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Super Mixtape

Super Mixtape is a stylistic rhythm-based puzzle-platformer

Super Mixtape
Yes 52% No 48%

Genre: Action

Developer: Polygrammatic Limited



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Platforms: PC



What is Super Mixtape?

Super Mixtape is a rhythm-based puzzle-platformer that has been stylistically built with the visual style of the Commodore 64 in mind and remixes retro-fuelled gameplay with musical manipulation. Guide ‘Mix’ across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides in his quest to reclaim ‘The Lost Tapes’ from the evil power of ‘The Stream’.

With a nostalgic late 80’s narrative and levels build to a beat that you control, define your own path using refined physics, unique mechanics and a fully interactive soundtrack that shapes the very landscape and its formidable puzzles around you.





“Throughout the design and construction of the game I have spent a lot of time thinking about the unique mechanics and elements of the game that create the overall experience.”

As you progress through the game, your aim as a player is to traverse 'Mix' across the musical landscape to collect keys and unlock doors, allowing you to progress through the beat.


The Mechanics, physics and rules of playing as a cassette tape: "Within Super Mixtape, from the beginning, I wanted the main character 'Mix' to behave like a physical cassette and have some basic 'rules'."

  • You can only move when your magnetic strip is touching the ground
  • You can jump from the left wheel (Left Trigger) or the right wheel (Right Trigger) allowing the cassette to jump and behave differently within the physics, giving you more distance or height.
  • When you flip onto the B-Side, the amount of spooled tape is reversed.



The Flip Mechanic: One of the core mechanics in Super Mixtape, allowing you to flip the world and play backwards through the game with a whole new audio sequence to progress with. The foreground denotes the active side, and the background is the opposite side of the track. The combination of the two sides will help you progress through the game and solve the puzzles.

"If you're one minute into the A-side on a cassette tape, then flip the tape, you have one minute left on the B-Side".

SuperMixtape - Flip



The Jumps & Physics:

Another Core-Mechanic in Super Mixtape is the way you jump from either the left side or the right side of the cassette, depending on which trigger/wheel you use to propel yourself into the air. Jumping from the left will make the tape rotate slightly to the right and vice versa when jumping from the right, the tape will rotate to the left. This allows the player to gain either distance or height when moving, and allows for 'Tricks' to be completed when combined with the 'tumble' mechanic.

SuperMixtape - Jumping 


The Tumble Mechanic

Whilst moving and jumping throughout Super Mixtape, you have the ability to control your 'tumble' to correct yourself. If you land upside-down, you can use the jumps momentum and tumble to correct yourself and continue on your path. WHen upside-down, Mix's facial expression will change until he is corrected.

SuperMixtape - Tumble



Beat Switches:

Throughout the game you have the chance to collect beats which can be found in the top right corner of the screen when they are collected. Selecting alternative beats remixes the audio immediately and areas of the level will react to the change. The active beat can also be seen in the HUD. WIth future iterations of the game, the environment itself will be more responsive to the audio from a visual perspective, and more of the level will respond to you. Changing the beats to your style, manipulating the world to solve puzzles.

SuperMixtape - Beat Switching




Using the mechanics of playing as a cassette tape, the core mechanics of the game and being supported by a killer soundtrack, you can navigate through puzzle to puzzle to complete the game.

"WIthin the puzzles I really spent time thinking and planning how I can teach the player through trial and error on how to complete the puzzles themselves using the taught mechanics. Progressively teaching the player through play".

SuperMixtape - Falling Puzzle



Difficulty Level Graph:

Super Mixtape is planned to be a difficult physics platformer with a strong focus on unique and rewarding gameplay and fun.

After playtesting at EGX 2015, Super Mixtape’s current (red) and planned (green) difficulty level can be seen on the graph below. Although the introduction to the game is a fairly steep learning curve, this was recieved positively at EGX by over 80% of the players.

Super Mixtape - Challenge vs Skill

Based on the Skills vs Challenges graph found in ‘The Art Of Game Design’

- Schell, J. (2008). The art of game design. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, pp.118-124.



The audio is a key part in Super Mixtape, and from early conception; “I love rhythm based games but I suck at them, so rather than penalise the player for missing the beat, I wanted to let the player control the beat and create their own experience whilst manipulating the environment”. A sample of the audio can be heard in the raw gameplay video from EGX 2015.


The Levels:

There are 5 genre specific planned levels in Super Mixtape; each boasting a beautifully-crafted manipulatable A-side and B-side of audio with multiple variations created for each act. Each level will contain multiple acts which will progressively increase with difficulty. Throughout the levels there are planned speed run routes available for players if they choose to race against the clock.


Planned Platforms:

Super Mixtape is planned to be released on Steam, Xbox One, Windows 10 Store and PS4 in 2016.




EGX 2015 Birmingham

Super Mixtape was at EuroGamer Expo in Birmingham in September 2015. The game was shown for the first time on a double booth at EGX 2015 and was well received by many. On the EGX official app, Super Mixtape was the 5th most rated game out of 113 games and scored 4.62 / 5.

Alongside some of the quotes below, Super Mixtape was mentioned positively by Project Zomboid, PixelBomb, Various YouTubers, Ready-Up, and other EGX ‘write-ups’.

Super Mixtape was also mentioned in a post from Eggbox Interactive titled; Tips for showing your indie game at conferences’ on point number 3, ‘Make the stand reinforce the theme’. [Link]

  • "Like nothing I have seen before" - Machinima SBOC.
  • “My favourite game of EGX 2015” - GameGazm.
  • “It throws everything you know about the standard platformer out of the window and creates its own rules.” - Otaku.
  • “EGX game of the show for me - Super Mixtape by @Polygrammatic. Retro style platformer, some awesome level mechanics!”


Super Mixtape starts at 5:27 in the below video.




The Team – Polygrammatic

Polygrammatic is a one man studio ran by programmer Christo and is currently using the freelancer model to help bring Super Mixtape to life with rich audio.

Company Mission: Polygrammatic creates enjoyable experiences through considered content creation, always with multiple strong USP's in mind. Delivering gaming immersion through player interaction, remixing traditional gameplay for the modern day gamer.




Why The Square Enix Collective?

“I decided to submit my game to The Square Enix Collective as I’m currently hoping to get funding to finish development of the project, and getting more community feedback is invaluable. “

Seeing people play the game and hearing feedback about the game is crucial in these development stages for indie developers, especially when they are working on their own.

“Getting the backing of The Square Enix Collective adds value and credibility to the project and will hopefully generate more interest, whilst giving the project more traction commercially with potential investors.”





“Thank you for taking the time to look at my submission for the Square Enix Collective. If you would like to see more or have any other questions, then please feel free to reach out!”

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  • Christo
    Founder and Sole Direction: Christo has two degrees, including an MA in Entrepreneurship and has been trained in an incubator on how to run and sustain an Agile Games Development Studio. "Here's Christo, a top bloke with a great personality and a great concept for a game..." – GameGazm