Unite Japan in this fantasy action-rpg!

Unite Japan in this fantasy action-rpg!

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Collective community, happy Monday! Within this week's edition of the Collective feedback platform we have Shogun no Kamigami, which is a Third-person action-rpg that takes place within a fantasy-based Feudal Japan.

Shogun no Kamigami is set within a tense period of political unrest in Japanese history known as the 'Sengoku Jidai', where a number of opposing clans fight to unify the country under their own banner. As someone with aspirations to one day lead Japan you'll have to forge alliances, defeat enemies and amass great power to become Shogun of the Japanese realm. 

Imagine Monster Hunter merged with Princess Mononoke, that gives a an accurate depiction of the variety of unique game-play you'll experience within Shogun no Kamigami. From duelling enemies in Katana based combat to casting spells against giant elemental beasts known as Kami, Shogun no Kamigami enables you to play in a way that suits your own individual style. 

If you'd like to learn more about Shogun no Kamigami, then please head over to their pitch page where you can talk directly to the developers and vote to support their title. You can that here


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