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Sombrero Tactics

Sombrero Tactics is a top down turn- and squad-based strategy western combining classical turn-based features with a 2D-shooter-mechanism.

Sombrero Tactics
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Genre: Action, RPG, Strategy

Developer: HeartbeatGaming



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Platforms: PC

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Hey there,

It is just awesome to have you here! And of course it is even more awesome when you upvote this project here on Square Enix Collective. But no matter what your vote will be - yes or no - please tell us the reason behind your vote in the comments section down below. That is the way we learn what you as a player really want and like. That is the way how Sombrero Tactics will become an even better game!

So again...thank you for being here! The Sombreros and the team hope you like what you see and we all are looking forward to your comments.




Sombrero Tactics will combine traditional turn-based strategy with the thrill of having direct control over the aiming and shooting during each turn. This way a new gaming experience is created, that challenges your tactical finesse when positioning your team, as well as your own coordination skill and speed of action when you want to eliminate the enemy. Placing the game in a classical western scenario with a Mexican touch lets you slip into the role of a real gunslinger.


Inspired by predecessors like the X-COM franchise, Shadowrun (Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong) or the old-school classic Incubation, Sombrero Tactics seeks to break new ground for the turn-based strategy genre, by delivering a never before seen combination and dynamic.

The team behind Sombrero Tactics worked hard on the game for almost a year beforehand to ensure the feasibility and release of the game and to create a fun new experience worthy of your support. We financed the basic game out of our own pockets and are now looking for funds, which will help us to perfect it and add additional features for even more fun and style. With your support as fellow gunslingers, crowd-funding provides the opportunity for us to add awesome additional features on top of the base functionalities of the game.



A new way to experience tactical gunfights
The combination of turn-based-features and a 2D-shooter mechanism adds a breath of fresh air to the turn-based strategy genre and leads to an innovative and totally new gameplay feeling. It lightens up the gameplay while maintaining the tactical depth and challenge. Combining all this with a light-weighted RPG system for character enhancements, Sombrero Tactics is a unique gaming experience of its own.



Prevail in tactical turn-based combat
Like in classical turn-based strategy games every member of your Sombrero squad has a certain amount of Action Points (AP) per turn and can use them for typical actions like moving, attacking, opening a door or pulling a switch. The amount of AP at the disposal of a certain Sombrero is influenced by his skills as well as his equipment. Many parts of the environment can be used as cover, so move and position your Sombreros wisely.

Gameplay Screenshots


Be a real Gunslinger!
In a classical turn-based strategy game attacking is basically some clicks: You click on the attacking unit and then on the unit to be attacked. The game then calculates if your attack is a success or not and shows the result to you.

In Sombrero Tactics you control your attack! You aim and shoot. When entering the attack mode a 2D crosshair is blended in, rotating around your attacking Sombrero. The rotation speed and the length / precision of the crosshair depend on factors like the Sombrero’s skill, the weapon equipped or the selected difficulty level of the game. Added on this is a risk-reward-mechanism allowing you to select how many damage you want to try to inflict. Higher damage however means higher crosshair speed and with it more difficult aiming!

Take your aim and blow ‘em away!


Enhance your squad’s skills and equipment
With every enemy eliminated, your Sombreros gain experience and skill points. With those a Sombrero’s skills can be enhanced in order to strengthen his fighting potential and tactical value.

UPDATE: Click here to see more details about the current skill system in our update section!


You should also keep an eye open for coins, lying around and hidden within the levels. They can be used to acquire better equipment, from better weapons, over stronger ponchos for better protection to medicals. Even a range of tools and gadgets is available to you, depending on your progress in the game.

This way you can customize each Sombrero and build a team that fits your playstyle and tactical needs best.

Gameplay Skill&Equipment


Story Header

“El Patron, that was his name. And he was the most respected man in the village. A village of peaceful folks, known as “The Sombreros”.

But one hot summer night, the village was raided by a gang of bandits, headed by their ruthless leader The Claw and his two sidekicks: The Giant, and a small vicious-looking fellow called The Viper.

During that raid, El Patron and the rest of the villagers were captured and jailed. The men were forced to work in the nearby goldmine and every night, the women had to treat their wounds. Only Valentina – El Patron’s daughter – managed to escape and kept herself well hidden in the mountains.

And so the weeks passed by. While sitting in his cell, El Patron’s anger grew ever stronger, until one night his cell door was left open and on the ground lay a revolver shimmering silver like sweet revenge. El Patron knew that he had to grab his chance and so, the story began…”

Characters Header
The SombrerosEl Patron


El Patron, your main character, is the leader of the Sombreros and their village. It was him, who discovered the vein of gold in the nearby mountains and made it accessible. During this process he managed to lead his people to live together in peace. In his past he acquired skills that now help him in his fight against The Claw and his men – although he never talks about those days.




Valentina is El Patron’s daughter. Losing her mother early on she developed a character full of resolve and self-assertion. She is the central person in El Patron’s life and the two of them would do everything to protect each other.


Gun Shop Owner



The Gun Shop Owner moved to the Sombrero’s village quite a while ago and – thanks to El Patron being an advocate of open-mindedness – he is a fully accepted member of the Sombrero community for quite some while now. He provides the village with weaponry in case anybody from outside the village might be interested in their gold mine. Just in case. You never know...

The Banker



The Banker came to the Sombrero’s village right after El Patron had discovered the gold vein. He brought with him a most useful set of skills regarding the management, distribution and exchange of gold and money, so he was welcomed to the village in the most heartfelt way.


The Builder



The Builder is El Patron’s oldest friend and probably the only Sombrero who knows about El Patron’s past. He has been the one person responsible for building up the village and even built the mine shafts of the gold mine. The Builder and El Patron always cover each other’s back.

The Mine Foreman


In his past The Mine Foreman was quick-tempered and had a history of personal conflicts and violence. Then El Patron helped him to get his life back straight and installed him as the one person responsible for the gold mine.




The Bandits

The Claw


The Claw emerged thirteen years ago when he and one other bandit – whose identity is unknown until today - robbed the three biggest banks in the country in short order. They were known for their efficiency and violence of carrying out these heists. No one knows why, but after being unseen for years the Claw re-appeared with a bunch of cutthroats and raiders behind him and began bringing down hell on seemingly random villages.

The Giant



The Giant probably is the most eye-catching gang member off the Claw’s vicious bunch. He is the biggest man known in the wide west and known for his sheer strength and brutality. He does not say much, but from his point of view there is no need for talking anyway.


The Viper


The Viper is a dangerous enemy. When people catch sight of The Claw and The Giant many cannot recall the third man walking with them afterwards. But those who looked straight into The Viper’s eyes and still live won’t forget the pure and cold malice they have seen. The Viper can be unobtrusive if he wants to, but those who witnessed him fight say that he might be even more dangerous than The Giant.

The Ugly Bunch



The Ugly Bunch is a group of cutthroats following The Claw and his two henchmen only for one reason: Profit. It is a mixed group with a variety of weaponry and combat skills. Even a walk in a desert as hot as hell is likely to be more pleasant than fighting against The Ugly Bunch.


Game Art Header

The story cut scenes are told in hand-drawn comic illustrations in a kind of “paperized” style. All cut scene drawings are already finished and the cut scenes are cut together too. So we would love to hear what you think about them!

Cut Scenes

The paperized style of the cut scenes is also the artistic pillar of the in-game art. The 2D graphics of the game are created in an efficient workflow. Assets from the real world or their 3D models are projected onto a 2D surface and then the paperized style is applied.

UPDATE: Click here to get the wallpapers from our update 1 in the updates section!


Music Header

With regards to the music of Sombrero Tactics we will enter innovative territory too. We are going to make the central in-game music adaptive. But what does “adaptive” music mean?

Adaptive music means that the in-game music will reflect your current situation in the game. So if you are at the beginning of a level and nothing big has happened yet, the music will reflect this “quiet before the storm”. When you progress in a level and / or get into a situation that is tenser, the music again is going to reflect just that. This way the musical accompaniment will fit even better to your current game experience than this would be the case with a classical soundtrack.

Additionally to that, every single story cut scene is going to be supported by a classical music track customized to that single story sequence.

This two-pronged approach secures the best of two worlds (classical track-based and adaptive music) were every moment of the game will be accompanied by fitting music.

UPDATE: If you have some minutes you can meet Johan - the Game Composer of Sombrero Tactics - together with the Game Director Max in a short interview video. Just click here and enjoy!


Platforms Header

In short: Android, iOS, PC, (Mac, Windows Phone).

And the details:
Sombrero Tactics originally was a mobile concept so we plan to release on Android, first followed by iOS.

However, while talking to our testers, to potential partners (like Square Enix) and most importantly to you, the players, we repeatedly were asked to make a PC version too. So that is what we are going to do. Going for PC also will give us the opportunity to implement some enhanced features (e.g. a lightening system to greatly enhance the graphical atmosphere etc.)

A release on Mac and / or Windows Phone is in discussion but not prioritized yet.


Your Support Header

Sombrero Tactics is a passion project that we are very excited about. So if you like what you saw above then please help us get the word out via TWITTERINSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. And stay connected helping us to build the game you want!

What if you are not interested in games like this? Nevertheless share and tweet it! Your friends and family might be!

And then there are the two valuable things you can do right on this page:
(1) Give us feedback! The good the bad and the ugly…we want it all! That is how we improve and learn and finally forge the best gaming experience possible.
(2) Vote YES for this project here at Square Enix Collective.

The more people knowing about Sombrero Tactics, the better a game it will be! Help spread the word!

Thank You!

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  • Bob Bavnani
    Bob has been a professional voice over artist for decades and his portfolio reaches from game voiceover and other narrations (like audio books, documentary or eLearning) over commercials or movie trailers to radio and TV. Being based in Calgary (Canada) he delivers his art to over 80 customers of all sizes and industries. Bob joined the team in January 2014 after Max found Bob’s deep and rich voice while scouting for the main narrator voice for Sombrero Tactics. The moment Max heard that voice he knew that it had to be Bob delivering the voice over for the game…and Bob made it possible. Bob’s voice is a main atmospheric pillar in the story cut scenes and we are sure…you will love them! If you like to learn more about Bob visit
  • Johan Weigel
    Johan is a composer, a lifelong multi-instrumentalist, and for the last 12 years a professional opera singer. He was born in Västerås, Sweden but is currently based in Berlin (Germany). He has been composing and arranging for as long as he can remember and his diverse musical skill set allows him to work successfully in most genres. He is particularly interested in the synergy between pictures and music. If someone got the frames, he has got the soundtrack! Johan joined the team after meeting Max at the Respawn Gathering of indie game developers in Cologne (Germany) during August 2015. Their meeting was quite a coincidence during one of the soirees at the gathering and Johan and Max instantly connected. Since then they are working together on the musical vision and general audio for Sombrero Tactics where Johan has taken the lead. If you like to learn more about Johan visit and
  • Maximilian Nemmert
    When Max was about 5-6 years old, he got his first Commodore 64 and immediately games were his passion. He started programming when he was 8 and loved to create gaming experiences. In that early days he made some text based adventures for the fun of it and later created & scripted custom levels for Duke Nukem 3D (the 1996’s one). Max went to school and then studied business informatics. In his teenage years he was a web developer and looked into the areas of human resource management, as well as the private equity industry. After studying, Max became an IT management consultant and worked his way up to the position of Associate Director at a very young age. But for Max all that time games continued to be his true passion – game making was his dream. So in 2013 he started to turn his dream into reality! Max today is based in Heidelberg (Germany) and currently the lead producer, game designer, programmer and in-game graphics designer for Sombrero Tactics. He gathered a team of great people to support and enhance his vision of the game.
  • Melanie Werntges
    Drawing is Melanie’s passion since her teenage years. And after being a marketing communications assistant for several years she started her own business fully focused on her passion for drawing in 2013. Mel joined the team in June 2014 and has been the leading force behind finding and creating the art style of Sombrero Tactics’ cut scenes and illustrations. Being based in the town of Butzbach (Germany) she breathed life into the game’s cut scenes which combined with Bob’s voice leads to a real western story experience. If you like to learn more about Mel visit