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Ayo The Clown

This is a 2.5D platform game about a Clown adventuring through a very imaginative world looking for his dog, Bo.

Ayo The Clown
Yes 62% No 38%

Genre: Action

Developer: Cloud M1



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Platforms: PC


Ayo awakens one night to a deafening crash, but not from the storm that roars outside his bedroom window. No… it seems it came from within the room. He stumbles in a stupor to his dog Bo’s bed and finds a mess. The flower pot has been knocked over and the wall is decorated in muddy paw-prints.

But Bo is nowhere to be found.

Devastated and confused, Ayo charges into the storm to find his favorite canine juggling partner.


Ayo the Clown is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of genre favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong. What sets Ayo the Clown apart from traditional platformers is its sense of adventure, light puzzle elements, and RPG influence. Like the Legend of Zelda series, Ayo’s potential isn’t realized at the game’s outset. You will collect skill upgrades and extra hearts that add to your overall life as you progress through this lush world.

What’s more is Ayo’s lighthearted, but emotional storyline. Collectible comic book pages in each level tear away the mystery behind Bo’s disappearance and drive Ayo onward. Collect them all to paint the whole picture!

The game boasts more than 30 beautifully rendered environments, each riddled with dangerous obstacles that stand between the clown and his best friend.

                                                          Early Stage Design Concepts




                                                                       Puzzle Examples

Some areas will rely on yours and Ayo’s wits to complete tasks and solve light puzzles to advance levels.

Players will see Ayo double-jump shark-strewn waters, vine-swing over gators in the swamplands, before he takes to the air with his trusty balloon — all to stay on Bo’s trail.

                                                 A Few of the Many Skills Ayo Can Acquire

Such as running, pushing/pulling, balloon hanging, double jumping, crouching, sliding, and more.

Ayo’s world is vast, so we encourage you to explore it! Don’t miss the hidden areas that scatter each level. There, you will find treasure chests that contain skills, accessories, and outfits that will help Ayo in his quest.

                                                       Early Character Concept Designs

Don’t worry about missing these secret areas, though. Throughout the game’s many stages, you can collect hundreds of gems that can be used to customize Ayo’s outfit to your liking. All these collectibles will have you revisit Ayo’s world again and again — long after your first playthrough is completed.

                                                              Accessory Examples



Ayo is an adorable and fun to play character we spent many hours bringing to life through engine design and animation. Aside from minor bug fixes and finishing touches, the engine is near completion. 3D assets and design elements have also been built and tested in the game. What’s left now is to build more 3D assets for the game’s diverse locations and characters, flesh out smaller plot details, and model levels that are enticing and engaging. Our goal is to build a game that’s story-heavy and character driven, with excitement and mystery behind every corner.

                                                                      Screen Shots


Initially it will be launched on PCs, then follow by consoles, and lastly mobile.                                                                   

                                                  There are tons of rewards for backers

-Posters, art books, t-shirts, soundtracks, an in-game cape, paper crafts, etc…

-Backers can have their likeness as a custom skin for the playable character.


-4 inch resin DIY toys backers can paint to their liking.



  is a small independent game developer comprised of friends and family members. We’re all gamers with a passion for developing that runs bone-deep. Our most recent game is Knight Blitz OMG, a mobile arcade action game, available on the Apple App Store: (

The developing process is a rewarding one, but it’s also costly. Our independent status means we lack the funding that big industry names receive on a regular basis. The last few months have seen us build and design part of Ayo the Clown with a six-person team working part-time, as we work day jobs to afford developing costs and support our families.

We’ve wanted to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a while — and the time has come! With Square-Enix Collective’s and your help, not only will Square’s marketing expertise give us a leg up, but we can work with community input to make this game a classic that deserves a spot next to Mario and Donkey Kong on gamers’ shelves.

With enough funds we can devote our complete attention to the game’s development and support. That way, we can finish Ayo the Clown on time and polish it into the gem we know it to be. Therefore, we need your help to realize Ayo the Clown the way it was intended.

Furthermore, we want you involved in the making of our game! We will have backer-only polls and surveys where you decide what will be included in the game. Some backers will even be included in the credits! Your feedback and involvement in the development process will ensure Ayo the Clown is a fan-favorite for years to come!

Let’s make this journey together!

-Spread the word, let everybody know about this awesome game. It could be your friends, your crush or your clown neighbor living next door.

-Visit our Facebook and Twitter page, like, share or drop us a line!

-Tell us what you think about the game by leaving a comment below.

-Sign up for newsletters on our website.

-Most importantly, please vote YES!

Thank you for your time and we hope you can help us out!

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  • Mao
    Having worked with Xiu on all the previous apps/games, Mao’s relationship with him is second to none, also being Xiu’s older brother helps. When not gluing his face to the monitor, he glues onto his fish tank to not miss the tiniest life he’s created in his aquarium. Favorite games(enjoys the most when playing together with his kids): Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet, Disney Infinity.
  • Joey
    A very proficient illustrator and animator. Besides working on big name movies such as Rigor Mortis and Kung Fu Jungle, she also helped Cloud M1 launched a few apps. she enjoys making imaginative surreal doodles, who doesn’t? Favorite games: The Sims, Besiege, Angry Bird.
  • Karen
    Karen’s work gears towards a younger audience that you find in children’s books and comics, as you can see from some of the early concept designs for this game. She loves video games of course, but nothing beats a cup of fresh coffee in the morning. Favorite games: Don't Starve, Pokemon, and WOW.
  • JD
    A dreamer and a developer, his biggest passion is to make video games. Helped in building Knight Blitz OMG and another very ambitious adventure game under Cloud M1 studio. When it comes to his passion, he doesn’t clown around. Favorite games: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Fallout.
  • Quentin
    Growing up playing games like Sonic and Shenmue since 1991, only until recently has he figured out that his passion is to develop them. Besides helping making Ayo The Clown a reality, he also partakes in game jams, you know, he likes the excitement. Favorite games: Sonic, Shenmue, Super Meat Boy.
  • Xiu
    A 3D artist by trade, a gamer by heart. Spent most of his waking hours playing games through the 90s and now it’s time for him to make them. Started Cloud M1 a few years ago and now dedicating 100% of it’s resources on Ayo The Clown. Favorite games: Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Zelda.
  • Rene
    Besides going around to give lectures and teach workshops, he’s worked with Udon Canada on Darkstalkers, DC comics, Ghostbusters, and many more. A self-taught illustrator with a very long history, his biggest pleasure in life is enjoying it with his family. Favorite games: Mario Brothers, Street fighter, and FIFA.
  • Nick
    A musician and composer, since 2000 he composed countless original music ranging from television to video games. He’s capable of composing music in many different musical genres, and his best friend is his guitar. Favorite games: Battlefield series, Batman Arkham City, Rayman.