Closing Submissions for 2018

Closing Submissions for 2018

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As we close out the last of the submissions for pitch slots this year, we’re sharing some news about the future of the Collective website.

Since 2014 we’ve posted developer pitches most weeks, and invited the wonderful Square Enix community to feedback on them – the vote, on whether it would be something they’d support in the future, and the comments, to give more details about what they liked, or didn’t like.

In that time, we’ve posted almost 200 pitches, from countries all over the world – with over 100,000 votes cast. It’s led to a number of successful Kickstarter campaigns, and helped games such as Moonlighter, Black The Fall, Oh My Godheads, Moon Hunters, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Children of Zodiarcs and Re:Legend to take their first steps… and all for free.

We’re really proud of that part of our history – but, times change, and so does the videogames industry.

In the past year or so we’ve noticed a significant drop in the amount of interest in voting and commenting on new indie pitches. It’s likely this is down to the sheer number of new games being released every week now – with so much choice, seeking out as-yet-unmade games is inevitably going to be less of a priority.

As we look at how best to use the resources of our small team, we’ve therefore decided to close the Collective pitching platform from the end of this year as we focus even more on the games that we’re publishing as Collective. In fact, we have big news coming up around some future projects soon, but we wanted to share this update as soon as possible in order to make sure nobody was waiting in vain for submissions to open again in 2019.

All that remains is to say a huge thank you to everybody that’s submitted a pitch since 2014; and of course, to every gamer that’s taken the time to vote or comment - or otherwise show your support - on one of the projects we’ve posted. It’s made a difference to a number of teams in that time, and you should be proud of your contribution.


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  • AweKteaM
    AweKteaM / 2 years ago

    Thank you guys for creating Collective! It's kinda bittersweet, because it's a pitty to have entered here as one of the last projects, but at the same time it's awesome. We're glad we've had the opportunity to work with the Collective team, which has been a great experience. We hope to see initiatives as this one in the future. Thanks a lot!