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Pankapu : the Dreamkeeper

Discover the tale of Pankapu and the terrible truth hidden behind this story. A high colored action platformer in 2D with a drop of RPG.

Pankapu : the Dreamkeeper
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Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Too Kind Studio



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Platforms: PC

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper is an episodic platform/Action video game in 2D side scrolling, told in the manner of a fable in high color illustrated stages.

The player controls Pankapu, a shadow warrior traveling across the oneiric world Omnia to strike down the nightmares which try to invade humans. In his rites of passage quest, he encounters a variety of characters who help him, guide him or fight him but who, whatever happens, make him change both physically and mentally. From this journey, he will learn that all is not black or white and that things are not always what they seem to be. The storytelling is the central part of the game, because we want it to have an impact on the players and make them think about it, as happens in a traditional tale.

Update 04 - Pankapu goes Alpha!

Update 03 - Introduction: a Tale in Motion

Update 02 - Work in Progress, Let's talk about Level design and animation

Update 01 - The new update comes in… music!


The main purpose of PANKAPU is to go back to the roots of old school platform games. The ones that we had grown with, simple and fun. In addition, we want to add a strong story that mixes humor and imagination. The game is a tale based on a universe we’ve been working on for years, inspired by many influences such as the Lakota culture, and video games series like Final Fantasy. Our purpose is not to put the narrative content backward. On the opposite, we want to tell stories supported by a fun gameplay.

A game based on a strong scenario:

  • Dual narration: players will be able to follow two parallel stories: the first one is the adventure of Pankapu and the second, the story of Jaha’rell, the kid to whom the tale is told. By following both of them, you’ll be able to understand all the connections between the two characters and reveal all the mysteries hidden behind the nightmares.
  • One main scenario is divided in 8 chapters: in the manner of TV series, the main story is developed through the 8 episodes, however, each one of them has its own smaller plot. In these ones, you’ll be able to follow some sub characters and help them with their troubles. Then they’ll eventually help Pankapu in his epic quest.

Character progression:

  • 3 Aegis: During his quest, our hero will find a powerful artifact that grants him mystical powers: the Aegis. Similar to jobs, they grant the possibility for Pankapu to wear 3 different outfits that he can switch to at any moment, even during a fight, and that change all his abilities, making him able to perform powerful combos.
  • The Nebula system: the Aegis can be upgraded thanks to a skill tree called Nebula. It will give you the possibility to add more abilities and to upgrade them by finding hidden secret stones across your adventure.
  • New weapons to find and equip


  • Nonlinear levels, secret areas and side quests. With your brand new equipment, abilities and upgrades that you will gather all along the game, you’ll be able to go back into all previous stages and discover hidden secrets.

Gamer-Family-Friendly: A gameplay with accessible controls, simple and intuitive for all the family.

Fine and colorful graphics looking like animated illustrations

Jaha’rell is a child whose nights are regularly troubled by nightmares haunting him. In order to overcome his fear, his father tells him the story of Pankapu, the Dreamkeeper. The player is then invited to live the adventures of the tiny warrior through the eyes of the child. The game is a projection of Jaha’rell’s mind taking place into this imaginary world. In this way, most of the characters and situations will come from his troubled past and the player, a little bit curious, will find the parallel between these two stories.

This mise en abyme will settled a dual narration. The young public will then follow the adventures of Pankapu, like he will do with a traditional tale, while the more mature ones will read between the lines and discover the tragic story of Jaha’rell, and how he overcomes is trauma.

During his quest Pankapu will bear different Aegis, each one acting like a job, fully changing the skills and weapons of our hero. The 3 Aegis will be switchable at any time during the game, allowing you to adapt gameplay to the situation.

Every Aegis has a skill tree, giving you the opportunity to upgrade them and use new powers. These abilities will be unlockable while (re)exploring the levels. This system is called Nebula.


As the first Aegis of the game, it is, indeed, well balanced. Pretty useful for defense, it will be even more fearsome in hand-to-hand fight. Its only weakness is to be unable to perform ranged attacks.

  • Role: Reduction of damages taken and Hand-to-Hand fighting
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Basic attack: Burning sword and stunning attacks
  • Special attack: Explosions and boomerang sword
  • Contextual actions: Destruction of crumbling elements (cracked wall, rotten floor…)



The bow man, Ardor, reveals its true power during distant fight. With the ability for long-distance shooting, Pankapu will defeat his enemy without any fear of being struck back.

  • Role: Ranged attack and fast movement
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Basic attack: Arrows
  • Special attack: Barrage shoot and evasive fire
  • Defense: Dodge
  • Contextual action: Double jump, using drafts (as a ladder) to reach higher platforms.



Faith is an Aegis which can look weak on first sight. Not resistant, not really powerful in term of pure damage, but that becomes essential in case of waves of enemy and long term fight. This Aegis is not easy to handle, but becomes extremely efficient once well controlled.

  • Role: Heal, crowd control, AoE (middle distance)
  • Weapon: Magic Scepter
  • Basic attack: Throw magic bubble on middle distance
  • Special attack: Area of effect on opponent
  • Defense: Healing spell
  • Contextual action: Activation of magical artefact (Magical mechanism, teleportation, moving platforms)


During his initiatory quest, in order to strike down the nightmares trying to invade his world, Pankapu will cross the vast world of Omnia, the dream land. From Peppu, the Forest-Tree, to the further corners of the nightmares’ territory and even the Black Moon, in this way the player will visit various and oneiric places. The Shingle Plain, the Stars Sea, the Wind Maze, or even the mysterious Itopia Tower are some of the various places that you will discover during your adventures.

All the different levels that you will cross are nonlinear and can be re-explored as much as you want. With the help of new powers obtained during the adventure, new ways will appear, allowing you to find hidden secrets through Omnia. Moreover, it’s in this way that you will discover all the mysteries around the life of Jaha’rell by finding fragments of his lost memory.


During his adventure, Pankapu will meet a whole gallery of characters that will help him during his quest, or fight against his interests.


Hero of the adventure, it’s him that will be controlled by the player. Freshly created from dreams matter, he has the mission to protect Omnia from the nightmares’ invasion. His adventurous spirit and his quest for knowledge will take him far way, beyond the Veil, inside the nightmares’ territory, in order to find the source of the invasion and destroy it.




God of Dreams, he is the creator of Pankapu. Always in a good mood, he is mischievous, unpredictable, but doesn't lack humor. He is the builder of the magic Web that thrones above the sea of stars and that catches the dreams to crystalize and bring them to life.  Both powerful and mysterious, it seems he knows more about the nightmares invasion than he says...



Little magic spider met during Pankapu’s adventures, he will become his friend and confidant. Naturally impish and cheerful, Chii is not a warrior. Fortunately, he always has the prefect comic sentence in order to tone down the situation. Adding his perfect knowledge of Omnia world, he becomes the perfect companion for an adventure.



The Hya'Nagis

This personified nightmares have crossed the Veil of Iketomi that separate the dream land from the nightmares territory. Spreading corruption everywhere they roam, they must be defeated at all cost or all dreams will disappear forever.


The child to whom the story of Pankapu is told. He has lived tragic events and this tale should overcome his trauma. Through the various ways of the levels and by exploring the darkest nooks of Omnia, the player will reconstitute the puzzle of his past and understand the origin of all his torments.


Too Kind Studio is a small indie video games studio, based in Lille, France. Pankapu is our first production as an independent studio. However, our team is composed of 3 professionals, who've already worked together on various commercial projects (Ryzom, Wakfu, Drakerz, ...). By founding this company, we want to develop our own universe, with a totally freedom of creation, and to share our passion of video games and good/beautiful/great stories with the public.


The universe of PANKAPU, has began to grow in our mind 4 years ago. Getting bigger and bigger as we get along, we decided to devote body and soul to the adventure Pankapu in January 2014. Gathering a small team of passionate people around us, we had the pleasure to produce a prototype exclusively for the Paris Games Week in 2014.

The project is actually in its Alpha stage, with the first playable levels. We should produce a Beta version in a couple weeks/months, with a release of the first chapter of the game at the end of this year.


As an indie company, it’s not really easy to be present on the international market and gather a community. Our goal is to create video games, but without any players that would be sad.

So instead of being depressed alone in our corner, we decide to share it with you and to embark everyone on the great adventure of creation.

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  • Jérôme "GG" Brulin
    High-boiling artistic director Creator of dream matter Capable of having 120 ideas in a minute without wanting it As any unsettled solution, be careful when you manipulate him. High risks of explosion
  • Jérémie "PP" Planckaert
    Jack of all trade developer Transforms bugs into features Great lover of kitsch Gives rhythm to crunch phases with the sound of his bass guitar
  • Jimmy "JJ" Kalhart
    Multitask project manager and game designer Put order in all this mess Will always find THE solution to the problem that you can't solve for 4 hours Graduate in loosy jokes (with merit !)