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Dungeon of Zaar

Explore the mysterious domain of Zaar through tactical turn based battles, choose your strategy and your troops and gather treasures.

Dungeon of Zaar
Yes 74% No 26%

Genre: Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy

Developer: KURB

PC Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: PC Mac iOS Android

Dungeon of Zaar is an online strategy game developed for PC/MAC. 
It's a turn-based strategy game focused on PvP battles taking place in an ancient and magical Castle where Explorers fight for treasures.

  • You recruit mercenaries that will fight for you. Hire mercenaries from around the world and build the team you like.
  • Encounter other dungeon raiders and fight them in online PvP matches, or play with your friends in local mode on one device.
  • Each battle gives you money and crafting materials, with which you can craft items that can be used in battles - equipment, potions and such.
  • Progress through the dungeon through victories, and try to reach the Throne of Zaar.

We love strategy games and tactical RPG, but Dungeon of Zaar is different from classic «tactical » games. We want the game to be focused on fast paced PvP, easy to pick up, easy to understand and for everyone: for strategy game lovers, and for the ones that are not familiar with the genre. We want the player to be able to make a fast match on the go, or to sit in front of his computer and spend hours trying new strategies.

« The Kingdom of the Mage Zaar collapses and the legend tells that priceless treasures remains in the corridors of the Dungeon. Explorers and soldiers from around the world venture into the ancient castle, fighting each other, trying the reach the Throne of Zaar, where lies the strongest of all secrets… »

You are one of the Dungeon's Explorers: create your avatar and customize it choosing his face, clothes, and accessories. Playing the game will level up your explorer, unlocking rewards and new content.
Try to become the strongest Adventurer, reaching the top of the dungeon.

One of the main features of the game is team building. Before exploring and fighting in the Dungeon of Zaar you get to choose a squad of mercenaries and fill your bag with items. It's up to you to choose your own strategy and the ones you are going to pick to venture the caste!

Each mercenary has its own strengths and weaknesses. Are you going for an aggressive team, with a lot a fast and damaging troops? A defensive strategy with tough mercenaries that holds their ground or with an arena control strategy relying on annoying enemies and taking advantage of the map?

We plan to make at least 15 mercenaries available at launch, and here are a few of them:

  • The Knight: He is a tough armored soldier, he will go into the battle without any scratch and will help defending his teammates with his magic shield.

  • The Mage: This guy is really fragile, but he's got a long range fire rain that strikes multiple enemies.

  • The Fairy: This magical being can fly long distances around the arena, she's capable of weakening her opponents and summon wind spells to move troops where she wants.

And before entering the dungeon don't forget to fill your bag with items, as they are an important part of your strategy. Are you going to bring with you Healing potions to sustain the match, Feather boots to make one of your mercenaries moving further or a Spicy dish to make one of your troops way stronger for the next turn.

Now that your team is built you can make your way into the Dungeon. Each battle takes place on an arena that has its own proprieties and topology, you will venture in the gardens of the dungeon, in the courtyard, in the old library and many other places.

Every Arena have strength that the player can use to his advantage: Try to pick up the loots that appears on the corner of each arena, they will give you powerful items that you can use anytime. Some arenas have portals that can teleport troops to the other side of the maps, or treasure jars that will give a strong item to any player who breaks it!

In Dungeon of Zaar each player can move and do an action with all its 5 mercenaries in any order before ending its turn, that means that it is a very flexible and it gives a lot of room to set up its tactics.
Players can also use one of their items every turn to give them bonus in needed situations, you can go all in and use them to end the game quickly, or keep them for hard times at the end of the battle.

To win a match, you got to collect 3 soul points, each enemy killed gives you one point and there is no way to bring one of your troops alive again. So if you lose 3 soldiers, it's over for you! You got to be sure to heal your troops and defend your important pieces while trying to find a way to deal damages and take down the enemy team.

At launch the game should be released with the following modes:

  • Dungeon mode: It's the main mode, the player will fight other explorers in 1v1 matches on random arenas of the dungeon. Each victory will bring you closer to the throne of Zaar and every battle will reward you with gold and loots.
  • Custom games: Play with your friends through custom games being able to change some game rules like the number of souls required to win.
  • Asynchronous: Play online with anyone or with friend through asynchronous battles, playing your turn without requiring the other player to be online and letting you play other modes until your opponents plays his turn !
  • Local Mode: Play around the same device with a friend! Set custom rules and arena.

Game modes we would like to implement in the future:

  • 2V2 mode: Play online on team battles with 4 players per arena.
  • Solo quests: Raid the dungeon solo against bots and try to go the farther you can!
  • Alternative objectives: We have plenty of ideas for alternative rules for DoZ such as « king of the hill » or « objective destruction ».
  • Map editor and custom games: Players can create their own maps and play them online!


While developing Dungeon of Zaar, it became obvious that our game should not be a « premium » game, we don’t have any solo content yet, no big adventure to follow, but we have endless PvP battles and tons of content for the player to unlock. We think as our game is focused only on multiplayer, it’s fairer to give the game to try for free. We want everyone to be able to try Dungeon of Zaar, and make his opinion in whether you like the game or not.

We want the players to be able to unlock every gameplay content only by playing the game. Unlock Mercenaries, crafting materials and items at you own paced, and if you want some extra « visual » content, why not purchasing an alternative skin for your favorite mercenary? This way Dungeon of Zaar can continue growing and we will add fresh new content regularly: new arenas, game modes, items and mercenaries! But no worries the game will NOT be a pay to win and as the first players of our game we want it to be fair.

  • You don't like Free to Play games ?

Don't worry, players will have the possibility to unlock all the gameplay content for a reasonable price if you want everything right now like if you bought your regular premium game. We will also offer the option to unlock every additional content coming to the game with a special edition, and this for life!

We are currently working on the alpha of Dungeon of Zaar, tweaking the game to make it more fun on more pretty, we are looking for a further crowdfunding campaign that will hopefully make the full game possible and let us make it as good as we want it to be and maybe even better thanks to the help of the community!

That way we want to know how the public reacts and what players expects from the game. We would really appreciate any advice, questions, commentary, so we can make the best game possible.

  • The expected release of the game should be late 2016 /early 2017

You can like our Facebook page and follow our Tweeter to keep you updated on the game's news and be one of the early players of our alpha tests!

Thanks in advance for your support and let us know what you think!

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  • KURB
    Our new tiny studio. We just finished the prototype of Dungeon of Zaar and we are looking to improve our concept for an alpha version soon. We've been this far with the help of Marc Antoine Dupont and Paulo Silva two amazing game developers who worked on the early days of the game, but here are the current woking team:
  • Noé Lecombre
    Creative director / Artist. Graduated from the french animation school Les Gobelins, Noé spent a few years working on cartoons and video games as artist. He's been working on Dungeon of Zaar for several years now, from early concept sketches and game design elements.
  • Vincent Bourçois
    Programmer. Vincent BOURÇOIS worked on many Unity projects such as a 2D Multiplayer Smash Bros. clone, a cooperative runner and a third person arena brawler and on Kylotonn Games’s WRC5. He has now a great game development experience, focusing on gameplay programming, but also loves ponies and online competitive games! You can view his portfolio at
  • Cléry Plassat
    Programmer. Clery Plassat is an EPITECH student and worked for quite some time on projects with Vincent. He has quite some experience with Unity3D thanks to school projects like a multiplayer Smash Bros. clone or a third person arena brawler and to personnal projects like a Rogue-like inspired by Rogue Legacy or other small projects. Chicken nuggets are his basic diet.