Assemble your gang of Steampirates

Assemble your gang of Steampirates

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Happy Monday all, we have another game being featured this week on the Collective feedback platform.  Steampirates: Rin’s Story is a turn-based JRPG with management and dating sim elements. 

The story revolves around a world engulfed by wars, corruption and hypocrisy. As one of last beacons of hope within this dystopian world it’ll be up to you and your small band of resistance fighters – known as Steampirates – to help change the direction that it’s heading in. You are the strategist that observed and promoted the ascent of a young lady named Rin Breaker, a legendary pirate boss who has the power of spirit to make this world into a better place.

Gameplay is based around classic turn-based JRPG mechanics:

•        An evolving plotline - The plot of the game will develop with time and will depend on your actions.
•        An interactive world - You can interact with the crew members and guests of Steampirates. If characters have something to say to you, they will be present on the deck.
•        An ever-changing team roster - Characters that join you may take part in events from time to time, and their relations with you will progress over time and with the way you treat them. If you're doing a lousy job, you might even face a betrayal!

If you like Steampirates Rin’s Story you can vote for it or talk to the developers here:


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