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Lucy4 is a 2.5D side scrolling adventure game where you control Lucy – a product of an abandoned secret project.

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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Nine Cats



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Platforms: PC





Lucy4 is a 2.5D side scrolling adventure game where you control Lucy – a product of an abandoned secret project. Use laser or close combat weaponry to dispatch of any enemy that stands in your way!






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‘Lucy – 4’ is code for a secret project that aims to create an army that is able to control and use the energy of life on the planet called ‘Hevon’. After hundreds of years have passed, the project was abandoned for unknown reasons.

A while ago, Ann was an archaeologist who wanted to revive the ‘Lucy 4’ project, based on her grandmother's documents that she found. Assisted by her friends Bal (a mechanic) and Roy (a space pirate captain), they discover the approximate location where project ‘Lucy – 4’ once existed.

Upon their arrival they find themselves pinned in the midst of a clash between Archangel forces and The Guardian. Roy’s spacecraft gets trapped inside a magnetic field fired by the Archangel whilst Ann and Bay manage to escape in a rescue pod.

Ann, who had manage to flee is pursued by Archangel forces, Suddenly Ann is cornered and in a state of panic and urgency accidentally activates Lucy.


Here is some animate images captured ingame, the final product may have a difference visual, with better quality of course.



In Lucy4 you can choose to play in perspective or orthographic mode.





Gameplay Mechanism

As Lucy, you can shoot with her laser gun or hack and slash with her orbital weapons.

  • Holding the fire button down will increase weapon damage.
  • In each mission the enemy will sometimes drop hevon, health and energy for your weapons.
  • Hevon is used to upgrade Lucy and other character’s power
  • Health items will be used immediately to increase character health.
  • Energy items will replenish your ammunition.
  • You can switch between orthographic and perspective any time in game.
  • When in the air, you can perform a dashing move
  • As you play through the game and defeat bosses, you will be able to absorb and learn their abilities.

Missions Mechanism

The missions divide into two types:

  • Main Story Missions: In the main story you can advance through the story in the game. In this mode you will unlock new power ups & new playable characters.
  • Side Missions: In side missions you can collect spare part for Lucy and other characters by helping Ann rescue people around the galaxy. There are many collectible items such as weapon parts/ upgraded armour parts and special weapons.

Side missions are split between standard side missions and phantom side missions.

  • Standard side missions: Your main objection here is collecting something for someone or rescuing objects/people.
  • Phantom missions: This kind of mission will appear randomly and have a time limit before it expires. In phantom missions you’ll also have the opportunity to gain access to secret locations & areas.


- Beautiful and dynamic environment, the environment can change depending on time and weather conditions e.g day/night/winter/summer etc.

- Lucy will gain new actions, outfits and weapons through upgrades or collecting items and completing boss stages.

- Originally Lucy4 was being developed for Android and iOS, but recently I have been looking into the possibility of PC and PS Vita support also.


AnnAnn : Main protagonist. When Ann finds her grandma's documents , she found a way to discover her lost family.

Role in the game: searching & finding for people who have a connection with project Lucy4. Ann also provides assistance & help to those who need it.


Lucy : With unknown reasons, she could feel the presence of Ann when she was in danger.

Role in the game: Main playable character.


Bai : Ann’s childhood friend - Bal joined Roy because he was captured by Roy’s subordinates when he and his teammate drove cargo that contained several broken armor suits.Roy

Roy : Strong, confident, sometimes charismatic and has a good sense of humor. He cares for his ship more than his own life.


Lady : no informations / unknown.


Eve : no informations / unknown.

Concept Art


Lucy & Lady


Garuda & Ann



Roy & Bai

3D Model




I need your help

With your support, I can make this game reach its full potential and quality. Currently I work alone on the game development and occasionally receive help from my friend on character animation.

With additional funds I can hire more people to work on this project. I'd also like to add a bunch of additional features such as extra events, power ups and items (weapon and armor parts).

if you like the look of this game and want to play in the future, please leave your feedback below and vote if you would back the project via crowdfunding. Thank you :)


Matur nuwun...

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  • Candra Agung P
    Freelancer, 3D Artist,2D Concept Artist and Jack of all trades in this project.
  • Idwan Rusli
    3D Model freelancer
  • Winarja
    Character Animator