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Shattered : Tale of The Forgotten King

Shattered is an indie action/platformer/adventure game which delves you into the mysterious and three-parted world of Hypnos.

Shattered : Tale of The Forgotten King
Yes 93% No 7%

Genre: Action, Platformer, RPG, Side Scroller

Developer: Redlock Studio

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Mac




Shattered : Tale of The Forgotten King is a one player 2D/3D Platformer / Action

developed with Unreal Engine4.

It is made for : 

  • PC
  • PS4

The game takes place in a strange and shattered world, ruled by Elder Gods. Follow the Wanderer on his journey to find memories of his past, with The Whisperer, a disturbing creature helping him on his quest.

Shattered will take you on a journey of choices and hidden stories. All of your decisions will follow you path, right until the end.




At first there was the King.

 All living things in the world of Hypnos are born with a mask that define their personality. Few come to life with a name, which can only be given by the King and define their purpose in the world.

The only ones who can talk are Whisperers.  Nothing like the other people in Hypnos : Whisperers wear no masks but handle words for the silent ones. Another exception are Pretorians, the Royal Army. They abandon their mask and name to wear the Pretorian armor and serve the King until their last breath.


Or until the day the King disappeared, leaving Hypnos on its own. The world started to scatter, as powerful creatures rose to claim the lands for themselves.

The Demiurges, as they were named, faced the Pretorians. They fought bravely, but their defeat was inevitable against the god-like entities. Their failure lead them to a fate worse than death.

The Demiurges started to figth each other until only twelve of them remain. During this war, the world broke into three parts, and lots of lands were lost.



Ages later, a Wanderer wakes up without any memories of his past. As he starts exploring these destroyed lands, he meets the Whisperer, who was hiding in Limbo since the King went missing.

Now begins the Wanderer’s quest for truth.

As he marches on those strange places, he faces incredibly powerful and mythic creatures ; learning about them, and his own destiny.

The story of Hypnos yet has to be discovered and the future is in your hands.
Will you help the Wanderer on his journey?



The Wanderer : Your character. Guide Wander through his quest for answers in the world of Hypnos. On your way, you will have to look for your memories and discover what happened to these scattered lands. Wander holds great powers but will have to find how to master them first.




The Whisperer : A strange being who hides in Limbo since the King went missing. It is the first character you will encounter. Cynical and mysterious, he knows much more than he speaks and will join you throughout your journey. But can you trust his word ?



The King : The King and God of Hypnos. Not much is known about him. He gave birth to this world and all living beings. Nobody knows why he left the throne unoccupied or where he is now. The Whisperer told the Wanderer that the King could answer all his questions.




Choron : A silent entity who watches over the Limbo and lets you travel through the realm of Hypnos. Unlike the King, nobody knows anything about him. And nobody knows why he intends to help Wander.



The Geomancer : One of the last entities who survived after the King’s departure. His purpose is not really clear but you will meet several times during your journey. Like the Whisperer, he knows quite a lot about Hypnos. But who should you trust more ?




The Demiurges : Unique creatures who hold tremendous powers. They rule Hypnos and are the only antagonists of the game. 


Where the player is induced to understand and explore the complete level, to solve it has a large scale puzzle. Each zone is made of :


  •  One major puzzle that the player has to solve to go on the adventure.


  • Three minor puzzle who can give access to secret zones or different scenaristic nodes.


In this part, you must survive to lethal traps, solve many enigma and find your way on labyrinthic levels.



Where the player is lead to face 12 Bosses, The Demiurges, with different behaviour and pattern for each one of them. The fighting system is brought to the purest kind, it's counting on :


  • Player's dexterity, reflexes and sense of timing. Light and strong attacks, dodge, feint and                       dash are at the very heart of the gameplay and lead to special attack chains.


  • Skills aquired and used during plateformer phases.



Depends of enigmas solved by the player as well as bossfight outcomes. The story is narrated throught :


  • The Wisperer's narrative,


  • Scrolls from Geodesian Book, common objects in each level,


  • Eibon's fragments, hidden in some dark places. 


Each one carrying its own vision of the story. The player have to discover the truth, by finding all of those pieces during his quest.




  • SKILL SYSTEM : unlock different passives or active skills depending on your way to handle the game.

Some hidden skill-trees will give different skill sets, depending on battles issue and levels completion.


  • CRAFT SYSTEM : The player can collect ressources to use in the forge : 



- Glyphs are improving weapons and armors with elemental effects.



Crafting can repair, enhance or create equipement, consumable items or additional keys. There is a limited amount of ressources, so every crafted equipement involves another choice.

For exemple, the player could chose between crafting a powerful weapon to defeat a boss more easily, or a new key to unlock some piece of the story.



  • LANGUAGE : Every single Eibon's fragment is an alphabet letter. The more you have, the more translated Demiurges' strange language will be. The player have to understand and handle properly those elements to discover the most complete ending.






Our goal with SHATTERED is to deliver an intense storytelling experience, with emotive scenery and epic bossfights. We work to create an intimist world, through a complex tale. We want to tell a story where the different endings are complementary, to bring a global vision and a message opened to players' interpretation.

That's just the beginning. It's a entiere game series, with different but connected worlds, that we aim to achieve.

And now, we need your help to make it all come true.
With Square Enix Collective and crowdfunding, we want to buy some time to spend it on Shattered, and be able to build a really huge game for you to enjoy. 



The Redlock is a mystic place, a way beetwen the universes. It is born of a will to create a intricated world, captivating and dreamy. Shattered is one of the first stones.

We're a French studio based in Lyon (FR) that has attracted artists and engineers of the video game world, due to its special atmosphere, its graphic style and fantastical lore. Today, eight souls have join the scene, supported by the work of a dozen other wanderers.  


If you want to know more about Shattered and its development, check out our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We frequently update our medias to sligthly deliver more details about the game. Feel free to give us your opinion, every feedback being a real contribution to our work. With you, we will be able to improve the game as much as possible, as we try to share our passion and  make a great game experience. Ready ?

Hear the Whispers.
Let the journey begin.



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  • Amélie Vinay
    Lead Character Artist at Redlock Studio Graduate from ARIES (Lyon) Special abilities : Loves cats. Allergic to cats. Modeling of the gods.
  • Laureline Denis - Venuat
    Writer & Scenarist at Redlock Studio Community Manager Special abilities : Super-strength salad eater. Can write divinely. Sometimes. Self proclamed photographer.
  • Benjamin Ford
    Sound Designer at Redlock Studio It sounds heavy. Special abilities : Does more than needed. Is a genius. Sometimes. Acousmonium.
  • Antoine Besnard
    Developer - Unreal Engine Still in IT school, he sacrifices litters of coffee to code’s Gods, in order to handle his studies the day and game development at night. Special abilities : Doesn't need to sleep more than 4h. Has family bakers, so we can get delicious Croissants.
  • Vincent Ducatel
    3D Environement/Character Artist Hard worker, is our self-educated 3D artist and a inveterate Watcher on the Wall. Special abilities : Can survive with 22 cats. Useful schizophrenia.
  • Laurent Chorier
    Technical Director - 3D Artist Also worked for Artefact Studio on smartphones games. Special abilities : Calm and Quiet. Except sometimes. Makes amazing burgers. NERF god.
  • Flavie Vogler
    3D Artist at Redlock Studio Graduate from ESIA 3D , part of Bellecour Schools of Art in Lyon (France). Like Red. Special abilities : Masters the red. Works faster than her shadow. Talks to her unicorn.
  • Sami Ennaji
    Concept Artist at Redlock Studio Freelance Concept Artist, graduate from ESIA 3D. First. Special abilities : Political criticism. Insane design and texturing. Can laugh.
  • Maxime Beisser René
    Creative/Art Director at Redlock Studio Freelance Concept Artist Special abilities : Bad at his own game. Not bad in kitchen. Absolute roleplaying game master.