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Goo Saga

Goo Saga is about the exploits of a lovable, sentient goo ball, that sets out on a journey to find it's creator and uncover his secrets.

Goo Saga
Yes 63% No 37%

Genre: Action, Casual, Platformer, Side Scroller

Developer: Toka Loka Games

PC iOS Android


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Platforms: PC iOS Android


Goo Saga is a high quality, story-driven, platform adventure game where the main character Goo (a cute elastic ball creature) created by a genius scientist in a secret underwater laboratory, sets out on a journey to find his creator and uncover his secrets.

The game is developed for mobile platforms (Android, iOS) but we are also working on an enhanced version for the PC (that we hope to get on Steam through the Green-light process).

What makes the game stand out from other platformers is Goo's elastic properties and the fact that the player can change it's elasticity to face different situations.


 Goo can exist in three different states:

  • Deflated: Squeezes through narrow passages but loses speed.
  • Inflated: Moves faster but becomes stiffer and harder to control.
  • Normal: Good control and elasticity ideal for easily jumping between platforms.


The gameplay varies between traditional platforming sections that require good eye-hand coordination and boss fight levels. During his journey Goo collects multicolored blobs, solves physics-based puzzles and encounters various animal-like, robotic enemies that he can either avoid or smash to pieces.


The final game will consist of 18 levels organized in 4 chapters, each with its own, epic boss fight. The enticing storyline is delivered through cut-scenes, in-between the chapters.

Another strong point of the game is the great atmosphere that absorbs the player. This is achieved through beautiful hand-painted graphics, great animations & visual effects and an amazing soundtrack.


Each level can be played in three different modes: Normal, Survival and Time Trial. Finishing a level in all three modes, unlocks crystals that the player can use to level up 8 unique abilities

Levelling up these abilities will help Goo to face the increasing difficulties of the more advanced levels.

Energy crystals can be re-assigned at the start of each level to achieve the optimum combination of abilities.




The Scientist



The Scientist's motto is : "If it can exist, then I can create it". Years of isolation in his underwater lab have made him an outcast from the scientific community. Having created an infinite variety of robots and contraptions he felt it was time to take his work to the next level: 'To create sentient life'.

Very soon he realized that conventional electronic circuits and materials would not fit the bill. What followed, was a decade of hard work and experimentation that resulted in the creation of a silicon based material that could host the miracle of life. Achieving his goal was only a matter of time! 





Goo is The Scientist's crowning achievement. Highly flexible and mobile, with retractable silicon legs he can climb any platform, jump any obstacle and smash all of his enemies to pieces.

As a young organism he spent most of his time being held in his tank constantly overlooked by his creator. The few hours he was allowed out of his tank he had to undergo a difficult training program that made him stronger, more flexible and intelligent. Although strict and distant, The Scientist was the only fatherly figure that Goo ever knew. Everyday he would spend many hours with him. Then when for almost a week The Scientist fails to show up, Goo decides to take action unaware of the challenges that lie ahead!


Failed Experiments




It is a well known fact that the only road to success is through many failures. Although they are made from the same material as Goo, a misplaced leg or eye (or sometimes even a trunk) has registered them as failures in The Scientist's mind and not worthy of his valuable time. However, just like Goo they are sentient and they feel abandoned by their creator.






The Robots


Part of The Scientist's earlier work, the mechanical robots are inspired from real life animals. Their mechanical and predictable nature never excited The Scientist's curiosity and nowadays they spend their time patrolling the cold underwater lab corridors.




  • Beautiful hand-painted graphics.
  • 18 atmospheric music tracks.
  • Clever level design with carefully planned alternations between puzzle-solving and platforming sections.
  • Control Goo's elasticity to face different situations using the appropriate tactic.
  • 18 levels and 4 boss fights.
  • 12 unique robot enemies.
  • 8 unique abilities that can be levelled up.
  • Enticing storyline.
  • 2 different endings.



The game is developed for mobile platforms (Android, iOS) but we are also working on an enhanced version for the PC (that we hope to get on Steam through the Green-light process).

We also have plans for an in-game level editor that will allow the players to create their own levels and share them with others. 


 the project

Goo's original idea started back in 2011 as a prototype for Android developed by Nick, our lead designer. The prototype featured a purple plastic ball that players could control by swiping their finger on the screen. Inspiration for the game came from an older game developed by US-based indie developer Cryptic Sea back in 2004 called 'Gish'.

On 2015 Nick unearthed his prototype and the team embraced the idea of developing a game around the cute purple character. Within a month the character had evolved into a highly mobile dynamic blob named Goo and the scope of the game grew to that of a full story-driven platform adventure game.

It has now been 8 months since we started working on Goo and the mobile version is now nearing completion. A successful crowdfunding campaign would allow us to complete the project for mobile devices and focus our attention on the enchanced PC version. We want to further develop the story, add more levels, narration for the cutscenes and a bunch of visual improvements like dynamic lighting and post process effects. Additionaly  some of the budget will be allocated to promote the release.

If you believe that Goo Saga is a worthy game then vote for us here. Also if you know of anyone that would enjoy our game, please let them know. Finally we would love to hear your feedback in the comments section. You can follow our progress on Twitter  and Facebook.


 Coming Soon!


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  • Vicky Fysika
    Audio/Music. Vicky worked on Darkfall Unholy wars as In-house Music Composer, sound designer and video editor for 3 years. She has also composed the music for several unpublished indie games. Before deciding to work on games she worked as music composer for movies , documentaries, theatrical plays, radio&tv spots and animation films. She has also participated in a number of game jams and has won various awards.
  • Thanassis Nikolopoulos
    Programmer. Thanassis worked on Darkfall Online(senior programmer) and Darkfall Unholy wars(lead programmer) for 7 years. In the past he worked at Lionhead Studios for 4 years on Fable I and Fable The Lost Chapters.
  • Kosmas Papadopoulos
    Level Designer. Kosmas worked as level designer on Darkfall Online and Darkfall Unholy wars for 7 years.
  • Fotis Tsantilas
    Artist. Fotis worked as a Senior 3D Artist on Darkfall Online and Darkfall Unholy Wars for 5.5 years. In the past he has worked at Eylead Games(2years) and at Track 7 Games(1 year). His portfolio can be found here:
  • Nick Larin
    Designer. Nick Worked at Aventurine as Project Leader for casual games for 3 years and he also occasionally worked on Darkfall Unholy wars as a Prototype & Tool Programmer and Artist. In the past he has worked at an educational games company and for numerous casual games on mobile and PC as a freelancer. Also, he participates regularly on game jams and has earned many distinctions.
  • Chris Mamounis
    Programmer. Chris worked on Darkfall Online and Darkfall Unholy wars as a senior programmer for almost a decade. Before that, he worked as a Java Programmer at Ixor Ltd for 4 years developing home automation systems.