Collective unveils latest signing… and it’s Boundless!

Collective unveils latest signing… and it’s Boundless!

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Here at Square Enix Collective we’re very proud to have worked with a range of talented developers in the past few years – teams from a whole host of countries around the world, working on projects in a diverse array of genres.

Our next signing is on a bit of a different level to many of the projects that you’ve seen so far, and it’s quite ambitious – in fact, it’s a player-generated MMO. And it’s called Boundless.

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks from Wonderstruck, based in Guildford, UK, to provide publishing services for the game’s release on PC. The team will self-publish a PlayStation 4 version as well, and just so you know, players on all platforms will live in the same, single, unsharded universe.

We think that’s pretty cool.

So what do you do in Boundless? Well, that is very much up to you, since it’s definitely on the sandbox end of MMO games. Unlike many other MMOs, there aren’t any NPCs to give you quests, or buy your unwanted loot.

In fact, everything in the game (other than the worlds themselves) is entirely built, crafted, hunted, mined, gathered or traded by players.

And we think *that* is supremely cool.

Because combined with that single universe, it means that whatever you choose to do within the game (trading superiority, martial prowess, unrivalled creativity or the supply line to entire worlds, for example), you do it in full view of everybody that plays the game anywhere in the world, on any platform – which means you can really impact the universe around you.

Of course, you start off with nothing, so it might take some time before you’re the Warden of the biggest city on the most-visited planet across the known universe, but hey – why not aim high?

Travel between worlds is super-slick too. You can either grab a few low-level resources, point your Totem at another planet you can see in the sky, build a portal from a couple of blocks – and step through onto the very point of the planet you just picked. And it’s instantaneous, too. While that method is a quick, one-way trip, there are ways to build permanent portal networks… but that will take a bit more effort!

As you can see from the screens, the game is voxel-based, with plenty of scope to move away from more general cube-based block games – which means creativity is very much off the leash.

And a word on crafting – with the right skills, plus the right materials (either gathered by yourself, or traded from other players) you can build any kind of block, tool, weapon or machine… or, indeed, cook any food or brew any drinks… that exist in the game. It’s a deep, extensive crafting system that’s straightforward for beginners to start working on basic items – but is complex and absorbing as you uncover more difficult-to-make recipes, that require machines and power sources to craft.

Boundless is currently in Early Access on Steam, so bear this in mind – but the full 1.0 release will happen later this year (following a full world wipe, and with a brand spanking new universe that will require everybody who has played the game to-date to start afresh).

We’ve put an unhealthy number of hours into the game here at Collective Towers, and we hope you’ll join us at some point as we all shape our own destinies and decide how we will become truly Boundless!


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  • Drelkag
    Drelkag / 2 years ago

    Been playing the game on and off checking out the frequent updates for the past year. Great foundation and can't wait until the 1.0 launch.

    • AmyMarieGraves
      Admin AmyMarieGraves / 2 years ago

      Neither can we! See you there ;)

  • Dude1923
    Dude1923 / 2 years ago

    errmm... if SE is not buying out Wonderstruck/Boundless then why are you guys even involved? (no offence, just super confused!)

    • AmyMarieGraves
      Admin AmyMarieGraves / 2 years ago

      We are publishing the game on PC :)

  • QuestingKnight
    QuestingKnight / 2 years ago

    Awsome! can't wait for the release!

  • Betulix
    Betulix / 2 years ago

    Bravo!, We look forward to the launch of Boundless 1.0