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BFF or Die

You have two choices. Help each other... or die. This is BFF or Die, a co-op adventure through time and space for 1-4 players!

BFF or Die
Yes 59% No 41%

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Strategy

Developer: Honey Tribe Studios

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac

You have two choices. Help each other... or die. This is BFF or Die, a co-op adventure through time and space for 1-4 players! Feel a sense of companionship, think on your feet and figure out how to get past each challenge as a team.

The core gameplay combines elements of action, real time strategy and puzzle solving. Some moments are frantic, tense and exciting. Other times are relaxed and more contemplative.

Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.

run faster!

We have been developing BFF or Die for over two years. We've brought it so far by ourselves and we need your help to get it finished and released.

What makes BFF or Die special is the unique game mechanics and the multiplayer mode. *Who* you are playing with is as important as *what* you are playing. The mechanics are designed to make the game experience something that feels shared. You rely on each other for survival. This creates a great feeling of teamwork and a tension that leads to fun and funny situations. People tend to strategise, laugh, panic and celebrate a lot together as they play.


Core gameplay

The mechanics and strategic abilities in BFF or Die are unique. The list below summarises the gameplay without spoiling the surprises.

  • You are in a darkened maze
  • Whether in single player or multiplayer mode, one character can control an alien flash-light while other characters explore the map. You must collaborate to stay alive and win.
  • A variety of hazards and challenges will try and defeat you.
  • As the levels progress, different tools and items are unlocked. Different levels require different strategies and abilities.
  • Mazes are procedural and will reconfigure when re-attempted. They cannot be memorised.
  • Strategy is dynamic. If you are in a losing situation, change tactics in real time.
  • The struggle is real ;) Some levels will get properly hard but you always feel you can beat them if you figure out the optimal strategy for that level.
  • Players/characters need each other in order to survive and win. No single character can do it all by themselves.

BFF or Die: The Grabber


The planet of Chronosia is home to an advanced and peaceful civilisation. Fuelled by curiosity the Chrosi travel through time and space documenting all that has gone and all that will be. You play the role of a student enrolled at the Time Academy. You and your friends hope to be good Time Reporters one day and go on exciting journeys around the universe.

The Academy is sending their brightest students on a team training mission to one of the deadliest planets in the universe.... planet 001001X in the Sol system, aka Earth! Sorry, you weren't selected. Maybe next time. You should study more.

Wait! Something goes wrong and all contact is lost with the Earth research team. Nobody is left to help them. Well, there is... you? Yep, you'll do. Go rescue your fellow students and find out what is happening. Danger and surprise may await but no matter the situation always remember the Academy motto: BFF or Die.

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An early demo of BFF or Die was awarded Best Multiplayer Game by an industry panel of judges in GameOn 2.0 and was part of a 9 month exhibition in a science museum.

“BFF or Die is just great fun, with compelling and rewarding multiplayer gameplay.” - Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion.



We need your support in order to bring the full vision of BFF or Die to life..!


Online multiplayer. This is the biggest feature we will be adding. It will take some development time and money to get this fully implemented.

Character design and graphics. We will have four distinct main characters with different looks and personalities. Overall we will spend time and effort adding more visual magic so the worlds and creatures we are creating look and feel great.

Content and level design. We will develop the content for four different time periods, each with unique hazards, items to use, environments and challenges. The current demo has single screen maps. In addition to this we will have larger multi-room maps with more exploration. The theme of light and dark will also have variation and twists in different time periods.

The story as outlined above will be implemented. The mystery of what happened to the Earth research team will be gradually revealed out as you progress through the time periods and levels.

Dynamic audio. We will create a new dynamic soundtrack that reacts to and reflects the current situation. Whether the experience is relaxed, tense, frantic, heroic, dangerous or victorious, the music will reinforce that feeling.

Community Content:

In-game fan art gallery. Last year we went to the London Anime convention with BFF or Die and had a great reaction from players. We were surprised and pleased to get an email from one of the players with some fan art she had made of our characters. We will add an in-game fan art gallery so people can upload art they have made based on BFF or Die.

In-game Let’s Play browser. We will also add an in-game portal so you can find all the YouTube videos people have made. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from Youtubers for the early demo and are excited to support them going forward! It's really entertaining and motivating for us to watch groups of people have so much fun playing BFF or Die. We hope to see more Streams and Let's Plays of BFF or Die in the future.

A level editor so people can make and share their own levels and challenges. We know how satisfying it is to make a level with funny and mischievous surprises and see people’s excited and surprised reactions. We want you to be able to get that feeling too.

BFF or Die: Scared

We like to listen

If you like supporting interesting games with original gameplay and would like to provide feedback that shapes the game experience... then get involved and be one of the early contributors :)

Since the start we have developed BFF or Die by watching people's reactions as they play and then listening to their feedback. By now we've seen more than 600 gamers play it at public events. You can see some reactions to an older version of the demo in the video below. It was from the Gadget Show Live and Insomnia Gaming Festival in the UK in 2015. The positive support people show is really encouraging, it reminds us why we’re doing this. Listening to community feedback will continue to be an important part of the process for us as we develop the game.


PC. BFF or Die has already been approved on Steam Greenlight so we can release it as soon as we are ready. We were really happy to see it get Greenlit much faster than we expected in only 6 days :)


We're developing using Unity 5 which means it's possible for us to release on various formats. However, each console has a long list of technical requirements. It's likely we will first release on PC and then spend extra time on the console versions when we have enough initial sales.

PS4. We have a Sony Developer account and BFF or Die already has preliminary approval to be released on PS4.

Xbox One. We plan to release on Xbox One as well.

Wii U. We have a Nintendo developer account. We'd like to release on Wii U but are not sure at this time.



In the current public alpha demo we have: single player mode, local co-op (2-4 players), one time period and 35 levels. You can download it from here.

Please remember this is an un-optimized alpha demo and not representative of the final game performance or content. Currently you will need a fairly good computer to get a fast frame rate. Having said that, it's good fun, especially when playing with friends or family.


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  • Shaz Yousaf
    Lead designer & audio. Shaz has released four mobile games independently with over 100,000 downloads. His first game hit the top 100 charts in the App Stores for the UK, Germany and Italy. He keeps active in the local game developer community in London, has helped organise developer events and meetups and regularly interacts with gamers at public gaming events. He also has a degree in Commercial Music.
  • Alex Baynazarov
    Lead artist & animator. Alex is a versatile 2D and 3D artist and animator who is able to execute the entire art process by himself, from 2D concepts to 3D modeling and rigging. He expresses artistic creativity within the limitations of needing to optimize for target devices. Alex has worked on commercial VR experiences using Oculus Rift and GearVR, in commercial architectural projects using Unity 3D and has a degree in Graphic Design.
  • Anj Zacher
    Lead programmer. Anj has over ten years experience in commercial software development. He likes simple solutions and code that is clean, tidy and easy to maintain. He’s led teams of devs and worked on a variety of projects. These include an online trading app used by hundreds of users per day, online apps for major financial institutions and dispatch tools for one of the largest delivery companies. He has a PHD in Computer Science.