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Light Fairytale

A modern, turn-based JRPG inspired by the retro classics.

Light Fairytale
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Genre: RPG




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Platforms: PC


Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG set in an underground cyberpunk world ruled by a fierce empire.

The game is planned for Q2 2017 on PCs and Consoles.



My goal with this project is to bring back the immersion and emotion of 90's JRPGs, but with modern graphics and gameplay systems.

I think the reason why most recent games in the genre have failed to impress is the overly complicated stories and realistic direction they are taking. This does not leave much to the imagination and just doesn't feel like the naive drama stories we used to love.

Most gameplay systems in those games are also very complex and require lots of time and dedication to start to be fun. I personally believe in quick and easy to understand, but hard to master gameplay mechanics.

This is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with Light Fairytale: A light yet touching story, with a simple but addictive gameplay!


The game starts with the main character Haru dreaming of vast green plains and a clear blue sky. A scenery he is not supposed to have ever seen, as the world he lives in is deep underground.


After confronting with the soldiers who rule this dark society, he will embark on a great adventure discovering the mysteries of the world. Teaming with many allies, including a mysterious, silver haired girl that is key to his quest.


The game will span over multiple episodes. A long journey awaits!




A bit lazy, very naive, but have a good heart that can move people.




Short and cute, yet very reliable in battle. Fond of technology, a bit too much, maybe.kuroko_portraitkuroko_animation

The characters are represented as 3D chibi models in-game, but they're shown as realistic Anime-style illustrations during the dialogues and animated 2D cutscenes.


The game features towns and dungeons exploration. You can rotate the camera using the right analog stick, and zoom-in with the right trigger.


The core of the field mechanics is the Destiny Tree, an interactive, branching story path system. Using the very rare Time Orb items, you'll be able to go back and forth in time to the most important story nodes and change the course of the action!

You can switch the party leader using the left and right bumpers. The interactions and cutscenes might change depending on the current leader!

leader switch

The Augmented Reality goggles can be triggered anytime on the field to display NPC and exit locations, as well as battle zones. Used during battles, they will display enemy data which builds up the more you play thanks to it's Deep Learning feature.



The game features fast, turn-based battles that occur directly in the field.


The core of the battle mechanics is the customizable Orb system that confer elemental abilities to their wearers.


The elementals are human-like life forms who appeared long time ago in the most extreme places of the world. You'll have the possibility to summon them in battle, but first, you will have to defeat them!

The party characters can be in a special status called Fury, where their abilities are maximal.
















The first episode is planned for Q2 2017 on PC and Xbox One. More platforms are under consideration and will depend on both the funding and feedback.

The game will be available in English, French and Japanese.


brand is a one person indie game studio from France, making modern, nostalgic tributes to some of the greatest retro classics.

Previously released by the studio was the arcade racing game Super Night Riders, now available on Steam and Xbox One.




There are 3 goals for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign:

  •  Reach: Release the game on more platforms, with more languages support, in all the major regions!
  • Quality: Make the game better in every aspect, and eventually add things that were not possible within the initial budget, such as script correction, professional translations, voice dubbing, a theme song, Anime or CG cutscenes, ect.
  • Quantity: Even more content! Longer main story, more details, side quests and mini-games.

Light Fairytale is an ambitious project for a one person indie studio. The received income would allow to keep working on it full-time, purchase assets, licenses and dev-kits, and work with paid freelancers.



This is actually an unexpected, huge opportunity: Having early feedback and crowdfunding expectations from a Square Enix community, undoubtedly the leading company in the JRPG genre, with many classics that have been an inspiration to this very project!



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  • Kamel a.k.a baka-neko
    The one guy behind the indie game studio Fond of JRPGs since he was a kid, discovered the genre with Gargoyle's Quest on the original Game Boy. All time favorites: Final Fantasy 7, Valkyrie Profile and Breath of Fire 5. Currently working with the following freelancers: Characters: crab_man Illustration: romiy Music: Terry Chandler