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Sirona Sol - Journey of Artsmith from Avalon

Sirona sol is a fast-paced casual game with fantasy theme. This game is a combination of time-management game and role playing game.

Sirona Sol - Journey of Artsmith from Avalon
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Genre: RPG, Strategy

Developer: Magnolia Soft



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Platforms: PC

The Game

Sirona sol is a fast-paced casual game with fantasy theme. This game is a combination of time-management game and role playing game. Player will manage the weapon creation process and increase the level of each tool as well as repelling enemies.

Story Synopsis

Gaia was a peaceful world to live until 17 years ago, the sky turned dark in the center of Merophis, one of the islands in Gaia. It was the black dragon, Tiamat, a cursed being descended from the black clouds and within hours, Merophis was debris. Reyvien was the last stand of all races in Gaia. With the help from Seth Zival, a legendary artsmith, they sealed back Tiamat with legendary weapons. A lot of unfortunate souls disappeared from Gaia including Seth's wife and son. A hope shined upon him when he saw a baby girl under collapsed pillars. He took the baby girl in his care and named her Sirona Sol.

They live peacefully in a small village in Avalon. Since she was a little kid, Sirona has already showed interest in artsmith and always watched Seth crafting general tools for villagers in Avalon. One evening, a group of dragon riders attacked the village and destroyed everything. Seth defended the village until his last breath. Saddened by the death of Seth, Sirona determined to become a legendary artsmith and find out the perpetrator of the raid. She decided to start her journey and followed her destiny as an artsmith.


Characters Background

Sirona Sol

Sex : Female

Age : 18

Race : Human

Height : 162 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Likes : Artsmith, Marco, Seth, Apples

Dislike : Green Peppers, Tomatoes

Her parents died in the battle of Reyvien when she was a baby. She was raised by a retired legendary artsmith, Seth Zival, and saw him as the one she hold dearest. Sirona liked to help Seth in crafting daily tools for the villagers and decided to follow Seth's path as an artsmith.


Marco Granus

Sex : Male

Age : 19

Race : Human

Height : 172 cm

Weight : 67 kg

Likes : Bettles, Sirona, Seth

Dislike : High places

He was Sirona's best friend and so interested for an adventure. Marco had great leadership but liked to play a prank on Sirona. Marco was also an orphan who lived with his uncle and aunt. Perhaps this was why Sirona and Marco could get along very well.


Seth Zival

Sex : Male

Age : 83

Race : Human

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 92 kg

Likes : Artsmith, Reading books, Sirona, Marco, Avalon, Booze

Dislike : Bad Booze

Seth Zival was a retired legendary artsmith. Tiamat was sealed thanks to the weapons he crafted. Seth left Reyvien after the battle was over and he spent the rest of his life together with Sirona in Avalon. He was a kind and caring person.



Sex : Female

Age : 72 (baby dragon)

Race : Dragon (beast)

Length : 32 cm

Weight : 1.2 kg

Likes : Fireplace, Sirona, Anvil

Dislike : Cold

Sirona found this wounded little dragon on a slope of Avalon forest. Sirona was going to release it after she tended its wound but Agnid refused to leave and always followed her everywhere. Although Agnid was 72 years old, it was still a baby. The oldest dragon could live for hundreds or even thousands of years.



How do you think a hero defeats a gigantic boss or fights a swarm of monsters? With exotic slash moves or supersized fireball? The answer is a weapon. It won’t appear out of nowhere. It needs to be created by someone and a hero is too busy to do that while saving the world at the same time.

Artsmithing is an art of creating weapons by combining various materials from minerals to deities. Weapons created by Artsmiths will give certain advantages for their users. This is a fast-paced game and player has to think fast while making crucial decisions to complete the game.

The setting takes place in a fantasy medieval world, Gaia. There are 5 races in Gaia, human, dwarf, elf, orc, undead and fairy. They live in their own regions though some them love to travel far away. The story starts from a young female human who wants to become a well known Artsmith.

When making a weapon, depending on the request, player will also imbue an element and/or deity other than just ordinary materials. To make the game more challenging, enemies will appear on a random occasion with warning notification beforehand. The attacks may vary from delaying player’s action or removing all customers. However, player will have the ability to prevent those attacks with skills and level up the tools. A lot of unexpected surprises will come either from customers or enemies to enhance gaming experience.






Gaia World Map

World Map

Avalon - Village of Eternal

Avalon is an island located in south of Reyvien. Avalon is famous for its apples and bonfire tradition. The villagers usually harvest corps and fishing. Seth and Sirona live here after the battle of Reyvien.

Reyvien - Grand Capitol of Knights

Reyvien is a huge capital and populated by human race. The king and queen live inside a castle in the center of Reyvien. Reyvien was the last stand of Gaia when Tiamat descended.

Agarthe - Gaia's Great Pillar

Agarthe is an underground city. Dwarves live here and their main activity is mining. Rare and precious stones are often discovered in Agarthe, making it one of the richest city in Gaia.

Timia - Ancient Holy Palace

Timia is a paradise for elves. There are a lot of ancient ruins and tablets in this region. The island is levitated by strong magic which is casted to prevent further damage by Tiamat.

Girma - Great Sand Dunes Isle

Girma is a region of desert. Many people come here to enjoy tropical sensation but sometimes it's way too hot for them. Girma is populated by Orcs. Despite their huge appearance and brutal strength, they are an honorable race and always help others, even strangers.

Tartaros - Slumber Ground of Condemned Soul

Although it is a gloomy place, the undead and ghouls who live in this region are pretty humorous. Many unexpected and unique items can be found here.

Nysnea - Titania's Utopia Legacy

Gaia's tree of life, Yygdrasil, is located at the center of Nysnea. You will find a city of fairies inside the tree. Do not be fooled by their small appearance. They wield great magic which is on par with elves. They are also smart traders and you'll dry your wallet pretty fast in Nysnea.

Merophis - Land of White Howl

Once a prosperous capital, now it's a ruin. It is the first defense when Tiamat descended. Only a small number of dragoneers live in Gaia now. They are rarely seen because they are scattered across all regions. They are old-fashioned and very strict, but they are kind, extremely strong and dependable when needed.

Agnid's Skill



Player will be involved in weapon creation and repair processes in order to finish the stages. You have to manage requests, buying resources and prepare for any attacks. Some weapons are simple to make but some are very difficult, especially the legendary weapons.

There are enemies such as dragons, witches, soldiers etc that will attack the player and/or customers. Sirona is accompanied by a baby dragon, Agnid, that will help her repel those attacks with its skills. Tools and Agnid's skills can be leveled up during the game.

New materials and weapons can be unlocked during the gameplay. There are certain customers that will ask for unique weapons and they will pay a lot for that. Some customers will also arrive with repair request, not only buying weapons.

At the end of a region, a boss will appear. They are artsmiths who represent their regions. The winner is those who complete more requests within the time limit. If a player gets stuck in a stage, they can play on the previous stages to gather more resources.

Sirona Sol’s gameplay is highly repeatable. We extended the library system so that serious players will play the game over and over again to collect all the achievements and gallery. Some weapon can only be created via higher game difficulty settings. We are planning to integrate leaderboard system so players can post their highest score online.

More gameplay features and concept art will be announced during the development process.


Development Stage

We develop this game with Unity3D game engine for pc platform. This game is planned to be ported to android and ios platforms as well. Sirona Sol : Journey of Artsmith from Avalon has passed pre-alpha process. The basic gameplay is functional and the core art has been finished. We are working on the rest of the stages and artworks. The project is planned to be finished by 2015.


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The team behind Sirona Sol : Journey of Artsmith from Avalon are talented and experienced people in their fields. We are a startup developer but we are proactive and passionate in making high quality games. We have spent many months of dedication and hard work to make the demo happen. We will do even further to make the whole game happen. We are committed to make great and fun games for everyone.

This game has been developed since early 2013 and we believe that this game will turn out great. That's why we spent many months of planning and creating the demo. With your support, we will be able to deliver the game faster and push its potential beyond the limit.

We thank you for your time reading our pitch and watching our video. If you need further information, feel free to email us at

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  • Erick Tjoe
    Environment Artist He started his career as a graphic designer in a publishing company and has achieved an award. After that, he followed his call as a cg artist in entertainment industry. He began his cg career as an environment artist in a casual game company and freelancer as well. Since then he has been credited for several casual and mobile game titles. He handled the environment and prop design for this project.
  • Rudy Handala
    Game Programmer In 2011, he became the game programmer for Maximize Games, one of the leading game developers in Indonesia. During his 2 years of experience there, he has involved himself in the use of various game engines such as Playground, Cocos-2D, and Unity3D. Besides creating games and systems, he has also done extensive researches on how to make multiplatform games in an efficient and effective way, considering the storage and memory consumption , for PC, Android and iOS. He is in charge of the programming in this project.
  • Riyanto Li
    Graphic Designer He has been working in the graphic design industry since 2006, with over 8 years experience, this has given him lots of knowledge about what it takes to make it as a designer. While currently working as a freelance graphic designer, he still makes time to improve another skill in UI Design, Particle System and Motion Graphics.
  • Tommy Kho
    Character Artist He is a 2D artist with experience in this field for 7 years and has pursued 3D world for 1 year. He is an active member in various digital artist communities such as CONCEPTART, CGHUB, DEVIANTART, and POLYCOUNT. He used to be a junior art director in one of the local newspapers for 5 years. He is currently the owner and tutor of one of the digital painting schools in Indonesia, ILLUSIGN SCHOOL. For him, one of the greatest gifts in the world is when we still have time to be able to "learn" something.
  • Yanagi Yie
    Character Concept Artist She was an emerging young talent from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Her final project presentation drew a lot of attention for many people. She excelled in character design and fashion design as well and she has worked on various illustration projects. In this project, she contributed as a character concept designer.