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Drive futuristic cars with up to 4 players in dangerous tournaments. Use hacking and various items to slow down and blow up your opponent!!!

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Genre: Racing

Developer: Division Five Studio



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Platforms: PC

TurboLink delivers a fast-paced racing experience for up to 4 players locally. Drive futuristic vehicles and participate in dangerous tournaments that take place all around the abandoned Earth. Use your hacking ability and various items to give yourself an edge over your opponents!


At the end of the 21st century, Earth was infected by an unknown virus that killed over 3 billion people.

All effort was poured into research and numerous attempts were made to identify the virus. Humanity was defenseless and their extinction seemed inevitable. With only a few hundred thousand people left on the planet there was little hope to save mankind. However, some of them managed to escape from Earth using the Space Arcs built primarily for travelling to other planets.

The leakage of the Permafrost’s methane and carbon gases has changed the atmosphere completely. Earth is getting warmer each day and there’s not enough oxygen to sustain human life on the planet.

TurboLeague’s tournaments serve as a way to go back to Earth and see it again from up-close. The cars are highly advanced pieces of technology controlled remotely from the sky cities that hover over Earth. The tournaments are a source of entertainment for the people as well as a way to soothe the pressure and discomfort created by living imprisoned in outer space.

TurboLink’s main gameplay is divided into tournaments. Each tournament consists of 5 races over different tracks. The players will be awarded points in the following manner:

1st place – 3 points

2nd place – 2 points

3rd – 5th places – 1 point

this scoring system has proven to be the best way to keep the game competitive and ensure that even the last place can catch up with the tournament leaders. There will be 7 tournaments hosted by the TurboLeague.

SkyCityliving on the Planet’s surface became impossible, so the TurboLeague stations were built high up in the sky. The platforms on which the city is situated are supported in the air by powerful engines.


Mainframe - a virtual simulator created by the TurboLeague to train pilots before they are ready to race in the real world.

Abyss Concept

Archipelago - sun, water and sand! Looks like a paradise, but the shallow waters of the archipelago hide many dangers such as geysers, chasms and vicious creatures. Prepare to face to the power of the oceans!

Archipelago Concept

Ancient Ruins - remains of an old civilization that were adjusted by the TurboLeague to serve as a new tournament.

Abandoned City

Amazon Jungledive deep into the center of Amazonia! Avoid fallen trees, broken branches and stones to survive the whole race and finish on the podium! The organization have placed some surprises around the forest so stay sharp!

Amazon Jungle Concept

Burning Grounds - there are places places in the world where the temperature reached such high levels that even cars can get burnt to ashes.Burning Grounds Concept

Polar Wasteland - race through the snowy mountains and frozen plains! Hack remaining devices and machines left at the excavation sites and find hidden paths below the ice!Polar Wastelands Concept

TurboLink can be played in a single player mode but we've put a special effort into making it a super fun multiplayer game. Trying to balance every feature of the game and cars, we hope to create a captivating and competitive multiplayer experience with a deep level of interactivity between players.

There are 7 unique items that can be obtained during the course of each race:

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  • Mine - leave a powerful explosive behind your car to send flying anyone who passes over it
  • Phaser – shoot an energy missile that chases enemy cars. Damages and slows down the target on contact
  • Drain Impulse - send a projectile that damages the cars and drains hacking energy on contact
  • Oil – leave an oil puddle on the ground that will slow down anyone who drives through it
  • Blast - send nearby opponents high up into the air by causing a gravity explosion around your car
  • Flash - teleport a short distance forward
  • Turbo - a temporary speed boost
  • Shield – protect yourself from any attack or activate the shield and rush at your enemies to use it as a weapon

TurboLeague hosts the events but is not directly involved in car production market. There are other companies and sponsors that take care of that and try to prepare the best vehicles for their pilots. There will be 20 cars available in the final game but some of them need to be unlocked.

RBX - a car that changes its top speed depending on the current position in the race. The lower you are in the ranking the faster you can drive.


Tritium - due to its extremely advanced steering and tracking systems this car offers great stability on any curve.


Reczon - extended turbo time and heavy weight make this car a destroyer. Produces one additional turbo charge each lap.


Lightray - its phaser gun is more powerful than others. Generates one additional phaser missile each lap.


Striker - striker’s drain impulse instantly empties all the energy of the target and deals more damage than the basic impulse. Generates one additional drain impulse each lap.

Salamander - mines left by the salamander deal more damage and launch cars higher in the air. Generates one additional mine each lap.


Shark - a high speed car that can outrun almost anything in a straight line.



Each car is equipped with a device that can be used to alter the state of different environment elements. You can open and close electronic gates, lift bridges and control teleport switches. Hacking gives you power to control the whole race. But remember, every pilot can do this, so be smart about how you use it!

In-Game ScreenshotIn-Game Screenshot

In-Game Screenshot

Do you like Dubstep? Turbolink’s exclusive soundtrack will enhance your gaming experience.

Check out the samples on Soundcloud!

We want to bring TurboLink to the following platforms:

We want to be clear with all our future players: no money will be raised during our collective campaign. It will serve only as feedback for us to make the best game that we can. We want to create a unique atmosphere and friendly competition between players just like in: Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Castle Crashers, Crash Team Racing, Bomberman, Crash Bash and others.

Our small studio strongly believes that people should play together sharing the experience with friends. Creating a multiplayer game requires a lot of tweaking, balancing, creativity and feedback. That is why we need you to get involved in our project as soon as possible.

By giving us your vote on Collective you show us that we are going in the right direction!
That's why we ask you: 

Would you like to support this game?

Division Five is an indie studio based in Brazil. We currently have 8 members.

Feel free to contact us! We encourage anyone that likes the game to leave a comment here, on our facebook page or email us!

So if you would like to post anything about TurboLink, we have this presskit to make your life easier:

 Presskit - Download

We are always available for interviews and questions!






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  • AudioTech
    Soundtrack Team AudioTech is responsible for the TurboLink’s soundtrack. It’s an experienced team of sound engineers that has worked on Brazilian movies and commercials for years and now is creating special dubstep songs for TurboLink. Check out a sample of their work!
  • Division Five
    Game Development Team Division Five was founded in October 2014 to bring back casual multiplayer gaming. We think that players need more than just a good game, they need to experience it with their friends and family. For this to happen, we want to bring back multiplayer gaming for the next generation. With the modern graphics and new mechanics but going back to the roots of multiplayer gaming sessions, where you need to play with all your friends in the same room. The studio is based in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Currently, TurboLink is being created by 8 game developers and a lot of alpha testers :D~