills focus on keeping your character and squad alive. These skills include healing abilities and barriers.


Enhance type skills reinforce character stats and skills. These are usually skills that boost character performance.


Control type skills stop or make it difficult for the enemy to perform actions. These are usually crowd control skills or skills that perform resource locks.

Skills are specific to a character class. Match the skill to the character with the same class.


There are several maps in the game to choose from. Each map has a different objective. Work together with a team or play in single player mode to complete these objectives.




Capture the Flag

Be the first one to get a number of items in the map and take them to certain areas.

Boss Battle

Team up to defeat really powerful opponents.

Secure the Area

Defend a certain area in the map as long as you can from invaders.

Protect the VIP

Opponents will try to attack a character. You mission is to make sure he doesn’t die.

Resource Race

Be the first team to gather the required number of resources in the mission.


Invade certain areas by attacking its defenders.


While players control a squad of three characters, they mainly act as a commander by selecting a map strategy. These are macro strategies that help your squad gain a tactical advantage in the map.  


Your squad will work as a team to achieve the strategy you selected. Each squad member will have different behaviors depending on their activated skills.


Watch your characters fight! Unlike the strategy games we know, Spellstrike gives life to characters with dynamic cameras and action-packed animations. We don't want our characters to be doing the same attack animation over and over like it was a robot. Spellstrike is a strategy game meets the fighting game genre that we love.

combat1 combat2 combat3combat4 combat5 combat6


activationEquipping skills from the squad menu is not the same as activating them inside the game.

Activating a skill means your character will be using those skills while in combat, helping allies or targeting opponents.

Each hero is only allowed to activate 5 skills at a time, while support characters get to activate three at a time.

You may change activated skills as you see fit. Most of the strategies in play can be changed depending on how the player reacts to events with activating their skills.

Usually, you would need to watch the combat play out, study your opponent and choose to activate a skill that would most likely counter your opponent’s strategy.


All in all, the success of the goal for the map will depend on your Squad build, the strategy you choose, and the Skills you activate during combat.


There five different races in Spellstrike. Each with a unique playstyle. Some races are faster but damage less, some have high defense but move slow, while others are best for crowd control.

The world of Spellstrike also has 5 magic classes. Each class can perform specific types of magic. Combined with the different playstyles of each race, you can get dozens of characters with unique abilities.


The world of Spellstrike is huge where characters from different countries join forces to create guilds and fight for different reasons. There are plenty of mysteries that lie in the lands of Ethir that are waiting to be discovered. 

perilA well-known mage from the Southern Black Sands, Peril is second-in-command to one of the Drubi Desert's largest Dust refinery, called Dresco.

Her non-involvement in the Seven Years War was only because no one was brave enough to persuade her to leave the refinery and fight for a cause.

She swore to protect the refinery and keep it running, made by an oath she made with relationships in the past.

It is said that her knowledge in sand magic was acquired from witches from the Black Sand, and only a few know of where these witches can be located.


bomenThe elder of the Brightsear siblings, he swore to honor and uphold his family's name and birthright as protectors of Solemn Gate, the Rakhi's impenetrable fortress containing ancient relics and treasures of the Rakhi.

For a long time, he and his sister held the titles of Sword and Shield Sentinels of the Gate.

His easygoing yet passionately driven attitude has become an inspiration to the army encamped at the gate.

After the war, his post at the gate was firmly secured as the eruption of surrounding volcanoes in the Rakheed territory forced internal conflicts to be resolved. He and his sister had to part ways as she was called to help security within Eridia borders.

degalAs a young candidate for the Cloaks, and an apprentice to Ulwyn, one of Eridia's most famous scholars, Degal was an unrivaled prodigy.

At a very young age, he accompanied his master to meet with Cloaks stationed at the southern Drubi Desert, where he discovered the power of the Black Sand witches and slowly yearned for their knowledge.

Corrupted by his thirst for power, Degal betrayed the Cloaks and escaped towards the Black Sand, also seriously wounding Ulwyn in the process as he tried to protect Degal from the Cloaks.

Many years later, Degal reappears as an assassin working for Drub and Rakhi guilds.


We put our game in Steam Greenlight and we got Greenlit in just 12 days. A lot of people were excited about the possibilities of customizing characters and using this to create strategies.


We are a small development team who are very fond of boardgames, tabletop RPGs, and mostly strategy and action games. The concept originally started from a Global GameJam entry last 2015, and as the idea bounced around the original 4 team members, we decided to make a push for improving its design late in 2015. The team has grown to 13 members now, and we are continuously looking for feedback on how to improve our game's experience. We wanted to create a strategy and RPG game, where we can abstract the overarching strategies being made in RPGs, MOBA's, and MMO battlegrounds, so that players can focus more on decision making and less on manually inputting character movement every step of the way.


collectiveWe want to collect as much feedback during early development since this game will highly depend on the community of players. Square Enix Collective consists of an awesome community of gamers and developers that appreciate new ideas and provide great feedback.  


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  • Coco Rodriguez
    Coco is a game designer, producer, and marketing specialist who has produced several mobile games for the Southeast Asian markets. She has worked as a programmer, project manager, and business development officer in several industries and is now the lead game designer for Spellstrike. A boardgame evangelist and enthusiast, she has been the tactical mind for the strategic game design and marketing efforts behind Spellstrike.
  • Tim Albano
    Tim is a digital illustrator who has worked on various games ranging from fantasy characters to world environments. Tim contributes to game design and illustration with his distinct painted style has helped define Spellstrike's environment concepts and world setting.
  • Jica Monsanto
    Jica is a veteran Unity developer who has worked on various games for PC and mobile platforms, ranging from casual to MMOs. She has worked on projects as a lead developer, contributing to physics, networking, interfaces, gameplay, and more! Her technical prowess has helped Spellstrike grow rapidly to a heavily data-driven multiplayer strategy game.
  • Mars Balisacan
    Mars is a game designer and developer with experience in producing games on mobile, PC, VR, and web platforms. He has worked on more than a dozen games from mobile, casual, online, to AAA titles, which consist of different genres, 2D and 3D, for single and multiplayer experiences. He has worked as a producer, game designer, technical lead, and studio manager, being part of small or large scale teams.