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Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods

"Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods" is a story-driven, fast-paced 2.5D Action/Adventure Platformer RPG paying homage to 80's/90's classics

Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods
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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Troglobytes Games



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Platforms: PC


Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods is a story-driven, fast-paced 2.5D Action/Adventure Platformer with just the right dose of RPG elements to further spice up the gameplay.

Paying homage to the 80's/90's classics of old such as Ghost n' Goblins, Shadow of the Beast and Metroidvania games Tenebrae is set to add a whole variety of unique twists to the genre, thanks to the technology of procedurally generated content.

The vision shared by all of us here at Troglobytes Games is to reinvent and redefine the Metroidvania genre, giving players our take on it with all the makings of a modern gaming experience.


Tenebrae will include all the classic features of a Metroidvania game - backtracking and re-playability being the most prominent.


The story is seperated into five Acts - Worlds, rather - that the player will explore as a Barbarian or a Rogue, allowing for two uniquely different gameplays and combat styles. While the Barbarian will be focused on melee/close combat as the name indicates, the Rogue will take on her enemies with ranged attacks and magic.


Of course both playable characters will be able to Attack, use their Powers and Skills each of which will be procured through the course of the game - based on the player's choice of gameplay. Each Act will also begin with a Safe Zone - a large open area where players can buy weapons, potions, maps and other goods to stock up for the mission ahead. The rest of the levels meanwhile will be procedurally generated, meaning that each player experiences Tenebrae differently.


The procedural generation does not stop there, for the contents of each level's chests, items, enemies and more - are also generated randomly.



Playable characters have Primary and Secondary Attributes.

Primary Attributes

  • HP
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Fury (Barbarian) / Mana (Rogue)
  • Luck

Secondary Attributes

  • Active Defense
  • Passive Defense
  • Chance of Critical Hit
  • Damage

The values of the Primary Attributes modify the values of the Secondary Attributes.

The values of the Secondary Attributes are also modified by the bonus/malus of wielded or worn items.

As the player's XP level grows, they will be able to distribute XP points to any Primary Attribute. The Secondary Attributes will then be recalculated accordingly.


Attacks, Powers and Skills are related to Natures.

There will be 4 Natures in the game:

  • Tenebrae
  • Blood
  • Poison
  • Lightning

The progress toward each Nature is shown within the game as a "Nature Bar", which updates in real time during gameplay.



The plot of Tenebrae will delve into the darkest corners of the human nature. While we don't want to spoil too much of the story, being as it is the core of the game, here's a snippet of the prologue's original script as written by our screenwriter Eus De Biasi.

Blank Screen: The sound of swords clanging against each other, screams and small fires intensifies.

The scene opens to a foray in front of a semi-Gothic building, while a dramatic voice over (which will later be revealed as the Monk character-B3) narrates the events. A group of warriors slaughter the inhabitants of the village surrounding the grand building, whilst others come out of it holding bags full of golden objects and sacred icons.

Narrator: “Dark times always bring out the darkest in mortals. Some call themselves “warriors” whilst pillaging places whose origin nor virtue they do not understand."

Suddenly, a dense smoke which seems to come out of the freshly plundered building surrounds the last of the warriors emerging from it. Two of the warriors (a man and a woman) are pointed out in the animated comic strip as they collect the loot from the others and make a run for their lives on realising how destructive the smoke is.Meanwhile the entire village and the people within the thick of it is reduced to ashes. The last table/strip now shows the two survivors getting down on their knees from the fatigue as the smoke dissipates.

Narrator: “But the inner fire that drove these thirsty warriors to causing death and destruction had spawned a smoke capable of acts far malevolent than their own wrath.”

Their flesh, wrapped in smoke, suddenly flared up in ashes. Ashes to ashes, beasts to dust.

Only one man and one woman avoided the warm embrace of this vengeful mist.”

The two survivors sit surrounded by the bags of loot on a plain at sunset, wearing several of the objects they'd just managed to procure, The male Player1 notices a light coming out of one of the bags near them.

Narrator: “The two survivors exhaled the exhaustion of their escape. Foolishly thinking danger had passed.

It had only just started”.

Player1 extracts an object which seems to shine on it's own. The strip shows Player1 standing and holding a shiny artefact, aligned horizontally with his pelvis, immediately creating a visual similar to the plundered belt he wore.

Player1 (balloon- only the narrator speaks in voice over): “The Sun is dying. But this... It shines on its own..."

The two survivors hear the heavy breathing of a group of animals approaching. Player2 jumps on her feet and the two start looking around themselves.

Player2 (with a smirk on her face): “Dinner is coming”

A pack of wolves circles them.

Narrator: Little did they know that this particular dinner could make a feast of THEM.

Some of the wolves start sniffing the bags while the two survivors review them, back to back, wielding their own weapons. The alpha male of the wolf pack, distinguished by its fiery eyes, prepares to pounce on Player1.

Narrator: "The most vicious among the newfound threats looked at the two mortals with a fiery gaze.

With a kind of fire that can only be lit by a greater force".

The alpha wolf attacks Player1 and clamps down on his arm. The shiny artefact falls to the ground. Player2 keeps her eye on the rest of the pack. The alpha wolf takes the artefact in its jaws and runs away: leaving the pack to take care of the humans.

Player1: “Where did it go?”

Player2: “FIGHT”!



As mentioned earlier, the massive underworld of Tenebrae is procedurally generated from hand-crafted rooms and gradually unravels before the eyes of the player with a plethora of traps, secrets and hidden treasures while blending in larger, open Safe Zones.


We'll be using our in-house technology, Daedalus, to generate procedural dungeons at runtime.


Daedalus was originally published as a Unity Asset Store package and we are porting it to the Unreal Engine 4 platform to use it in Tenebrae and let other game developers implement its features in their own games.



Players will be allowed to use both melee and ranged weapons empowered with obscure magic to fight against unique, huge bosses and their armies of demons and other eerie creatures.



Four types of attacks are available at the beginning of the game. Each one is related to the Natures:

  • Simple Attack
  • Charged Attack
  • Leap Attack
  • Dash Attack

Each Attack can have Primary and/or Secondary effects.


During the game, the character will find normal, magic or mystical weapons dropped by defeated monsters, treasure chests, quest rewards and so on.


If the character can wield a Normal/Magical/Mystical Weapon, he can use any of the Attacks.

Each kind of successful attack dealt wielding a Normal/Magic or Mystical Weapon will fill the related Nature depicted by the Nature Bar.

Tenebrae's non-linear maps emphasize back-tracking and re-playability with new moves, skills and weapons to reach previously inaccessible areas.


Nature Portals

Nature Portals are randomly scattered in each of the five Acts of the game.

The exact number, location and Nature of the Portals is randomly generated for each game.

Portals are monster filled areas, dangerous to explore. Without the correct Nature Armor characters will suffer a significantly high Damage Over Time (DOT).

Completing a Portal would mean killing the Boss of the Portal, usually found at the very end of the area. The fix reward found/dropped by the Boss of the Portal is a Nature Rune related to the Nature of the Portal (E.g.: a “Blood Rune” can be found in a “Portal of Blood” only).


The Nature Rune can be applied on a Weapon or Armor.


At the start of the game the character wears basic but “magic” garments and protections as armor.

Armors are very rare though, dropped only by the Final Boss of each Act and are bound to one of the four Natures.

The Nature of the dropped Armors will be of the same Nature according to the fighting/playing style.

At this point of the game, the player might decide to explore the previous portals which were previously impossible to complete.



We decided to use Unreal Engine 4 technology to bring Tenebrae to life, because we want to give players an unforgettable visual experience. UE4's in-depth workspace allows us to create a fluid, well-written game with stunning graphics.


It is also very powerful in that it offers developers access to it's heart -- to the full source code access of the engine, and that means we have complete control over the gameplay mechanics and integration with our own procedural generation technology, Daedalus.



Music is a fundamental aspect when you are telling a story, and we couldn't find a better composer for our game project - Mr Denny Schneidemesser is a phenomenal music composer. Don't believe us? Check out the Tenenebrae Suite he created for us and all the other amazing scores!


If you made it all the way down here: thank you!

There are several Metroidvania games out there, but few of them show modern, detailed graphics. We think this genre desperately needs such a game, a fresh entry.

You can help us to bring our vision to life together with Square Enix. This game is made for players, by the players; and your feedback is invaluable for us.

Please support Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods passing the Feedback phase here on the Square Enix Collective program.

For instant updates, please visit our social media links and official websites:

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  • First Update

    First update for Tenebrae. Let us know what you think and please vote for your favourite name for the Barbarian character in the poll!

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  • Sergio Cosmai
    2D Artist
  • Giuseppe Lagonigro
  • Saverio Caporusso
    Game Designer
  • Luciano Iurino
    Programmer/Tech Artist
  • Luca Eberhart
    Environment Artist
  • Michele Maggiolini
    Character Artist
  • Nicola Loglisci
  • Troglobytes Games
    Troglobytes is a small independent videogame development studio based in sunny Southern Italy, founded by both industry veterans and young talents. We love playing and making videogames. Our mission is to create hight-quality and innovative games on various platforms using all the new available technologies and focusing on storytelling and aesthetics. We also work with other publishers and developers: from game design to 2D/3D artwork and animation, we can do just about anything related to game development and production.