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Nightfall: Escape

Nightfall is a first person survival horror game based in Philippine folklore.

Nightfall: Escape
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Genre: First Person Shooter

Developer: Zeenoh Games



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Platforms: PC

About Nightfall

Nightfall is a first person survival horror game based in Philippine folklore, where you play as Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who works for struggling newspaper company. The story starts with Ara's investigation of an abandoned mansion where people went missing in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Players are required to solve the mystery behind the tragic incident by exploring the maze-like mansion while pitted against popular monsters based on Philippine folklore--one false move and the game is over. Investigate as Ara and search for clues to find out what really happened in the mansion and to the family who lived there. Who knows what you can find?

Prior to joining Square-Enix Collective, this game has been greenlit already by the Steam Community!

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TARGET PLATFORMS: STEAM( PC, Mac, Linux), Playstation  and Xbox.

Nightfall supported Platform

This Game is made possible by these amazing tools: Blender and Unity

Nightfall Unity Blender 1

Nightfall Unity Blender 2



 The Story of Nightfall Book 1: Escape

Story 1 Nightfall


In a quiet town in the northern part of Luzon during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, there lived a Spanish-Filipino family. They were esteemed because of their lineage and were well-known in the town, especially their only daughter who was bright and had a smile for everyone. Through inevitable circumstances, the young lady became friends with their maid's son who worked as an errand boy for the family. Their relationship grew until it became evident to the girl's parents that something was going on. Because of the family's social standing, the girl was forbidden to associate with the boy any further. To make sure of this, the parents decided to send the boy away denying him any hope of seeing her again.

Days passed, and the separated couple found themselves yearning for each other. Regardless of getting into trouble, the boy decided to go back to the girl's house and intended to be reunited with his beloved. He saw the chance when the girl's parents became preoccupied with political matters and were often out for social obligations. With his mother's help, he was able to slip inside without being seen. Afraid of not having another chance to get in, he became demanding with the girl and began to forcefully persuade her to elope with him. The young lady was indecisive about eloping and as time passed, her parents returned from their trip and discovered their forbidden meeting.

The parents decided to put their daughter in complete seclusion not allowing anyone to see her. The maid got expelled along with her son, but this time it was the Spanish guards who got rid of them and forced them even to leave their hometown. The boy grieved terribly. The cruelty of Spanish authorities and the unjust treatment of poor people were imprinted in his heart and mind.

Several months later, the Americans arrived. The boy was forced to join the Spanish forces to repel to only end up as a prisoner of war. Escaping later from American captivity, the boy and his fellow Filipino soldiers ended up in the town where his old family was lived. Now there weren't many Spaniards around so they felt free to roam around while thinking of what to do next. The boy remembered the girl he loved, and suddenly desired to know her whereabouts.

Dressed in decent clothes, the boy looked for the house where he once was so happy but also suffered greatly. He was surprised to find it well-kept and even after he was banished. Upon his arrival, he noticed a small social gathering of relatives and friends. The boy was curious so he decided to go and join them while pretending as a guest. To his delight, the young woman he'd loved was there she became the mistress only after several months, hmmm... However, he soon found out that she was married to the heir of another wealthy family. She never thought destiny would bring him back to her, so she tried to explain to him when he confronted her in front of the surprised guest

The series of hardships and sufferings hit the boy, along with the realisation that he can never have the woman he loved. Filled with rage, he gripped the knife he had kept with him as a soldier. All he knew as he carried out his murderious intent was that he was striking out at all themistreatment done to him--he knew that it was all for revenge. Shocked by the attack, the guests and servants fled to safety instead of trying to overcome him.

The young woman was frozen in fear and as the boy dragged to her bedroom, where she was held her prisoner. But the madness sprung by his rage continued and he proceeded to rape andthen kill her. Shortly after, the boy committed suicide.

Story of Nightfall


Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who works for a struggling newspaper company stumbles upon the story of an abandoned mansion in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Rumors are spreading that people are disappearing as they pass by this mansion. With a positive attitude and daring heart, the journalist heads to the said location to uncover the real story.

The house stands on a barren land and in the middle of the forest. Judging from the surroundings, the area was obviously abandoned for a long time. She didn't hesitate when she decided to park her car on the side of the muddy road away from the mansion. Feelings of uncertainty and hesitation to go back began to build up as she approached the mansion. The sunlit afternoon turned gray, sending chills to her spine. As she wondered if someone was watching her. She tried to run towards the house, but the house seems to get farther away as she moved closer. The darkness began to devour her and the only thing she can hear is a feint guiding voice inside the abandoned mansion. She goes inside to find out but there is no turning back from there.


The world of Nightfall

The abandoned mansion that stands on a barren land and located at the middle of the forest.

Outside World

World concept of the basement of the mansion.  

Nightfall Environment 1

A world concept of underground cathedral at the bottom of the Mansion.

Nightfall Environment 2

Nightfall Environment 3  


Ara the protagonist

Ara Cruz is her full name. She is an aspiring female journalist who works for a struggling newspaper company called "The Chronicles Daily". She was born in September 5, 1987 in Malate, Manila. Her height is 5’3". She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. She has an exotic asian beauty, adventurous, always fascinated with mysterious places. She read a lot of horror stories and loves to eat donuts.

Ara Cruz of Nightfall




Creatures of Nightfall


Nightfall Creatures

When we started our campaign for Nightfall on Steam Greenlight, the White Lady is among the first creatures that the fans saw and was followed by three main creatures such as "Aswang", "Headless Priest" and "Manananggal". The response was great and the fans are asking for more characters.

All throughout our campaign in social media, we’ve been receiving interests from different Filipino fans all over the world for us to consider other well-known Philippine mythical creatures such as "Tiyanak", "Tikbalang" and "Kapre". We are eyeing to add additional creatures provided that we meet our target funding for this game through our stretched goals under the crowdfunding initiative.

We wanted to bring the best of Philippine horror to this game. So, we are starting an early poll via ( with three options for each of the creatures, with the highest number of votes to be added. 

POLL trio Nightfall


Nightfall Soundtrack

The soundtrack entitled "Escape" is from the talented group called Black Manika, a local Filipino band. We choose the song because of its relation to the story and we want to support local Filipino musician.



The soundtrack entitled "Flight" is from the talented group called Even, a local Filipino band. The song was chosen because of its relation to the myth creature of Nightfall: Escape and we want to support local Filipino musician.



Voice of Ara

The voice of the protagonist of Nightfall.

Ms. Patrice Patalinghug is a Filipino voice actor behind the voice of Ara Cruz, the protagonist of Nightfall. Ms. Patrice works as a digital artist by profession and a part-time voice actor.

About Zeenoh

Zeenoh Games is an independent game development studio based in the Philippines. We developed and self-published our own original games on mobile, web, consoles and PC.

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The soundtrack entitled "Flight" is from the talented group called Even, a local Filipino band. The song was chosen because of its relation to the myth creature of Nightfall: Escape and we want to support local Filipinomusician.


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