Boundless launch date revealed!

Boundless launch date revealed!

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You may remember last month we announced the signing of Boundless – the epic sandbox subscription-free MMO - on PC to the Square Enix Collective label? Well, we’re now able to reveal that the game (which has been in Early Access for some time) will be launching fully on September 11!

The game will be releasing on both PC and PlayStation 4 with version 1.0 – the culmination of several years’ work by the team at Wonderstruck. One of the coolest things about the game is that all players are based in the same universe, which means that everybody, in every region, play together – no sharding!

For those who are currently playing on PC, there will be a full world wipe coming soon, but if you already have the game you’ll be able to jump in and start building your legacy ahead of full launch. It’s also possible to get in early to the game via PS4 using this handy pre-order link!

There’s more information about Boundless in our previous signing announcement here, and a full FAQ about release plans available on the game’s own forums.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game – let us know if you’re planning to group up and start building universe-impacting settlements!


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