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Armor Blitz

Armor Blitz is a mobile game where you assemble a squad of cute anime WWII tank girls and lead them into battle!

Armor Blitz
Yes 76% No 24%

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Developer: Gaudium



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Platforms: PC


UPDATE #4: Tank Ability Previews

UPDATE #3: Combat Strategies

UPDATE #2: Feature Art - Sherman Firefly

UPDATE #1: Multiplayer Invasion System


Armor Blitz is an upcoming mobile game where you can assemble a squad of WWII anime-style tank girls and lead them to battle in lane-based combat. The gameplay consists of a mixture of card collection and tug-of-war lane battling. Armed with a small force of tanks, you must fight back against the force of the Corruption. As the General and commanding officer, it is up to you to give the orders and find the source of the mysterious invasion.


  • Unique Collectible Characters: Each character you encounter throughout the game is carefully designed with their own history. Each tank and enemy has hints of background coming from their historical past.

  • Strategic Real-time Combat: We utilize a mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.

  • Take Control of the Battlefield: Although you take the role of General, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your army! Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory.

  • Anime Inspired Art: Our game features beautifully drawn characters inspired by the anime medium. We have Japanese and Korean artists producing authentic pieces for the game.

  • Engrossing Storyline: The story is funny, engaging and impressionable. Spot the small easter eggs throughout and watch the world of Armor Blitz unfold!


While brainstorming ideas for Armor Blitz, we decided we wanted to create a fun and unique experience based on our own interests and hobbies. All four of us are anime fans and love playing Japanese games. From RPGs to Visual Novels, we love them all! However, there is a shocking lack of these games in the West. We want to help solves this problem by creating our own version of an anime game, but with a twist.

The theme of the game is a bit odd at first glance, but anthropomorphism is actually a vastly emerging style in Japan. There exists an entire art style where cute characters take the place of... pretty much everything. So to spread the love, we’re bringing you tank girls! Using World War II vehicles and weaponry, the game uses lots of recognizable names and symbols from the past. We hope our game will fill a void for anime fans, history buffs, and card collectors alike!


As weapons in our world are discarded from battle, their souls go to the realm of Armor Blitz – a haven for the well-worn spirits. Taking the form of anthropomorphic tanks, in this plane of existence the weapons live together in a life of balance and harmony.

Moe Tank Splash.jpg

However, the peace was not to last. The Corruption, a darkness that devours all, has entered the realm. It bleeds crystallized malice into the world, converting all the souls it touches into another member of their dark legion.

As the player, you are the General that will lead the armed forces against the darkness. You are sent to the continent of Factoria where you will investigate the source of the Corruption and unlock the mysteries behind this world.

As you progress through the game and campaign, you will have a few companions that you encounter along the way. The most prominent characters in the story are the three Lieutenants: Rachel, Evie, and Natalia. Each one represents a powerful faction in the WWII era.

They each have unique personalities and expressive dialogue inspired by their nation of origin. As you make your way through the story map, these girls will advise, encourage, and speak to you in order to create a more immersive narrative.

Meet Your Lieutenants


Lt. Rachel Marshall, U.S. Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 6″

Hobbies: Eating ice cream; making things explode; playing with Manny, her pet eagle.

Description: Rachel is never a shy girl when it comes to expressing herself. As the loud and rambunctious representative of U.S. tanks, her personality tends to overwhelm those around her. She loves to blow things up and make her voice heard by everyone, including the enemy. Despite Rachel’s outgoing and cheery personality, she still makes sure to do her duty and will work hard to keep everyone on track.





Lt. Evie Montgomery, British Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 8″

Hobbies: Drinking tea; reading novels and history books; . . . drinking more tea!

Description: If you bring tea to the party, Evie will be there! She is an ardent fan of tea, as a true British lady should be. In fact, Evie comes from a long line of royalty and makes sure those around her respect that fact. Easily flustered and offended, Evie tends to defend her opinions aggressively. This usually leads to arguments with her “equals,” especially Natalia.






Lt. Natalia Vasilevsky, USSR Platoon Leader

Height: 5′ 9″

Hobbies: Polishing her gear; fighting in the snow; testing new weapons

Description: Natalia is the no-nonsense member of the group. There’s no adversary that can shatter Natalia’s courage. Her fearlessness is driven by strict training and field experience. To have her achievements be recognized will not only bring glory to her name and country; it lets her rest easy knowing that she served her motherland well.




The game consists of two main forms of play: combat and collection. Combat consists of entering an enemy territory and directly engaging their forces. If you win, you unlock more battles and earn drops from the fight such as new tanks, upgrades, and resources.

gameplay shot 1.jpg

Plan Your Army

Before battle the player can assemble a force similar to building a deck. Each tank has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and abilities that can help turn the tide of battle. When you enter battle, you will start with a randomized starting "hand" from your deck. Dragging a card to the field will deploy them in real time. Every few seconds you will draw a new card from your deck to replace the ones you have used.

army screen demo.png

Attack the Opponent

From there, you can drag and drop the tanks into battle and they will automatically charge to engage the enemy forces. As the General, you are also equipped with special abilities to turn the tide of battle such as calling down artillery strikes or raising the morale of your tanks.


The enemy must be approached carefully.  You can employ a responsive counter-play strategy to wear down the enemy's forces, or you can take the initiative with brute force. Different battles require different strategies, do you employ the speed and agility of light tanks, or do you bring in a squad of heavies to hold the line?

Outside of combat, the player will advance his or her forces across the map. By capturing special areas, the player can tap into vital resources that will help advance the war effort. These resources can be used to construct new tanks and issue upgrades to improve your tank battalion.

Save Your Friends

As you work your way through the continent of Factoria, the world's lore and characters will be revealed through these visual-novel style dialogue screens. Saving allies, hitting major plot points, and defeating bosses all result in snippets of dialogue for you to take part in. Each scene will bring you onsite with beautiful hand-painted backgrounds showing the unique features of our world. 



Armor Blitz is currently under full-time development and nearing the alpha stage in the single player campaign. The combat system and map progression is done and we are focused on designing battles, boss AI, UI revisions, new tanks, and player abilities. While the base framework is finished, there is still quite a lot to work and polish to be done. Most of our screenshots include some temporary text or placeholder assets. You can be sure the game will look and feel even better by the time we're done with it!

character artist.jpgcollage


Right now, we are working with an awesome musician to produce an immersive audio experience in Armor Blitz. 

WillRock (William Harby) is a video game and film music composer from the UK. He has over 35 remixes posted on the video game arrangement website OverClocked Remix, and has worked for the Flash Game developer Edgebee Studios, creating music for 4 of their games. He has also had his work featured on the Super Smash Brothers Mod, Project M, and the film Virtually Heroes. 

He composed the main combat theme for us, which you can listen to here:

Armor Blitz is anticipated to be released on the Android platform in the second quarter of 2016. From that point forward we will continue updating and adding new content to the game with the potential for more platform ports.


As of now, our development progress is moving along smoothly. With the help of Square Enix Collective and a successful crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to further push the limits of what our game can accomplish. Having extra money will allow us to polish our game and extend the amount of content we can produce before release. It will primarily go into commissioning more high quality art to expand our character roster. Although we do have an in house artist producing great pieces, reaching out to professionals in the industry -- especially those experienced in anime style design -- really lets us produce a more authentic feel in our game’s visuals. We’re also hoping to improve the quality of our 3D models and animation. With adequate support, this can become a reality.

                             character concept.jpg

Costs for software, development, and already existing content is all self-financed. We’ve taken much of the initial funding upon ourselves because we truly believe this will be a fun and successful game. We do hope that you feel the same and lend us a hand!


How Can I Help?

Glad you asked! Well the first thing you can do is drop us a YES vote for the Square Enix Collective!

Register an account first or link to Facebook. Then Click HERE to vote Yes! 

We also have a few social media outlets that you can follow our progress at. Check them out here:

Also, share the game with your friends and community. Know someone that would love this kind of art or gameplay? Send them a link! We'll do as much as possible to respond to community feedback at any of our sites. Or you can directly contact us at

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  • Kevin Jeon
    Role: Head Programmer Kevin is a student from the University of Michigan studying computer science. Being a self driven programmer, he has self-learned openGL, GLSL, sockets, and many other programming concepts regarding game development. He has participated in numerous game jams at the University of Michigan, and working with David and Andrew, received the first place award twice. During the game jams, he worked on behavior tree and utility-based AI systems capable of supporting pathfinding for hundreds of units. He also created an RTS style base-building system and control mechanisms. Right now, his focus is on developing the main framework for the client and server as well as adding new functionality to Armor Blitz.
  • Ni Yan
    Role: UI Designer With a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing from the University of Michigan, Ni brings ideas and sketches to life with intuitive interfaces and with engaging user experience. As an interaction designer, she has worked on products across both web and mobile platforms for startup companies, such as Mango Languages, AppKey, GoodOne, and Sisasa. As a video game lover, she also designs graphics and interfaces for games, and has won various accolades throughout international and local competitions. She is passionate about front-end development, entrepreneurism, innovation, and lean UX.
  • David Cai
    Role: Programmer, Story/Level Designer, Marketing David is a passionate and driven member of the Armor Blitz team. He’s been working on projects with Kevin and Andrew for a couple years now. His role is very versatile as a self-learned graphic designer, game programmer, and social media buff. David is well-versed in the game industry’s latest news, and also an avid anime fan. As the Vice President of the University of Michigan’s game development organization Wolverine Soft, he also helps the local community learn new skills while expanding his own reach.
  • Andrew Yang
    Role: Project Director, 2D Artist, 3D Animator, Game Designer As a game designer, Andrew has always loved to design games, from traditional tabletop to custom games. The Armor Blitz project is an opportunity to combine his passion for anime, traditional trading card games, and JRPGs. In the past he has worked on multiple indie projects as well as a video game startup. Besides game design, Andrew is also proficient with digital painting and low poly modeling and animation with Maya. He has previously worked on the art for projects such as Xbox live indie game, Abaddon Retribution. With these skills, he provides the primary art assets for Armor Blitz along with an exceptional passion for leading and seeing the project through to completion.