Submissions to re-open in January – with a new process!

Submissions to re-open in January – with a new process!

| By: AmyMarieGraves | 2 comments

As you already know , Collective’s Feedback platform has now closed for 2016, but we’ve already had a stack of requests for more information on when submissions will reopen – so here’s a bit more detail to explain what will be happening in the coming weeks.

First up, we’re *aiming* to reopen on January 3, which is the first day back in the office after New Year for us in the UK. However, this may shift a bit, because we have a major exciting new development that we’re just in testing with…

…in the shape of a new Collective website!

Our good friends at Petrol Advertising have been helping us reshape and redesign our site to ensure it’s more representative of the range of activities we’re involved in nowadays. The current site was created by the excellent Contra team back in 2012-13, but the scope was only intended to include the pitch submission and feedback process.

However, in the past couple of years we’ve grown our Kickstarter support and game publishing services, plus we wanted to find new and better ways to present the work of the teams we partner with and support – so in the past few months a lot of work has been going on in the background to build something new and sparkly.

This has also been an opportunity to tweak the submission process. Since launch, the onus has been on the developers to create the whole pitch, and then for us to give feedback and recommend edits or additions to get the best out of the campaign. But this is a lot of work, and – candidly – we’ve found that teams don’t always listen.

 That’s fine, but in 2016 we published around 45 pitches, but probably received over four times that amount of submissions – so we want to make sure that those projects we’re choosing will be the ones that benefit the most from the Collective Feedback process.

To that end, we’ll only be asking for the campaign building blocks in future – text, images, video links, etc. We’ll be publishing a guide on exactly what we’ll require for a submission – but once you send those to us (full instructions on that process will also be available), we’ll create the campaign pitch for you. We’re keen to maximise the visual impact of projects, since we know this is an absolutely vital factor in the community wanting to find out more about a game, and this will enable us to do that while also bringing a shade more consistency to the platform – but without sacrificing those things which make each pitch individual 

So big changes for 2017 – not to mention many more Kickstarter campaigns (pencil in January 11 as an important date…), more game releases, event appearances and much more besides.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Festive season, and huge thanks (as always) to everybody that’s contributed in any way to helping Collective and the fantastic developers we’ve gotten to know in the past year.

Rest up, eat and drink way too much, and we’ll see you on the other side for a decent diet and exercise regime! xx


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  • MGregory666
    MGregory666 / 4 months ago

    Any updates on when the submission process will be re-opened?

    • AmyMarieGraves
      Admin AmyMarieGraves / 4 months ago

      Submission's should be live now - we are in the process of putting up some blog posts explaining the new process, however there is a PDF download on our about page :)

  • CradleGames
    CradleGames / 5 months ago

    Awesome. Is there any update?