Utilise FPS and RTS mechanics to crush your opponents!

Utilise FPS and RTS mechanics to crush your opponents!

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It's Monday, which means one thing - a new addition to the Collective feedback platform. Within this weeks edition we have Eximius, a game that combines tactical first person shooting mechanics with the high level strategic decision-making of a real-time Strategy (RTS) game.

Eximius takes place in a post-apocalyptic world set in a near-future. Surviving nations exist behind large fortified walls as an evolved human kind known as ‘Homo-Eximius’ ravages through the world. Two competing organisation known as  Global Security Force (GSF) and the Axeron Corporation (AXR) are tasked to defend the walls against the mutant threat. 

Gameplay within Eximius revolves around two specific mechanics; first person tactics and real time strategy. Ground soldiers will compete on a team-vs-team basis in order to out-kill their opponents within the arena, whilst strategic commanders plan from above with their ability to launch airstrikes, build base structures, train soldiers, and unlock technology that their team can equip. 

If you'd like to learn more about Eximius, then please head over to their pitch page where you can talk directly to the developers and vote to support their title. You can that here


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