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10 Years After

10 Years After is an open-world FPS survival epic with an engrossing single player story mode

10 Years After
Yes 53% No 47%

Genre: First Person Shooter, Multiplayer

Developer: Ten Tree Games



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Platforms: PC

10 Years After is currently in a very early testing and development phase.

It is set 10 years after a vaccination was given to the population by the government to help fight against a new virus strain... unfortunately the vaccine mutated over time, killing and then bringing back the dead - bringing down the world as we know it.

Only yourself and a few others who did not get the vaccine strive to survive in this new world, crafting and hunting for food and water in the daylight - then heading back to your camp to see out the night... just make sure you’re not followed or making too much noise as you bunker down as they will hear you and they will find you...

The infected are your main threat and other players will be your allies, as you cannot survive alone without help. Get a posse together and plan a raid on one of the deserted towns for guns, ammo and anything else - but be careful as the infected are in large numbers near towns. So great is the danger that if you try to enter on your own you will not survive.


The single player mode will have an engaging story line as you try to unravel who, what and why. Find pre-recorded messages left by survivors, stumble across other characters struggling to survive - talk to them and see if they can help you, or you can help them. In return you might get some useful information, or maybe some supplies.. read more about this in the single player description further down.

We plan to add this in a future update - we are still looking into the costs and how to implement it into the game, which is one of the reasons we have opened up the forum - to get some feedback on how to structure it.

Online Clans/Factions

The main idea is the ability for clans/factions to build online camps to defend from rival survivors and the infected, going out as a group to hunt for base supplies into overrun infected areas.

We want to try and encourage people to work together to survive, rather than adopting a shoot-on-site perspective - to help us police that, we will be making the online infected a bigger threat, so getting in a gun fight with another player might not be a good idea as it will attract the attention of the infected. You'll find that you will not survive without the help of the player you were attacking, or you will both die trying to take them on.

We hope to include some friendly NPCs into the online version of the game to provide group quests for supplies and weapons - again, working on the premise that together you can get your hands on better things.

In terms ofcosts for the multi-player aspect, it will depend on the popularity of the game. We are looking at using Photon Server, as it will be the easiest for us to implement and the cost will vary depending on how many connections are required.

We will post a poll on our forum to guage the interest and therefore give us an idea of price.

Single Player Story Gameplay Information

10 Years After is a survival horror FPS in which you play an as-yet-unnamed character who is one of the lucky few to have survived.

Lucky might not be the right word, as now you are alone with no supplies, no home and the spare change in your pocket is meaningless.

As you wander around the world you will meet other survivors who might help you in your quest to find out if your wife and son made it to safety, and if the rumours of a cure are true. As you explore you will find audio recordings from the people who once lived here, and listening to these will help you with snippets of information plus add to the depth of the story.

Be sure to only explore in the daylight - find supplies, food, water, ammo, weapons and information - then find somewhere to hide as night approaches. The infected get more dangerous, maybe find an abandoned house or shack and board up the windows? Or camp out in the woods, light a fire, build some wooden defences, stay quiet wait for daylight then move on. If you meet other survivors be careful as you approach... some people won’t trust or like you, while others will welcome your help.

Weapons range from simple melee weapons, such as axes, baseball bats, spades or machetes, through to guns - you might find a 9mm pistol, or if you’re lucky maybe an automatic weapon or shotgun.

You need to keep an eye on your hunger and thirst - if you let these deplete it will affect your morale.

Morale is an important thing in 10 Years After - you don’t have health as such, although get in a fight with infected or other survivors and you will be killed. But your morale is more important, as you will soon learn - let it drop too low and you might take yourself off somewhere with your last bullet!

Keeping your hunger and thirst at bay will help keep your morale up (we plan on adding more features that effect your morale in later stages)

Food is found throughout the world, be that hunting animals or going through houses for tinned goods. Water can also be found in houses and from lakes/ponds.

The Morale system can be seen in this image as a green smiley face (all is well) - this will change to black and then red!


Quests will play an important part in the game. Help out a fellow survivor and they might give you something in return - food, water, ammo, a weapon, or information about an interesting place to head to as you figure out what has happened.

You can see a sample quest in this image.


We have been very lucky in securing the main title song from a great composer in Arn Andersson from Norway who has offered us the chance to use some of his music in the game.

you can hear part of the main title song called Annihilation  in the teaser trailer 

As well as Arn we have been looking for other great music to put into the game and have found some real gems which for now will remain a secret


10 Years After could be viewed as a DayZ/Dead Island/Skyrim affair, although the gameplay itself is a big part in the game. We aim to make the player immersed in the storyline - we have voice actors and writers in place to help bring the story to life and have added environmental sound effects to bring the game world to life. In a future update we would like to add changing weather and seasons.

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Teaser Trailer

Test of Gameplay:

About TenTreeGames

We believe we should be funded as we are ourselves avid gamers but always end up saying, "Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this and that?”

So we decided to take it upon ourselves to produce a game that combined all the things we liked about games we had played, and add in an engaging storyline that makes you as a player risk your neck going out at night to find out what has happened.

We have listened to our fans on social media sites and we are in the process of adding some of their suggested features - we pride ourselves on always talking to our fanbase and have opened up a forum on our site as another way to interact with our fans.

What we ourselves think is a good game idea might not be yours, so this is why we have decided to open up the development to include what you - our fans - would like to see. We will be having polls on the forum so you can vote for what features you would like to see implemented with the aim that together we can build the game we all want.

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  • Audio Diary Sample

    An audio diary sample from the game aiming to bring the lives of the people who use to live here to life

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  • Shaun Mckay
    Lead Developer @tentreegames and Avid Gamer like yourself I am a self-taught developer having spent many years playing games I decided to learn how to make them myself through watching YouTube videos and reading books I slowly amassed the skills needed to create this project I also go into local schools and teach children about game design and the games industry hoping to inspire them into making a move towards game development as I believe the more developers we have will make the games coming out better through competition.