Cast your vote!

Cast your vote!

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Welcome to the new Collective monthly blog where we will be featuring the current games going through the feedback phase on the platform.

This month we have two very different games for you to have your say on, in this blog you'll be able to click on the links to the pitches, cast your vote and drop a comment for the developers.


First up we have Project: Longtail which has been made in the spirit of classic 3D platforming games, you play as Longtail who is travelling through mythical dimensions to discover ancient ruins and dormant technology. Watch the gameplay trailer below for a taste of what the game will be!


The developers have listed some of the key gameplay elements of their game too;


  • Movement
    • Project: Longtail is a 3D platformer game and the main focus of the game is on the platforming goodness. The movement is a key focus here. During the game you acquire new skills that expand your movement set and help you move through the world with more speed and agility.
  • Combat
    • Some creatures are corrupted by energy mutations which calls for combat mechanics. You can strike the enemies with your energy abilities.
  • Quests & Missions
    • Quests can be collection of missions or special quests that are given by NPC or by other measures to the player character. Quest always have an objective and they can be completed when objective is done or by returning to the quest giver.
    • Mission are minigames or subquests that can be done in short time.
  • Puzzles
    • There are places called Energy Bastions within the world. These buildings are full of ancient technology. In order to activate the technology you’ll need to solve puzzles.
  • Bosses
    • Boss fights combine all the mechanics in order to bring you a challenging highpoint.


If you want to learn more about Project: Longtail you can head on over to their pitch page here.


We are also featuring Soul Shards, a high intensity card collecting game in which you use your deck to fight in a real time setting. There will be spells flying everywhere so make sure you have yours at the ready! There is a gameplay trailer below which shows off the gameplay.


The developers have gone into some great detail about the lore of the game on their pitch page and also listed the key features.

  • Unique battle system tailored to mix trading card game strategy and first-person perspective.
  • Story Telling spell casting system:  Soul Casters tell their stories as they cast spells.  If they use spells from their own faction (e.g. Guru-Nim uses Ice Void spells) they gain Story Points.  There are powerful spells called Climax Spells that can be cast by paying story points and have dramatic effects based on the accumulated points.
  • More than 200 cards to collect.
    • Each creature card has a fully animated character representation in the real-time combat.
    • Each spell card has a distinctive animated special effect, contributing to the beauty of the battle and to the readability of each combat situation.
    • Collect cards by completing missions through our quest system.
  • Command and Role cards: Give your creatures commands in the battle field, or assign pre-set AI behaviors through Command and Role Spells.
  •  Caster weapons cards:  Enter the fray directly by using caster weapons.
  •  Unique art style.
  • Several game modes to enjoy:  Multiplayer Ranked, Multiplayer Practice, Challenge A Friend, Home Defense, Nightmare, Puzzle and Boss.
  • Full strategy customization through deck building.
  • An ever-increasing set of game mechanics and creature abilities as each expansion/realm is introduced.


If you'd like the look of Soul Shards and want to know more then head on over to their pitch page here and cast your vote.


Thanks for reading and supporting indie developers! 


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