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Hybrid Beasts

Hybrid Beasts is a unique cross-genre indie game that brings together strategic turn-based action and open-world exploration and adventure.

Hybrid Beasts
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Genre: Action, Beat 'em up, Multiplayer, Strategy

Developer: BeastBits



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Platforms: PC


It was one of these late spring days just like any other. The sun was still warm and most of the Beasts where laying around in the most cozy corners of the Giant forest. However, when that old glass bottle washed up on the Shore of Sapphire Lake everyone shivered because of the message it conveyed:

Everyone in danger! They took us. So cold... Help!

No Beast has left the forest since the last King of the South was overthrown a very long time ago. But now a great adventure will start which will be remembered by many generations to come.

Image: Superlaser cuts through terrain

Hybrid Beasts is a unique cross-genre game where you explore an open world full of adventures, quests and secrets. During your travels, you compete with teams of never before seen creatures in explosive and yet strategic turn-based battles to conquer and defend the regions of the world you just discovered.

  • The large and open world in Hybrid Beasts can be explored freely. Starting in the lush forest, you can travel in any direction; be it towards frozen glaziers, arid deserts or volcanic landscapes.
  • Many mystic places, however, at first are either locked or hidden and you will need to follow complex storylines and solve quests to unveil all the secrets and lore of the land.
  • For each newly explored level, the Beasts battle to decide who will be the first conquerer of this uncharted land. The victorious new ruler must then (as always) fear being overturned in later battles. However, he can conquer more of the surrounding levels to fortify and defend his reign.
  • Beasts can even seize prestigious titles as “King of the Forest” that will prove helpful given the tale of an ancient legend which states: “...only a true king can reassemble the Arcane Rainbow Crystal”.

Image: Preliminary world map in Hybrid Beasts (Particle effects disabled)

  • Local (couch) multiplayer for 2-6 players, online multiplayer and single player modes
  • Many original and rarely seen weapons such as: huge lasers, sticky mines, weaponized animals like flying fishes or armored armadillos, glue cannons, ice spells, shields, voodoo dolls, scuba gear, time travel, pet cemetery, Pandora’s box, invisibility potion and many more.
  • More common weaponry include shotguns, rockets, grenades, rope and jetpack.
  • Power-Ups for instance Double Damage or Super Jump impact gameplay.
  • Random events such as asteroid impacts, earthquakes, blizzards or even alien invasions make battles more exciting.
  • Choose from many different and devastating endgame modes; for example Genesis flood and Volcanic eruption.
  • World regions drastically impact gameplay. For example, in a forest, you can dive into the clear water; whereas, in colder regions, the water is frozen to a solid block of ice that can be walked on. Near the volcano, on the other hand, the water has been vaporized by molten lava that immediately kills any beast that touches it.
  • All of the more than 60 landscapes and battlefields are handcrafted and designed with strategies and deceitful ambushes in mind. The possibility to randomly generate battlefields is also included.

Image: Weapons and Items in Hybrid Beasts

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac (Last- and Current-Gen consoles are possible later)
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German (Others if there is demand)
  • Expected release dates: Early access: 2015 // Launch: Q2/2016
  • Distribution: Steam (Game is already greenlit), GOG, HumbleWidget (on our webpage) and more.
  • Steam-Achievements will be included.
  • Hybrid Beasts is developed using MonoGame for multi-platform support and cross-platform multiplayer.
  • DRM free
  • Hybrid Beasts has been developed to allow for extensions of all major game elements. Expect new battlefields, random events, power-ups, endgame modes, quests and weapons to be added regularly.

Image: Glue cannon stops any enemy


  • In Hybrid Beasts, you will meet many never before seen creatures for instance wise rabbit-squirrels, deadly panda-porcupines and packs of cunning fox-boars.
  • However, recently some of the beasts mysteriously disappeared and it is up to you to unveil what happened to them.

Image: Selection of beasts in Hybrid Beasts

  • Most game elements can be customized and even be completely excluded from battles. For example, players can adjust the damage-dealing power and probability of occurrence for most weapons, items, power-ups, random events and endgame modes. This way everyone can adapt the game as he or she prefers.
  • Additionally, you can choose from a large number of items to wear including hats, body wear and feet wear that are often available in different color variants to customize the look of your team. Some of these items, such as the infamous Golden Armor of Antioch, must first be discovered through complex quests.

Image: Selection of body wear in Hybrid Beasts

Please have a look at our second trailer that focuses more on gameplay by illustrating the various "ways to move around" in the battlefield.

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All beta-testers get free access to the game (early access and final version)! Thanks!

Image: The Mini nuke often ends any discussion (and pitch) ;-)

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In Hybrid Beasts, the world is subdivided in 5 regions and more than 60 levels. In the beginning, around 40 levels are unlocked and can be freely travelled to. You always start the game in the lush forest in the lower left corner of the world map and then make your way in any direction you want. Playing a certain level gives you access to all its unlocked neighboring levels in the next round. During your travels, however, you will come across a number of levels that are locked, unknown or even well hidden. To play those levels, you must first discover and unlock them by following complex storylines and completing quests.

Dynamic story system

Hybrid Beasts implements a versatile and dynamic system for storylines. There are always multiple storylines that you can independently follow so in case you get stuck with solving one you can always try to advance another. Additionally, the game recognizes you being stuck and actively tries to help you out with inconspicuously letting you stumble upon further hints ;-).
Storylines consist of a series of quests that are usually completed in a fixed order. In the following, let us give you one example of the beginning of one of the storylines without too many spoilers…

Below the falling water

After you start the game and decide to move in the direction of the easternMisty key region named Skull Desert, you will come across the levels “Hush meadows”, “Flower Hills” and “Stone Bridge”. Playing “Stone Bridge” there is a good chance to meet an old and wise beast that will tell you of a mysterious key that he had lost crossing the ancient stone bridge. First you think the old beast is a bit confused because what he tells you is rather unbelievable but after a while you think: What the heck, let’s look for the key! After finding a way to breathe underwater and some serious digging deep into the ground below that old bridge, you actually find the “Misty Key”. But could the story of the old beast really be true? Now you have to find out. You go look for that small silver keyhole that the old beast mentioned which indeed unlocks the “Waterfall” level. You suddenly realize that now you could continue your search for the “Frozen Key” that is rumored to unlock the “Stairs to the Iceland” because interestingly a torn scroll in a bottle message that you found earlier in the “Ocean Beach” level reads “the cold key is hidden below the falling water”…


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  • Nate Madsen
    Nate makes noises. All kinds of noises. As a pro saxophonist as well as a jazz pianist, he has performed with a wide variety of ensembles. His audio has been heard on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, PC and Internet games as well as commercials, trailers, CDs, films and has represented brands as LEGO, MechWarrior and The Mortal Instruments. Nate has created and arranged many sound effects for Hybrid Beasts.
  • David Orr
    David holds a Masters degree in composition. His interest in music started at a young age — stemming from his intrigue in 8-bit video game music. Today, David has expanded his reach to various mediums and platforms, having scored soundtracks for Xbox, iPhone, PlayStation 3, and PC, as well as animated shorts, film, and TV — with credits across the globe. His work includes music for the indie game hit Castle Crashers as well as for Call of Duty: Heroes and Starcraft Universe. David has composed music for Hybrid Beasts.
  • Stefan Hoehme
    Stefan is the founder of BeastBits, and game designer and developer of Hybrid Beasts. He has professionally worked in software development for more than 15 years and holds a PhD in computer science. Stefan has been a dedicated gamer since he got a Commodore C64 in his hands. He has developed the Pytra engine which Hybrid Beast is based on, and has put all the pieces together to create Hybrid Beasts.
  • Mike Phillips
    Mike is a professional concept artist, illustrator and art-director. He is Canadian-born, but living and working in the US. Mike has created many artworks and illustrations for Hybrid Beasts.
  • Andrey Egorov
    Andrey is a concept artist and works on animated films, video games, graphic novels and illustration. His artworks feature a unique fantasy and sci-fi style. Andrey has worked on level background art for Hybrid Beasts.
  • Joana Lafuente
    Joana works on illustrations, comic coloring and concept art. Previously, she worked on brands like Transformers, X-Files/Millennium, G.I. Joe, Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. Joana has created artworks and illustrations for Hybrid Beasts.