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Step in the shoes of a CIBO and strive to become the galaxy’s best employee!

Yes 85% No 15%

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

Developer: I AM A DOG studio



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Platforms: PC

CIBOS are small aliens who live for their work. Your mission will be to get your hands on as many cogs and bolts as possible in a company that deals with waste treatment and recycling. If you do your job well, you may see yourself become the employee of the month, or even the employee of the galaxy!

CIBOS is the first part of a triptych focusing on the fascinating world the CIBOS live in. Each game will have a different sort of Gameplay. This first part is a very fun and dynamic Casual “Action Plateformer”.

The second opus is an adventure game: CIBO takes some vacation! Every year, the international lottery lets one of the 50 billion CIBOS unwind in the nicest holiday resort of the entire galaxy. Isn’t it swell to be a CIBO???

In the last game, CIBO gets back from his break. He struggles with the prospect of getting back to work, and as if that weren’t enough, he gets locked up as soon as he returns. You will fight to ensure every CIBO is entitled to some vacation. Paid leave for the win!

A graphics-focused Art Direction

A multitude of powers for CIBOS

You’re competing with all the other employees! As you may have guessed, there’s no being the galaxy’s best without a fight.

You can:

Steal your opponents’ cogs and bolts by charging at them with lightning speed (testers have been calling this move the “Daashhh”). Push them into the trash and other dangerous elements of the stage so they lose their earnings.

Boost and Dash             

Become the BOSS thanks to an ability that automatically collects your opponents’ cogs and bolts as if they had worked for you.

You can also work hard to get your hands on the platinum bolt which will greatly increase your productivity!

But be careful, a burn-out will make you idle for a moment and a coffee break will require you to press your controller’s action button as fast as possible to drink coffee quickly and get back to work before everyone else.

         Cibo CafeCibo_BOSS

Remember, your job is a dangerous one, accidents can happen anytime. Luckily the medic robot will always nurse you back to work! There are no such things as sick leaves!

And lastly, worry not, CIBOS can’t die, they’re way too cute =o)

The settings are dynamic and the sights are varied throughout the game: machines, robots, spaceships and a multitude of platforms will bring you diversity and a difficulty that increases every level. The Gameplay is always fresh!

The progression is scenario-dependent, each level is unlocked by objectives. Online, you will play versus the other world’s players, and your score will appear on the global scoreboard. You will start the adventure as an intern, then fight for better titles: become an apprentice, an employee, a supervisor, the employee of the day, of the week, of the month, of the year and even perhaps, of the galaxy!

The Multiplayer Mode can pit up to 4 people against each other. The Team Mode is 2 versus 2 and lets you create your own tournaments! We’ve been telling the early testers of the first CIBOS levels that it’s a “sofa” game. All you need is to get together with some friends, grab some drinks (whichever you’re into, that’s cool) and snacks to spend a great night together around CIBOS.

CIBOS’s handling is instinctive (the Skill is within you). There’s no need to read the manual to figure out what the correct buttons are, just launch the game and jump right in!!! If you’d like to practice, no problem, there’s a Solo Campaign as well as the best training on the planet: the Level 0, that will help you understand and master all the features of the game. So full, so complete, wow!!!

The game will be available for PC/MAC/LINUX at first. Then, it will come to console! An Xbox One release has already been confirmed, and we’d also like to release it for the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

We’re counting on your vote, thanks in advance!



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There is the preAlpha version of Cibos...

This version of the game will only be available until the end of the campaign.

cibos game

In this demo you will find a playable level for 1 to 4 local players.
(Best experience in multiplayer mode)

Use keyboard or recognized pad to navigate the menu of the game,

For none AZERTY keyboard, hold the ALT key during the game's launch to remap Keys or change Screen Resolution.

Navigation (menu)
MOVE : Arrows or Left Stick
SELECT : Enter or Pad Buttons

Minimum System Requirements :

OS: Windows 64bits, Mac OS X 10.8+
Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.

For windows users DirectX 9.0c required.

Best Resolution 2048x1152


Have fun !!!

Link PC
Link MAC
robot cibo


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  • Laurent Siefer
    Laurent Siefer, the inventor of Cibo and the game designer, has worked for Ubisoft and other studios as well, as a graphist on Rayman Revolution. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator before returning to the video game industry.
  • Lionel Courgnaud
    Lionel Courgnaud, co-founder of the studio and developer of Cibo. He started his career in the video game industry and the new technology enterprises. After that, he became a graphic novel writer and illustrator. He returns to his first love with “I am a dog – Studio”.
  • Thierry Mary
    Thierry Mary is the founder of the graphic novel school l’Iconograf, of Watch Digital Comics and Asteure and he’s the friend and partner of Laurent. He’s the one doing the job the others don’t care for and in return they let him think he’s in charge.
  • Manuel Hauss
    Manuel Hauss has also worked for Ubisoft. He creates images, animations and invents concepts. He’s the animator and model creator of Cibo and of another of the game’s character.
  • Jérémy Langard
    Jérémy Langard, having completed his studies in the domain of visual arts, is now a graphic novel writer for Watch Digital Comics. He’s the creator of the audio environment for Cibo.