Embark on a silent journey

Embark on a silent journey

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It is Monday, which means just one thing; we have a brand new pitch on Square Enix Collective's feedback platform. As usual you will get a chance to vote on the game for 28 days, have your say as to whether it's a game you would support in the future. You can also leave a comment with your feedback that will allow the developers to see this directly and respond! 

This week we have a JRPG inspired by the classics, embark on a silent adventure through a world infested with demons in Voiceless. 


It has been 10 years since the demon war, The Prince is missing but the world is slowly rebuilding and recovering from its past sins. Sharizaad high priest of the realm has ordered sun shrines to be built around the towns for people to pray. With many finding peace at the shrines, but not everyone is prepared to partake in a new religion. Rumours have it that Sharizaad himself was involved with the demon war all those years ago however these are just rumours with no proof...

One day a new prophecy rises "The Voice" and it challenges Sharizaad. Rumour spread of another conspiracy involving Sharizaad, yet nothing is certain. Among this new prophecy, The Prince has returned and not everyone is convinced this is a miracle, Foxe a self-proclaimed thief extraordinaire takes it upon himself to find out what is really happening...

Key Features

  • JRPG staples - secrets, fire and ice dungeons, caves, airships - but without the fetch quests 
  • Steal stuff - you're playing as a thief, so your time to become the self-proclaimed extraordinaire is now
  • Combat - filled with choices, each hero has different stats and individual roles. 
  • Desperation battle system - as you and your foes are nearing death your attack damage will rise. Do you take the risk and engage in battle? 
  • Over seven towns - you can choose to either explore or exploit these towns

You can read more about Voiceless over on their pitch page where the developer go into detail about the Gameplay, Characters and much more! Do not forget to sign into your Square Enix account to give the game a vote, show your indie support!


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