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Iron Tides

Iron Tides is a stormy strategy game for the PC, it follows the rogue-lite adventures of a Viking warband sailing into unforgiving seas.

Iron Tides
Yes 85% No 15%

Genre: Casual, RPG, Strategy

Developer: Crash Wave Games, Inc.

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac



Iron Tides is a single-player adventure-strategy game for the PC, that follows the voyages of a Viking warband as they sail into unforgiving seas. Explore a 3D isometric world rich with procedurally generated islands, dangerous enemies, and foreign plunder.

Hand-Pick the Perfect Crew: Choose your warriors from seven different classes, with no two Vikings exactly alike.

Voyage Into the Unknown: Explore procedurally generated seas full of danger and hidden treasures.

Defeat Your Foes: Master a turn-based combat system built on meaningful decisions and efficient use of limited resources.

Bring Glory to Your People: Discover untold wealth and turn your humble home into an unbreakable bastion.


For five hundred years the warbands of Norhaven have reigned supreme over the western seas. For their predecesors, Norhaven has been a place of rest and trade, and a common home port for ships searching the isles for treasure. The riches of the sea are said to span as far as any ship can sail, and new tales of plunder are at the tip of every Chieftain's tongue.

A Map of the Western Seas


Now a terrible new foe has emerged, known only as the Scourge. They sail out of the far western reaches, occupying abandoned fortresses and temples while pilfering the remaining resources that surround their new home. Whenever you cross paths, you find a trail of broken longships scattered about the seas -- their crews either dead or imprisoned into slavery. The enemy seems endless in number and wield foreign weapons not seen in this part of the world.

Norhaven sits at the precipice -- hidden from the violence of the storm. It is your mission and your birth right to voyage out in search of new loot, conscripting the lives of your people as you hone a ruthess battle instinct and fight for survival. Above all, you must uncover the meaning behind the Scourge and their intrepid arrival. Will you return, victorious to your homeland with holds full of treasure and tales of glory?


Inspired by the game, Faster Than Light, players assume the role of a Viking Chieftain, and command a vessel across open waters. This is a genre-mash of survival, resource management, and strategy. Iron Tides combines procedurally-generated content and unlimited exploration with snappy battle sequences reminiscent of Fire Emblem.

  • Revive and Upgrade an impoverished home town called Norhaven. The town is in desperate need of gold and supplies, but only the spoils of a successful raiding party can provide the people with new trade-goods, ships, and warriors.
  • Conscript New Warriors and assemble a savage crew on board a ship. New Vikings can be purchased from the Great Hall found in Norhaven, while others may be freed from the clutches of the Scourge.
  • Tactically Manage Resources upon a variety of ships. Beginner ships are worn from years of neglect and have limited space. Do you value gold or the lives of your warriors? Upgraded ships are necessary if you desire more space for your goods.
  • Sail Procedurally-Generated Seas and find new objectives in your hunt for the terrible Scourge. Each new voyage is fresh with new islands, loot, and random encounters.
  • Unleash Warcries and Skills that bolster your attack against the Scourge. Warcries can be used as a battle-resource which can empower not just one, but many Vikings on the field.
  • Gain Experience and Levels to better serve your purpose. Vikings use experience to level up, ensuring their survival in battle and creating a diverse crew.

  • Rogue-Lite Elements add a spark of choice and story-telling. Your warriors may die in battle, from hunger, or should you choose to, they will die by your hand. Dead warriors don't come back, so be weary of the choices you make.

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Inspired by tile-based board games, Iron Tides disrupts the conventional way turn-based tatics games are played.

One turn in battle consists of movement, action, and resource management. Unlike traditional board games, warriors can move, attack, and move again in any order -- allowing the player to engage in a turn-based battle that feels like a real-time strategy.

Fury Points:

The Vikings use a resource called Fury to activate abilities. Fury is earned at the end of each turn, but can also be swapped through Warcries, gained through critical attacks, or lost during battle. As players familiarize themselves with Fury, they will find the resource handy when making critical decisions.

Additional movement and action points may be granted in exchange for Fury -- encouraging players to take bold risks in life-threatening situations.

Your Enemies Have Fury Too:

If left unattended, your enemies will gain Fury, and use it to their advantage. Stay vigilant, and unleash Warcries to gain the upper-hand.

Mastering the Battlefield:

Battles are designed to be light weight, with a range of features including directional placement, line of sight, waves of enemies, and a comprehensive balance of strengths and weaknesses in character classes and weapon sets.

  • Weapon Types will inflict more damage onto enemies who are ill-prepared. Knowing your weapon type makes a difference in battle, especially when paired against an opponent who's weapon type is weaker than your own.

  • Warriors With Shields are likely to block incoming attacks, but must trust their comrades to protect their flank from being surrounded by enemies.

  • See the Enemy before you attack. Line of sight is a feature that is used to protect your characters from ranged weapons. Think carefully when maneuvering your warriors across the board, an opportunity to attack may be blocked by a comrade in arms.

There are seven classes available for combat. These warriors can be found abandoned on the sea, or bargained for within Norhaven. However, the strongest warriors cannot be persuaded onto your ship with gold... These warriors are only interested in tales of adventure and glory... To recruit them, you must find a way to prove your prowess.




Viking vanguards are natural born leaders, typically holding the center of a battle line. They are at their best when supported by a close grouped cadre of warriors.








Armed with spear and shield. Valkyries are incredibly evasive, highly technical warriors. Their trademark talents include very high accuracy, a good balance of blocking & evasion, and a focus on critical hits.








Armed with a heavy axe, the berserker is most at home wading through hordes of enemies. His easy generation of Fury and ability to strike multiple enemies at once makes him the ideal choice against overwhelming odds.








Abilities are broken up into four main categories: Warcries, Defensive Healing, Offensive Attacks, and Utility.




A special thanks to John McKiever for delivering high quality sound tracks. John McKiever is an experienced composer, who's instrumental pick for the Iron Tides is the French Horn. He is the skald behind the cunning, contemplative audio tracks heard in-game, and pioneers the sounds of a stormy adventure throughout the forgotten realm.

Sample Tracks, Click to Listen:

Combat Draft - It's time to critically assess your battle strategy. The Combat Draft is designed to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat as you command your Vikings into battle.

Battle Draft - A battle breaks out as you unleash a mighty warcry. The strength of your warband grows, while your enemies tremble in fear. For glory!

Sailing Draft - A somber piece that will remind you that sailing the Iron Tides is a journey best left for the strong and able-bodied.

As two independent developers, we have spent 10 months bringing this game into early alpha.

To be clear: Square-Enix is not giving us money to continue developing the game. They are offering us a chance to be part of the community, and are helping us in retrieving critical feedback that promises to make our game better. 

Crash Wave Games has chosen the Collective as an opportunity to find new players, like you, who will vote and build a community around a game we love.

We're proud to say the Iron Tides has been Greenlit for Steam!

Thank you to all the votes and comments we received from people who love indie strategy games. We make reading and replying to new comments a priority -- so please leave us a message in the section below.

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  • Sam Raski
    Sam is an independent game developer who has crafted games for over 6 years. He is a one-stop-shop and has talents in art, game design, and programming. Without Sam, the Iron Tides would not look, or feel the way it does right now.
  • Carina Kom
    Carina has practiced game design for over 5 years, and has an intrinsic love for production management and innovative game design. Through Carina's efforts, the Iron Tides continues to hustle forward, flourishing into an engaging, and well directed game.