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ORBIZ is an action game for PC with spherical worlds for 1-4 players, surviving in a mysterious worlds filled with Zombies.

Yes 68% No 32%

Genre: Action

Developer: Anoman Studio

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

ORBIZ is an action game for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) with spherical worlds for 1-4 players, surviving in a mysterious worlds filled with zombies. Explore a 3D hand-painted pixel art world with crafting, non-linear stories, and 80's style.


The background story of this game is happened in The Era of the Cold War (1985 – 1991), at that time US Department of Defense created a secret project named Orbiz. The objective of this project is to open a portal between dimensions as a way to save US citizens if the nuclear missiles from Soviet Union is launched.

A Soviet secret agent named Irina managed to infiltrate into the lab and make efforts to sabotage Orbiz. The result is the opening of inter-dimensional portal and Prof. Kroll and Irina sucked into it.

When the incident took place, there were 4 teenager UFO hunters in a location that people believed to be the place a UFO sighting. Whereas that place is actually a secret laboratory of the Orbiz.

Being curious of the inter-dimensional portal makes Ash and her friends sucked into it. Can they go back to their home after thrown into a dimension inhibited by zombies?


Players can choose one of the characters of the UFO hunters team: Ash, Ray, Leo or Max. This game is playable for single player and for up to four players using keyboard or Xbox controller. The player must kill all zombies and destroy all spawner to open the portal.

Kill All Zombies

Destroy All Spawners

Find The Portal

ORBIZ consists of 6 worlds with spherical forms and several other variants forms. Players can go round all parts of the planet.




Background music of the game is an 80’s retro music arranged by Masdito Bachtiar from Mojiken Studio.

Our studio formed around November 2014 when we decided to try out making our first game together. We have publicly shown our demo for the first time in December 2014 at UMN ProtoWar in Jakarta. We got 1st Prize for Best Game Prototype.

After that, we submitted the playable demo to IN.GAME in August 2015 and also demonstrated at Game Developer Gathering 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia. We polished the demo even more and added some new features so that we could upload it to GAME JOLT in October and also released it publicly available for download to get valuable feedback. Now, ORBIZ is in the top 100 of Indie Game for Up Coming Game at INDIE GAME DB.

Game Developer Gathering Surabaya 2015


So, currently we have a playable demo, that represents around 84% of a little unpolished environment and also serves as our proof of concept. From now on, we’d like to finish our game design document and polish and fine-tune all the core mechanics.

We estimate that this could take around 1.5 to 2 years, depending on how successful we are at acquiring the necessary resources and support.


The demo offers around 5 minutes of gameplay. It is playable with either XBOX controller or keyboard and mouse. You can download and try it at GAME JOLT.


We’ve been working on ORBIZ for about one and a half year now, in all the spare time we could find, and financed it all from our own savings. Because of our previous work experience, we were able to do some other little jobs on the side to keep us going, but now we came to a point where we’d truly like to dedicate our time to work on the game full-time. If we can get the money from crowdfunding campaign, it would allow us to cover for all the necessary costs.

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    Game desainer and co-founder of Anoman Studio. He played ATARI in his childhood. ORBIZ was created when joining a game jam with Dolanan Studio.
    Lead Programmer and Co-founder. He is the youngest man in team and want to always look younger than all members all the time. Orbiz is his 3rd game before the final project for his graduation on college and free running game which he built on android last year.
    Technical Artist and co-founder of Anoman Studio. He has a working experience as an animator in the biggest animation studio in Indonesia, however decided to focus on games projects in 2014.
    A programmer joined Anoman Studio at the 2nd month of ORBIZ project, while finishing his master degree program in Game Technology of ITS Surabaya.
    Founder and Game producer of Anoman Studio. His previous mobile game produced is Mahabharat Warriors. ORBIZ is his second game developed for PC platform.