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Potions: A Curious Tale

Adventure through an enchanted world where your wits are your greatest weapons and combat is not always the answer.

Potions: A Curious Tale
Yes 63% No 37%

Genre: Action, Educational, RPG

Developer: Stumbling Cat



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Platforms: PC

Potions: A Curious Tale is an adventure-crafting game where your wits and ingenuity are your greatest weapons and combat is not always the answer. Play as Luna, a young witch who overcomes obstacles with the potions she brews.

The full release will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam

Encounter fairy tale characters and stories from around the world in new settings and situations as you guide Luna on her quest to become a potions master.

Growing up is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re a witch! As Luna, you’ll solve devious puzzles and battle monsters with your arsenal of mystical potions. With a little help from your grandmother (a powerful witch in her own right) and Helios, your sharp-tongued cat familiar, you’ll explore enchanted lands inspired by your favorite fairy tales – often with an unexpected twist!

Ever wonder what happened after Miss Muffet was frightened off her tuffet?

As powerful as your potions are, you’ll find yourself up against monsters that can shrug off your most powerful attacks. You’ll have to think on your feet and act quickly to sidestep danger. Manage your resources carefully, or you may find yourself with an empty satchel when you need your elixirs most.


  • Quirky storyline
  • Deep crafting system that rewards experimentation
  • Conflict resolution that goes beyond pure combat
  • Rich characters from folklore around the world – all with a unique spin
  • Strategic combat—use potions, the environment, and even other monsters to defeat your enemies
  • Countless environments to adventure and search for rare ingredients
  • Resource management, with a vast number of potions and ingredients
  • Luna—Your resident witch-in-training and strong, female lead
  • Beautiful, illustrated art style reminiscent of your favorite storybooks and animated tales

“What struck me most about Potions: A Curious Tale is the beauty of the sprites used throughout it.”  - Spong

“Potions: A Curious Tale makes players re-think the standard hack-n-slash, kill-the-monster gameplay.” - MMORPG

"Potions: A Curious Tale is a wonderfully charming visual delight that promises a tongue-in-cheek storyline and lovely characters. While still in its early stages, gamers who love crafting and exploration should keep an eye on this game."

"It brought back a sense of nostalgia -- it reminded me of a cross-breed of old school games."

"I loved how (reasonably) authentic all the potion ingredients seemed. No bugs or magic dust, but mushrooms, herbs, etc. It felt like I was really Luna."

Combat is fast-paced, non-linear, and highly customizable. Set your own play style with the potions you use and the way you choose to face threats. Go full-throttle with an arsenal of deadly potions that burn enemies to ashes, or drop a confetti bomb and escape before they can blink.

Potions’ effects can work together, allowing for powerful combinations of different attacks. They can also trigger helpful and deadly reactions in the environment.


Timing is key, any pause taken in battle to throw one of your potions leaves you vulnerable as your enemies barrel down upon you. You’ll have to time attacks just right to take down tougher enemies. All potions are friendly-fire, so be careful where you point that incendiary vial.

Some creatures will even need to be coaxed by other methods to share their goods. You must think carefully about which monsters to engage with and which to avoid or trick. Sometimes, using your enemies against each other is the most efficient solution.

Get too carried away fighting and you’ll use up your precious potions and have to rearm before heading out on your next adventure.

On Luna’s path to master potion brewing, she must gather rare ingredients to craft new potions. While her grandmother will teach her some potion recipes, most recipes must be discovered through experimentation with ingredients.

Each ingredient has descriptive text that can hint towards their potential use. These descriptions, along with additional hints from characters in the game, can lead Luna to crafting undiscovered recipes.

Luckily, Luna also learns from her failures. So, while an unsuccessful experiment may ruin some ingredients, it also provides her with useful experience that can lead her to discover new recipes as her skills grow.

If she’s just refilling her potion satchel, Luna can turn to her trusty recipe book, where she records all of her previous concoctions.

Manage your stock by staying out of trouble and exploring to find new recipes, or hunt exotic monsters for rare ingredients and experiment!

Not only will your wits and potions help you with the monsters you encounter on your adventures, they will also be key to solving the countless puzzles strewn across the lands. Some obstacles will need a special potion to pass, while others will require creative problem solving to unlock their secrets!

Hidden items are scattered all over this mystical land, so don’t be surprised if any rock or thicket conceals a hidden artifact or ancient potion recipe forgotten over the ages. Even your talks with characters can unveil important pearls of wisdom.

Luna lives in a world inspired by fairy tales and folklore from around the globe -- from African folklore to Western nursery rhymes. Luna's wit and intellect help her overcome challenges posed by these enchanted lands. However, in her quest to become a Potions Master, she also learns important coming-of-age lessons in the tongue-in-cheek storyline. Respect is earned, advice can be deceiving, and adults aren't always right.

Luna never quite fit in with her peers, as she was always off exploring and experimenting. When one of her experiments explodes spectacularly, Luna learns that she has an aptitude for brewing magical potions. Unable to train Luna herself and desiring to keep the young girl out of further trouble, Luna’s mother sends her to live with her grandmother to learn potion crafting.

Granny lives in a small village to the north on the edge of the Deep Dark Forest. Her little town is the last stop for adventurers on their way to find fame, fortune, and glory in the enchanted lands beyond. A respected Potions Master, Granny has more than enough business selling potions and remedies to the townsfolk and travelers. However, with her advanced age, she is happy to take on an apprentice who can venture into the enchanted forests, mountains, deltas, and grasslands on her behalf.

Whether it’s helping Mary Muffet with a spider problem or assisting the monk, Tripitaka, and his unlikely crew of disciples on their pilgrimage, Luna finds a way to lend a hand with her cunning wit and, of course, her potions.


Luna is smart, loyal and a bit stubborn. Excited and curious about her newfound powers, Luna is learning other lessons about life while developing her magical abilities. She never backs down from a challenge, but her pride can get the best of her. Still, nothing stops her from helping her friends and achieving her goals.


Granny is well-respected in the town for her potions and elixirs, as well as her wisdom. When trouble arrives, the townsfolk have found her much more reliable than the traveling adventurers who are often passing through. Even if her calm demeanor doesn’t hint towards it, she can be quite the cunning witch.


Though he prefers assuming a feline form, Helios, like all familiars, is a spirit who can shapeshift at will. While not all witches have a familiar, his heightened senses and cheeky advice are of particular use to Luna on her adventures.


Emily is one of the most promising young witches in the kingdom and also lives in the small town, Old Haven. She wields the wondrous powers of illusions and has impressed even the Academy’s council with her abilities. However, of all of the witches and warlocks in the kingdom, Emily has singled out Luna as her rival, though no one knows why.

Prince Charming

While on the surface Prince Charming may seem like quite the pleasant fellow, his distrust of magic, abuse of power, and generally arrogant attitude make him far less pleasant than his name would imply. When his path crosses Luna’s, she’ll learn that age and power aren’t all that matter.

Mary Muffet

Mary loves three things more than anything else: dairy based foods, animals, and her doting father. For a girl without magical powers, she does get herself into more trouble than your average milkmaid.

John Muffet

A loving father, hardworking blacksmith and important member of the community, John wields his hammer to help all adventurers and townsfolk. Despite his intimidating size, he’s soft-hearted and not trained in combat.


A young monk on a pilgrimage with three unlikely disciples, Tripitaka has survived 80 assaults by demons and human scoundrels. Though compassionate, his naivety leaves him vulnerable to the tricks and ploys of creatures and people alike. His mission is to take a basket of sacred texts to the king of his land.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

Born from a stone bathed in celestial rays, Sun Wukong is a monkey who was imprisoned under a stone mountain. Like all monkeys, he is fearless, impulsive, and curious. A brilliant and cunning fighter, whose weapon is an iron rod that can expand to 90 meters or shrink to the size of a needle, Sun Wukong is Tripitaka’s senior disciple.

Baba Yaga

The fickle and fearsome sorceress Baba Yaga lives aboard her hut on chicken’s legs. Traveling in a flying mortar which she steers with its pestle, Baba Yaga is always looking for things, and people, to eat. Famous for her dark bargains, this ancient witch is happy to help any wanderer achieve their wildest dreams -- but always for a price.

Full Release

The full release will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam.

Alpha/Beta Access

Access to the alpha and beta will be granted on Steam for Windows initially, with Mac to follow. We intend to also do a beta release for Linux, but cannot guarantee it at this time.

Other Platforms

We are in talks with various platform holders to release Potions: A Curious Tale on their platforms. We are very interested in releasing on consoles, but want to make sure there is enough interest to support the other platforms.

We are pursing crowd funding because we want to create a rich, expansive world with compelling stories and characters for our players to explore. In order to complete this task, we need the following resources:

  • A Strong Team - We have hired a diverse and competent team to work on Potions: A Curious Tale and we want to ensure that they are compensated for their work. We do not believe that our developers should go hungry and work simply for the promise of future pay, so we pay everyone for their work.
  • Tools/Licenses - To have a timely release and to ensure the best quality, we need to have access to good tools.
  • Quality, Feedback & Community - We believe these three are closely related. We want to maintain strong connections with our community because we believe that all of us together will be able to make the best game possible. Funds will help us establish quality forums, meet our community in person at events and spend the time needed to polish Potions: A Curious Tale into a masterpiece.

We aren’t just making a game for ourselves to play, we want you to play it and love it, too! If you think Potions: A Curious Tale sounds like a fun game, you can help us bring it to life by:

  • Provide feedback via comments and multiple choice questions!
  • Vote "Yes" on this page!
  • Sign up for our mailing list to receive news and updates about Potions!
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook (you can even follow Renee!) 
  • Tell your friends!
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More Updates


We've been working hard to improve Potions: A Curious Tale. We hope you enjoy this updated trailer that shows some of our latest improvements!


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  • Jake Neal
    An artist and illustrator living in the UK, Jake graduated from Leeds College of Art with a BA(Hons) in Digital Film, Games & Animation. Since then he has worked as freelancer, creating book covers, trading card illustrations, concept art, and more. He is a long-time gamer with an enthusiasm for the creative aspects of game development. He has a penchant for landscape and environment design and welcomes any opportunity to help bring a fictional world to life.
  • David Dunne
    Vassar College and USC alum, Dave brings over eight years of game development experience to the Potions team, specializing in story writing and world building. His projects runs the gamut from RTS and Digital CCGs to MMOs and Third Person Shooters, set in worlds ranging from high fantasy kingdoms to unexplored planets on the edge of charted space. His recent releases include the multi-award winning titles League of Legends and WildStar.
  • Carol Gittins
    A writer with an eclectic background, Carol holds a masters in English with a specialization in rhetoric and composition. Retired after 37 years in public education, Carol has chosen the challenge of writing for game format to keep her mind active. She is also a martial artist whose other interests include cooking, travel and cultural differences.
  • Renee Gittins
    Renee is a jack-of-all-trades with a strong background in engineering and design. She is leading the creative direction of Potions: A Curious Tale. Previously, she also managed the engineering team and lead the server development for Fixer Studios and developed mini-games as well as complex team and health management systems for X2 Biosystems. Renee has been passionate about video games since she was first introduced to Doom in her childhood and believes they were a huge influence in her life. She received her BS of Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.
  • Matthew Endsley
    Matt brings extensive expertise from his twelve years of experience as a programmer in the game industry. He is one of the founders of Carbon Games, known for creating AirMech, an action RTS. Prior to the creation of Carbon Games, he worked on various handheld titles for the startup Black Lantern Studios. At Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Matt worked as a server and client programmer for their upcoming MMO, Stargate Worlds, before joining Titan Studios' core technology team.
  • Wesley Eldridge
    Digital art mercenary and game development generalist, Wesley has been drawing since he could smear crayons on the wall, and designing games since he could use those crayons to draw fancy mazes. He is very interested in the depiction of gender and minority groups in media. He graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix for Game Art and Design and has joined the Potions team as a concept artist and animator. Now splits his free time between building prototypes in Unity and exploring Seattle.
  • Joshua Du Chene
    Vocal chameleon, multi-instrumentalist, and destroyer of coconut ice cream, Joshua has been making music since he discovered he could hum whilst consuming Gerber applesauce in his He-Man and the Masters of the Universe high-chair. His love of video games started when he pressed power on his first Nintendo one glorious Christmas morning in 1988, and he carried that love through graduate school where he made extra cash repairing and selling NES systems to frat houses. A long time actor, dancer, composer, and performer, Joshua has a multifaceted relationship with sound and audio, and he brings his passion to create immersive audio experiences to the Potions team.