Welcome to Phoenix Springs

Welcome to Phoenix Springs

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Marvel at the world of Phoenix Springs, a dark and deeply artistic neo-noir point and click game set in a mysterious oasis.

Phoenix Springs combines classic point and click elements with a strong narrative, including multiple choice options for dialogue and decision making. You play through the story as Iris who is trying to solve the mystery behind a young man she met at a bar, he should be happy in life, he is a young billionaire after all, however a twist of fate arises after she realises that he is spends his time as a recluse from the world and is dying of old age...how?

This is where the story takes a huge mind-bending turn and you are forced to take this journey through Phoenix Springs, a desert oasis with a rather strange community living there. Uncover dark and deadly secrets hidden on the island, hard to imagine and even harder to believe. 

Alongside the mind-boggling story this game also has some very unusual visuals, it blends comic book styles and cell shading together to create a style that is gorgeous with character and charm! If you want to know more about this super cryptic game then head on over to their pitch page now and see, also leave the developers a comment if you have any feedback, they really appreciate it :)  


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