Save Tifa from the impending ragnarok!

Save Tifa from the impending ragnarok!

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Collective community, happy Monday! Within this weeks edition of the Collective feedback platform is Sacred Artefacts, a turn-based RPG inspired by Sumerian history, as well as the myths and legends of Atlantis and Hyperborea. 
Sacred Artefacts takes place upon the fantasy world of Tifa, and revolves around the journey of Luke, a confident and enthusiastic adventurer who's following a path he seen within an ancient book when he was young. Along with your magical comrades, Ryan, Venera, and Tanya, you'll explore the deepest dungeons and attempt save the world of Tifa and it's inhabitants from the impending Ragnarok. 

Gameplay within Sacred Artefects revolves around the classic turn-based RPG battle system. Players will have three modes to choose from: towns, dungeons, and battles. Towns allow players to rest, accept quests, and buy and sell items such weapons and artefacts. The dungeons are locations where players can can slay monsters and reap the rewards of the tresure hidden within. The more players advance through the game the more spells and abilities become available, meaning heroes can gain a greater balance of offensive, defensive, support and healing capabilities. 

If you're interested in the fantasy world of Tifa, you can talk to the developers of Sacred Artefacts and vote for it here


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