Cast your vote!

Cast your vote!

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It's June which means we have another round-up of games featured over the past 4 weeks on the feedback platform, simply log in to your Square Enix account and cast a vote! It is a great way for you to be able to have your say and give feedback directly to the developers making these awesome games. 

Firstly we have Darkness of Hope a side-scrolling RPG with heavy focus on story. You play as Eris, a young agent of an organization called Prismatic. Follow her journey to unravel the secret of a legendary garden and seek a way to grant her impossible wish.

The developers have given us some details about the key features of the game: 

Unique Battle System

A story-driven battle system with a combo mechanic inspired by Legend of Legaia. How you fight decides how the story goes. Every battle is meaningful, and you will have to craft a different strategy every time.

Rich Story

As a small indie developer, creating a game with a big scale is still beyond our capabilities. Therefore, we decided to focus on the most important thing that made us love RPGs: the story. We pay attention to small details in the script, music, and animation to serve you a story you will remember.

Dynamic Dialogue Interface

The dialogues in Darkness of Hope: The Pocket Watch have been meticulously handcrafted with animated interface. This is done to ensure that the storytelling--an important part of an RPG--feels a lot livelier.

Unique Environments with Several Puzzles

As the story progresses, Eris will travel to various locations, each with its own unique theme. From ruins to a forest, to secret facilities and underground caves, these environments will affect not only the story, but also the way you play the game!

High Quality Original Soundtrack

The Darkness of Hope pitch page has a lot more information about the game and characters too, head on over and drop them a vote if you like the look of this game! 

Soulgest is a third person adventure game that balance Boss Battles with Survival and Crafting mechanics. As a survivor in a world devastated by mankind you will travel to the farthest lands to keep alive the hope of a new beginning, you will be free to explore an open world and spend your time fishing, hunting and building and upgrading your shelter. Discover the mysteries of the ancient deities or focus on your main missions to find the gods pray for them and take down the giant bosses to rebuild the Stars Route Map.

The developers have also listed some key features of the game which should have you keen to know more; 

  • Open World Exploration (discover the mysteries of the gods of the first men and the fallen constellations)
  • Survival (survive the hunger, thirst and cold)
  • Crafting and Gathering (craft tools, weapons and armor. Logging and mining)
  • Fishing (travel to the lands to find fishing spots and secret fishes)
  • Boss Battles (defeat the giant old kings and take the stars)
  • Hunting (take hunts across the world, animals, creatures and much more)
  • Village Building (craft new tools in your house and merchants in the village)
  • Mounts (find the first mount for each area; camel, horse, deer, goats and more)
  • Farming (plant seeds and general goods to save food, make traps or feed animals)

Does Soulgest interest you? Well you can read more on the developers pitch page now and drop them a vote! 

Flipping Filip is a highly stylized puzzle-adventure game with fully hand-drawn animations. The game follows the story of Filip, a depressed middle-aged man who is suffering from a very strange disorder. He has a superhero inside him, and a sneeze is all it takes for Filip to unwillingly turn into a superhero! Filip struggles to get rid of his other side, so he can peacefully live his lonely life.

Flipping Filip is a very unique game with some key stand out features;

High quality art style

Fully hand-drawn animations

A two sided protagonist who flips into a superhero with a sneeze

Turning into a superhero and use his abilities to solve the puzzles!

Intriguing story and characters

If you're looking to delve into a hand-drawn adventure then head on over to the Flipping Filip pitch page to read more and give the developers some feedback! 

What did you think of the pitches this month? We can't wait to hear what you think of the games and we'll see you next month for more! 


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