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Catsbridge Stories. Detective in Time

Become a detective of cat city to investigate intricate crimes. Get ready for mystery, sarcasm and, of course, cheesecakes with a cup of tea

Catsbridge Stories. Detective in Time
Yes 79% No 21%

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure, RPG, Simulation

Developer: Rivas Games

PC iOS Android


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Platforms: PC iOS Android

Genre: Detective simulator, adventure, visual novel, puzzle, RPG elements

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC (Windows, OS X, Linux )

Languages: English, Japanese, Russian (we plan to do other languages as well in the future)

Visual setting: Film noir look-alike, inspired by Sherlock Holmes adventures and kittens. Gotta have kittens.

Progress: ~65% of the game is done at the moment

Estimated release: ~August - September, 2016 (first 3 Episodes)


"I will find the criminal in 12 hours!"

Welcome to Catsbridge, dear ladies and gentlemen! It’s the hometown of Mr. Nathan Chrono, who has a notorious reputation as a private detective. He always manages to solve any crime within twelve hours.



  • A detective simulator that makes you value time
  • 3 different modes: isometric, visual novel and mind-arranging puzzle
  • A cat city with unique atmosphere and charismatic characters
  • Characters’ mental and emotional conditions affect the story
  • Make notes and use written down facts to refute doubtful statements and change the flow of conversation
  • Humour. As you can see, we have cats, detectives and humour. What else do you need? A cheesecake? We got those, too!


Game is divided by episodes. Each episode contains a crime that must be solved in 12 hours. In order to do so, you need to visit locations, talk to witnesses and suspects, find clues, reveal secrets and expose lies.

Every action (like travelling, searching and others) moves the clock’s hand by a few minutes. So you must find a criminal before the clock makes a full circle.

Map of Catsbridge

There are 3 modes in the game: [SEARCH], [INVESTIGATION] and [MIND]. Each has unique look and rules.


This mode uses isometric perspective. You carefully search a crime scene for clues. Searching works like playing Hot and Cold.

Pressing the search button lets you know if there is a clue nearby. When the search bar indicator is full, you’ve found a clue!


This mode plays like a visual novel or a dialogue sequence from RPG. You speak to various cats to proceed in your investigation.

As you can see some words or phrases in dialogues are marked in [green] and [red] colours.

Green statement means that it’s a fact. You can write them down by dragging a pen icon on such statements.

Phrases marked in red are doubtful. This means you need to make a further inquiry or prove this statement is false with a fact.


Simply finding facts alone is not enough! You’ll have to use logic and deduction by analyzing facts in the Mind mode. In this mode you are entering your own mind. Facts are floating around here, and you need to grab them and put into responding slots. If you compare the right facts, you get a new piece of information.

Stress level affects thinking. When Chrono makes a mistake or is under pressure of circumstances, his stress level rises. This results in the facts moving chaotically, making it difficult to arrange them. To decrease the stress rate just rest a little or eat a cheesecake. They solve problems, you know. Cheesecakes.


‘Catsbridge Stories’ is a plot-oriented game.

Episode 1. “Loving Family”. Probably, nobody liked old, greedy and grumpy Mr. Goodcat. So when he was murdered, it was no wonder his sons were the first suspects. But were there some dark secrets about Mr. Goodcat, that no one knew about?..

Episode 2. “Greatest Acting Ever”. A famous actress is dead, found in a theater’s cellar. Or shall we say... an infamous one? It seems that her acting was so terrible that the rest of the crew sighed with a relief. Mr. Chrono is sure that the murderer is one of the three producers of the play. But which one?.. And there is another problem - all three of them have perfect alibis.

Episode 3. “A case with a Demon”. This time the employer is more than odd. It’s a public influential organisation (but in fact, a sect) named “Sons of the Divine”. One of the “sons” is found dead in his chambers, violently and unnaturally murdered by someone… or something. Could it be that he was killed by a real Demon? All facts point to that, but a clear mind denies that such creatures exist.


Nathan Chrono

He’s the protagonist. A private detective, who values punctuality, logic and good black tea. He has a unique skill - the power of mind - that rises according to his success, or after a good talk with a smart cat. When the power of mind is high, new options in some dialogues become available.


Elen Goodcat

She's the daughter of the victim in the 1st episode. After Chrono brilliantly solves the murder, she decides to become his partner... Of course, she doesn't care to ask, if he’s okay with that. She also has a unique skill - the power of charm - it makes people more emotional in one way or another. When her power of charm is high, new options in the dialogues become available.


Catsbridge citizens

Catsbridgians are very different people. Some of them are really strange and creepy, some wear masks for their reasons, some are kind and gentle, some are smart and  some are insane criminals with a cold mind and black soul.


Rivas Games is a young team of skilled pro developers, who joined their forces to make great things. Our members' experience with game development is 6 to 11 years. We freelanced and worked for other big and small game developing companies. And now we have decided to make games just the way we think is right.

"Catsbridge Stories" is our first big project as Rivas Games, that's why we need community's support and feedback. Square Enix Collective seems to be the best choice for many reasons. With your help we'll be able to improve the game, finish the development in time (but not in 12 hours!), and make our major debut!


For this game we were inspired by series like Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and some other famous and not-so-famous games, as well as British classic detectives and American noir movies. Settings might have some similarities with Blacksad, but it's more 'positive' in a way. "Catsbridge Stories" has a place for humour and sarcasm.

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  • Mr. Rage
    Mr. Rage has over 10 years of experience as a 3D modeler and animator. He worked on such titles as Majesty 2, Warlock 1-2, Fantasy Wars and others. He knows how to make a person laugh... or cry... or jump_with_attack_1_loop and other things we need for the project. His favorite games are GTA 5, Titanfall, Rocksmith, Guilty Gear series and many others.
  • Mr. Antony
    Lead prog, coder, a huge fan of optimisation. He usually creates impossible ways to make something work even when it’s not supposed to do so. 8 years of experience in game development. Favorite games/series: The Witcher, Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate, Warcraft, Starcraft, Dungeon Keeper, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Darksiders, Myth The Fallen Lords, Hitman and others.
  • Mr. Sef
    Game designer, screenwriter, musician, sometimes even a coder. He’s the mastermind behind Catsbridge and the one who created Chrono the Cat. 11 years of experience in game development. Favorite games/series: Dragon Age, Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Fallout, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Danganronpa and others.
  • Mr. Constantine
    2d artist and concept artist. He can do really charismatic characters and backgrounds. 6 years of experience in game development. Started to draw characters (from cartoons) at the age of 5. Favorite games: Fallout 1-2, Myth 3, Final Fantasy VII, Baldur’s Gate, Dead Space and others.