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Command a 60 tonne rolling beast and engage in multiplayer combat across various Japanese cities

Yes 71% No 29%

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Simulation

Developer: Tokyo Warfare Project



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Platforms: PC



This project wants to bring back memories many have from late 90's arcades and breathe life back into a game that many loved - Tokyo Wars!

Gameplay consists of multiplayer (battling other players) or CPU VS where you will battle AI opponents.


  • Lobby & game creation, private rooms, hidden rooms, join random, multiple game modes.
  • Deathmatch // Time limited.
  • Nonstop deathmatch // No time limited
  • Team deathmatch // Time limited


  • Team deathmatch
  • Enemy waves

  • Highly detailed urban arenas: Rainbow Bridge cargo docks, Tokyo tower with Zojoji Temple and Osaka Naniwa-ku commercial area.
  • More areas will be featured if further funding is achieved. Other planned areas include Shibuya crossing area, Yokohama, Sapporo and even other cities.


  • Modern tank units with breakable turrets, cannons and tracks. Tank threads featuring advanced physics and explosive or penetrator rounds.

  • Total Destruction, earthquakes, destructible street and map elements such asbuildings & overpasses.
  • Complex destruction models as well as dynamically crushable vehicles.




  • Configurable appearance with two moods, a classic arcade UI graphics and crew or a more serious anime look with futuristic patlabor style. Dissable crew, voices, customize graphis and load your music.


  • Multiplayer, running on a global gaming server network. Also local LAN & CPU multiplayer modes.

  • Windows PC
  • Multiplatform via web browser
  • Windows VR

  • TYPE 90
  • T80U
  • BTR
  • BMD
  • **US M1A2
  • **VT4
  • **SHILKA
  • **WW2 units

  • Rainbow Bridge cargo docks
  • Tokyo tower with Zojoji Temple
  • Osaka Naniwa-ku
  • **Shibuya crossing
  • **Yokohama
  • **Sapporo and even other cities.

**Tied to Kikstarter funding goal.








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Tokyo Warfare Project:


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  • Pablo Vidaurre
    Hi, this is Pablo, Lead Dev behind this project. Started in my youth to read Manga from a nearby bookstore, this is how all started. It was the era of arcades, youths receiving mass dosses of media coming from JP and game magazines showcasing amazing arcade stuff in bulky VHS tapes. 360 rolling cabinets, animes such AKIRA, Appleseed, later on Ghost in The Shell... all that stuff. All these inputs from the youth, the interest on modern warfare, a deep technical background , the lack of classic flavoured arcade titles and my passion for videogames pretty much sum up enough for me to be here. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After high school moved to Madrid to specialize in computer graphics and virtual reality back in 2000 to channel all my passion to these matters. In 2003 I focused on the most techical branch of the computer graphics getting deep into CAD environments by receiving formal education on this area and leaving the more artistic side of the computer graphics for my hobby time. While studying I worked as draftsman in an engineering office witch drove me deeper on the technical knowedge of CAD software and construction world. In 2007 I graduated in Construction Engineering and focused my final work on the application of computer graphics into construction industry. Moved to Barcelona to work in an Engineering company where I learned the most advanced CAD & GIS tools I could have ever dreamed and took part in leading challenging GIS and Civil projects. Whent back to university to receive my last formal formation as a Civil Engineer finishing back in 2013. These unyversity years where pretty demanding and I had to quit and leave everything to focus into my degree. With most of my artistic side buried well below a very deep and solid technical knowedge I worked really hard as a civil engineer and I took part in a number of civil engineering projects witch I feel prety proud of till I quit i late 2014 to feed my youth passion, developing video games. In addition I've finished several courses on tech based company management and received courses on PMP. I've always been involved in technical matters and projects such as drone construction, engineering and computer graphics and time has arrived to put it all together. Prior to the development of this project I built two tech demos where to get fully familiar with teh art of game-making and to mature the technology applied on the final Tokyo Warfare project. Battle of tokyo tech demo: Tigers of Steel tech demo trailer