The cow of the apocalypse reigns with terror - will you stop it?

The cow of the apocalypse reigns with terror - will you stop it?

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Happy Monday, Collective community! To brighten up your day we have the very stylish Apocalypse Cow by Monsters which fuses unique storytelling with hardcore arcade and platforming gameplay mechanics. 

Apocalypse Cow is a narrative driven action comedy that borrows modern storytelling from a variety of genres and combines it with the intensity of action that only an arcade game can provide - basically, it's a cinematic arcade platformer.  You'll play as Penny, a young gamewalker with the ability to rupture time, a tool that will be invaluable in your fight against the Cow of the Apocalypse. 

Aside from the hardcore platforming elements of Apocalypse Cow, gameplay also revolves around Penny's ability to rupture time. This ability will be used to freeze time so that you can take on armies on your own thanks to your ability to survive bullets, rockets, lasers... and bad jokes. There is also a 'Granny' mode available for those of you who can't stomach the challenge. 

Local Multiplayer will also be available for those of you with a BFF. This mode will redesign the story levels in a way that they can only be accomplished by teamwork between both players. 

If you'd like to learn more about Apocalypse Cow, then please head over to their pitch page where you can talk directly to the developers and vote to support their title. You can that here


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