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Pub Master Quest - Portable Knights

Pub Master Quest is a series that draws it's inspiration from the roots of classic JRPG games.

Pub Master Quest - Portable Knights
Yes 69% No 31%

Genre: RPG

Developer: Icey Games



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Platforms: PC

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Pub Master Quest is a series that draws it's inspiration from the roots of classic JRPG games. Portable Knights, the newest upcoming game to the series, takes the tale of the hero, Dave, and sets him in purgatory. He is engulfed into this dying world, home to fallen souls who wish only to move on and become free. The world will soon be engulfed by a greater evil that resides within the core. Once it hatches from it's egg, it will rise to the surface and begin to consume the land into darkness until all is a wasteland. Alongside this new evil, treacherous beasts known as the Claims roam about the land, threatening the lives of all who venture too far away from town.

Dave is tasked by a mysterious voice, to travel far and defeat this greater evil. This voice gifts him with the power of Excalibur, and upon his quest, he and his 3 dead siblings must venture far with an unknown woman named Muwinn. They are tasked with disposing of the darkness that threatens this world. In which case, if Dave wishes to return to the world he used to know, he must accept this new meaning of existence.

I remember watching my cousin play FFX, and when I got a little older, I read one of my closest friends` Game-informers, noticing both FF12 and FF3 DS. It was then that I said, “That`s what I want to do! I want to make the next Final Fantasy game.” So, with this newfound inspiration, I created a 13 book comic series called Final Fantasy XIII. However, I was a little upset to find out then, that the real FFXIII was announced at E3. I didn't let that stop me though. I kept on making new additions to the story until eventually, I came up with a whole new world for the comic.

In late '09, the same cousin who I watched beat FFX had introduced me to my first game engine. It was then and there that I began to turn my long running story into game form. Instead of Final Fantasy 13, I named it, Pub Master Quest. I knew exactly what this meant, and was extremely proud of myself for having gone this far. I knew right then and there, that with a new name, there would have to be an entirely new story, thus began the start of a new and innovative development. I kept some of the original characters from the comic and created new ones for the game. However, I was sure that as the story went on I would find a way to bring everything and everyone back.

Early 2013
I made a number of PMQ games that went from horrible to good. Even though there were a few good ones, I felt that none of them had reached their full potential. I knew something was missing in all of them, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. What was it? Well, to begin with, each game had a crazy amount of bugs and errors. I questioned myself, realizing fully that no one would ever release something in this poor of state. However, I can say, that art wise, things were getting much better, and the stories of each game were getting clearer and clearer.

Mid 2013
I started working on a game that was different from what I was used to. It was called Mythical Gambit (Still in production). It was and is still a game that takes place in the same world as PMQ, but at a date closer in proximity to Portable Knights. The game took the style of table top RPG`s, however mixed with the style of PMQ.

Late 2013
Once I got word back from Nintendo after a long wait that we were official Wii U indie Developers, I instantly decided to go back to the beginning, taking a shot at bringing “Pub Master Quest” to one of my favorite companies systems (Nintendo). I had this idea of releasing a game that would have expansion packs for the story of “The Carrot Knights”. However, I had one expansion pack idea that would be so great and important to the series, that I would turn it into a full game meant to be released on the 3DS and mobile phones. It was called “Portable Knights”. Set as a preclude to, “Carrot Adventures” [Wii U], it was and is meant to be a faithful addition and companion to the series. Since the idea was growing and growing, and I thought of more additions and expansions to the game, I realized it would be too big for smaller consoles such as the 3DS or mobile phones, so I decided to bring the game to the Wii U and increase the size and story of the game. I knew this would make the game stand out more, since evidently, it would allow for more space to be utilized into the game.

Dave`s 2011 redesign and the 2013 version

Dave is the 3rd member of the Carrot Knights. The Carrot Knights are an elite group of 13 youths gifted by the powers of the Shogin Crystal. Dave finds himself stuck in Purgatory where he is tasked to defeat the evil demon awakening from the center of this world. As he travels far, he try`s his best to get stronger and stronger, and on his way, discovers the truth and mystery of this strange goddess. All in all, Dave is really just a kid fighting for his freedom, fighting for his second chance at life.

Lux is the 1st member of the Carrot Knights. Her skills are strong. In which case, her strong willed, focused personality brings her at the front of the pack of the Carrot Knights. Even though none of them can recall how they died, she still presses on, pushing her siblings onward. She may seem determined and ready to face anything, but she knows just as little, and is just as fearful of this world as the rest of them.

Gippy is the 4th and smallest (but not the youngest) member of The Carrot Knights. He tries to keep everyone happy, but sometimes fails as a result of the sheer pressure the quest has on everyone. Gippi loves to eat loads of food as he says it makes him faster in wielding his giant ball and chain.

Holanski "Holan" is the 2nd member of the Carrot Knights. He tries to play mister cool guy by keeping his thoughts to himself. He envies the fact that Lux is the teams` leader, as he feels he continuously works hard to be in charge. It is for this reason that he acts like an all knowing jerk to his team mates. Sometimes however, this gets everyone in serious trouble.

Not much is known about Muwinn. She cannot recall the reason for her existence in this world prior to Dave appearing in purgatory. However, things get quite interesting when her mysterious powers come into play. In the very beginning, when she sees Dave helpless during his first encounter, she summons Lux, Gippy and Holan to assist him. It's hard to tell at first, but she does have a more significant role in this world than meets the eye.

[Updated below]

Overall, this game can go a long way, so long as we hit the necessary funding goals.

[Update Here VVV]

The above designs are not actual models but just mock ups. These are what we hope to come close to when making the real legit models for the game( If you could tell these weren't models then I assure you the next time you see them they will be)

The world map is not huge, as a 2D design, but in 3D it'll be grand!!!

This is obviously the 2D design with out the location sprites but just think how cool it'd be to explore the world in a bigger view (I'm sorta overworking 3D right now)

Each zone will have 2 dungeons. The first dungeon you go through will be the one with the mini boss waiting at the end and then the second dungeon you face off againsts the real boss who'll put up more of a fight than the last.

This is a bit old but the idea is still being used. I wanted to not make the levels so linear but rather let you start from point A, let you pick your own path and then find your way to point B.
I think it'll add more replay value that'll help get you to play the game a second time. Hopefully the other things in the game will influence players to give it a another go.
I'm looking into post game content such as super bosses and maybe a secret zone with two bonus dungeons that adds more to future of the stories.

There will be an assortment of minigames to add some entertainment to the game. But my favorite ones that actually play into the story and level designs is something I call: The Ride

A silly name but each 1st dungeon stage will feature a The Ride mini game. Like in one level you'll have race down a sand obstacle while riding on animal mount.
And then my favorite one, you have to battle a lava serpent chasing after you while you're riding on top of a underground train. Mind you, you have to protect yourself and the train at the same time!

With this being the first game to kick off the series, I want to give everyone the chance to experience the story with some nice visuals(not superb but ones that get the job done) and some enjoyable gameplay.

I've tried to create a unique battle system and mechanic system to fit along with the whole aspect of being in purgatory, staying true to the darker aspect of this story.

I'm sure you can see how much effort is being put into the game and how much more I'm hoping we can do with the game, as a result of it being in 3D,

Phantom Dash
[Dave using Phantom Abilities]

The story also revolves around the concept of powerful cards created from the remains of the legendary dragon Excalibur's spirit. The cards would give the wielder god like powers.

You will be collecting cards to use in battles, these cards will be used to utilize magics and abilities.

2D is nice but I've been investing time into trying to see what players would appreciate more. A turn based/ active battle system or one similar to something like the tales series. If you have any suggestions, we will gladly hear them, and do our best to work with you to make this game more enjoyable!

But most importantly, we're a group of people who love and grew up with Final Fantasy!

Chocobos not in game, this is just fan art!!!
(Chocobos not in game, this is just fan art!!!)

What I hope to do is to be able to deliver a long running series of Pub Master Quest games in the years to come. Even though I created the story almost 10 years ago, I continuously perfected the story as I went along. In which case, the series just kept growing and growing into something amazing. I can almost guarantee that you'll love all the games that follow.

If we can successfully pull this off, then once this game is out or by the time the game is near done, we will immediately start on the sequel. It takes place literally right after the game.

Sounds awesome right? Well, what are you waiting for? Join in and share as much as possible. Feel free to inform all of your friends, and don't forget to hashtag: #nintendohistory.
We can't please everyone, but it helps us to know what people are thinking. Thanks again, and keep on gaming!

System: Windows, Nintendo Wii (and possibly IOS and Android)
Release: 2015

Check here to see our Facebook page. You can learn a lot about the series there. We will be updating more frequently now.

Pub Master Quest:「Official Page」


Got FF XIV ARR? find me on the Siren server!! Dave Nakumura

Icey Games 2005,2013 - 2014
All Art drawn by Isiah Sweeting. Music in videos and trailers created by Victor Schmitt

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  • Iain
    I'm 36, married with 3 children, I have an A.A.S in Computer Science and am currently pursuing a B.S. in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology. I have always been a huge gamer geek. I still remember when I was 7 and my parents got me my very first console... The Original NES(Yup, I'm old). I fell in love with the Zelda series until I came across the first Final Fantasy. It was my first exposure to an RPG, it has since then been my favorite genre to play and Final Fantasy has always been the go to game, on nearly every console I have ever owned
  • Victor
    Hello everyone! Victor here! I hope you are all interested in PMQ! As the main composer to the game, “Portable Knights”, it is an honor to be a part of such a fun project! As the games lead Composer, I’ve created a total of 7 songs, out of the OST`s 43, and with each of them, I’ve grown tremendously as a composer. It is thanks to this project that I`ve finally strung together a true sense of what it means to be a video game composer, and I will continue to do my best to ensure this game is a success. If you are interested to know more about me and my history in composition, here is youtube link to a musical time line I created for myself and for a job shadow just recently. Thank you again for your interest in Pub Master Quest! Keep on gaming!
  • Isiah
    Hello everyone, team leader here! I will be overseeing the entire project and also be handling all Artwork and story related stuff. There really isn't much that you too here about me that isn't stated above. However I guess I can add that I've been a huge fan of Nintendo since I was 4 and I've always loved The Legend of Zelda series with OOT & MM being my personal favorites. I honestly can't wait to see what they come up with for the WII U. However we all get in tight spots and Nintendo is no different, I always see on many gaming sites how poorly the WII U is doing. So I want to help Nintendo by giving them a boost. And I knew that the PMQ series was the perfect thing to use seeing how the Wii U is lacking in the RPG department and I know that this game will definitely be a hit when it's released.
  • Voice Actors
    (These names are their Youtube page names) Melifiry - Will voice Dave (No preview video at the moment) Aya - Will voice Lux (Ryuko in Yoshi - Will Voice Gippy ( BuddyVA- Will voice Holan (Izayoi in HeroicRoxas - Will voice Oblivious (Gilgamesh in And many more
  • Paul
    Hey everyone Im Paul, Isiah contacted me about helping with the 3D aspects for the game but I told him that I'd help only if it's what the people want. I have no problem lending a hand but only if it's what you want.
  • Michael
    Michael (aka, "monkey_05_06") is an independent game programmer with over a decade of industry experience. Among his most notable works include porting games like Gemini Rue (Wadjet Eye Games) and The Cat Lady (Screen 7) to Steam. He has also written dozens of script modules for free use with the Adventure Game Studio game engine and IDE. Michael is joining the team as the lead programmer for the project, and is excited to see the new direction PMQ is taking. This will also be his first time developing for a console, which appeals to his keen sense of adventure.
  • David
    David will be singing the main theme for the second game but the song will first be featured in Portable Knights. He and his band's got some great stuff going on for them and I'm happy to have him on the team. You can check out The Koniac Net's facebook stuff hear: David Abraham is the founder, composer, lead vocalist & guitarist of the indie / alternative / hard rock band the Koniac Net (Bombay, India). He released his debut album One Last Monsoon by himself (all songs were written, performed & recorded by him in his bedroom), and even promoted the album without any help. Fortunately, the album gained high praise & rotation from numerous blogs, magazines, and over a 100 radio stations across 28 countries. In 2014, with the help of the added band members, he released their EP entitled "Abiogenesis." In addition, David / the Koniac Net was featured by Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ Magazine, MTV, VH1, Vogue, U&I Music Magazine (Ireland - received a 10 out of 10 album rating), Revolution 360 (New York), Global Onslaught (United Kingdom - 2014 EP received a 5 out of 5 rating), 4 songs were featured on 4 separate episodes of Australia's comedy/drama series FLAT WHITES, and much more.