Repel the alien invasion of 1920's America.

Repel the alien invasion of 1920's America.

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Collective community - another week, another very interesting game for you to feast your eyes upon! Within this weeks edition of the feedback platform we have Timothy vs The Aliens, which is an open-world game that combines platforming, puzzles and a lot of action in a big city.

Timothy vs The Aliens is set within 1920's America when prohibition and gang violence is rife. Despite having been previously forewarned about the forthcoming invasion decades earlier, Timothy has succumbed to a life of crime and excess, leaving him less than adequately prepared when the looming Xenos threat finally arrives. Despite the circumstances, it'll be your task to gather your resources and lead the resistance against the Aliens. 

Gameplay within Timothy vs The Aliens revolves around a number of fun mechanics for players to get lost within. From the large open world environment filled with puzzles, collectibles and combat scenarios to the variety of missions you'll have to complete to keep the Alien invasion at bay, there's something for every type of player to have fun with. 

If you'd like to learn more about Timothy vs The Aliens, then please head over to their pitch page where you can talk directly to the developers and vote to support their title. You can do that here. 


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