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The Silver Key - The Game

2D Side-scroller and Puzzle-Platform game based in the story "Through the gates of the silver key" (LoveCraft) with a Tim Burton's style

The Silver Key - The Game
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Genre: Action, RPG, Strategy

Developer: NeuroCreativa



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Platforms: PC

Your spells have succeeded and you´ve just got through the first door to an unknown dimension, very different from the one you are used to. Your eyes have never met scenarios such as the ones you are going to discover, your mind will have to be adaptive to go forward into a side-scroller game with cold colours and shadows in a Tim Burton's style. As time goes by, you will see fragments of the story co-written by Lovecraft and Hoffmann "Through the gates of the silver key" * blended with a variety puzzles, enemies and traps.

At the age of fifty-four, Randolph Carter lost his hope to regain his ability of dreaming that he yearned so much, until one day he dreamt of his grandfather and find out about a legacy from his ancestors, the silver key. Carter knew in some way that the key would led him to his land of dreams. When he found the key in his attic next to an unintelligible parchment, he set out to Arkham, the city of his antecessors, and there, in the snake cave he disappeared from the sight of man. Nobody knows what happened, someone said that he finally found a portal to his dreams and now he´s looking for the last door, inside a dimension full of mystery and threats. But there is a problem, Carter left the parchment that came with the key and he can only go forward if he remembers some clue of the fragments.

The core of the gameplay revolves around three abilities: logic, observation and memory. You will have to explore every corner of each level, solve puzzles and pick up memory fragments of the scroll. You will have to sharpen your sight to find the symbols hidden in the world and use your memory to remember the order in which they appear. All this will allow you to cast the spells to activate the magic that will lead you to the last door.


Gameplay extended explanation

 1. Magic Bar 2. Life bar 3. Alchemist circle 4.Spell input

Since Lovercraft shows certain passion for occultism, symbols and magic, we wanted to reflect it on the gameplay by adding a magical ingredient besides all the challenges of an adventure game and some puzzles. Here are some specifications about the gameplay:

There are hidden symbols in the world that you need to discover, so sharpen your view. Each collectable fragment represents an incantation and you have to collect all of them before you get to a spell zone. You can check the status of the collectables in the magic bar (1). There are spell zones along each level that open your way through the game, to activate them you have to fill the magic bar.

He is an uncelebrated writer with the melancholic streak of a quiet contemplative dreamer. He seems faint but can be courageous, having enough character and mental strength to face and outplay the horrific creatures of the Dreamland.

He presides over the Timeless Halls beyond the Gate of the Silver Key and the strange, near-omnipotent Ancient Ones that dwell there.

The art style is inspired by Tim Burton, merging a chromatic atmosphere of shadows and cold colors. With all these elements we aim to create an antagonistic environment that combines sympathy and mystery.

Here are some enemies that the character will encounter while playing the first level of the game.

We are using Unity 5 so we can achieve an efficient multiplatform development.

We are Guillermo Ferrari from Argentina and Silvia Sánchez from Ecuador, a small independent team of game developers. We have experience in development and graphic design and we are giving illustrations a shot. Although being quite new to this field, we are handling things responsibly and professionally.

Click on the image to go to our SoundCloud Profile. (Spanish)
CodigoGeek (Spanish) (Spanish)
Puro Games (Spanish)

Our main goal is to deliver an amazing game that meets your expectations. We are already developing the game, but to reach the quality that we seek, we need more time and money. That´s the reason why we are looking for founding! We strive to finish the game and to deliver a result that is even better than we imagined. Publishing this project in Square Enix Collective is a great opportunity for us! If you are interested to see this concept come to life vote for us and leave us your feedback.


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  • Sil and Guille
    We are a small independent team of game developers composed by Guillermo Ferrari from Argentina and Silvia Sánchez from Ecuador. We are experienced programmers and graphic designers and we try to manage illustrations. We are quite new in this field but we are very responsible and professional with our work.