Deadbeat Heroes is out now!

Deadbeat Heroes is out now!

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A group of super-villains have taken over London during the cool era of the 1970s and it's up to you - one of the Deadbeat Heroes - to dodge bullets, steal super powers, crack wise and kick-butt. In doing this you'll need to have your wits about you, since as a super hero you’re always in the public eye - so you'll need to create high combos and relish in the applause (and sometimes boos) from the public… who are ALWAYS watching…

The game has been developed by two-man studio Upstream Arcade. A former Lionhead duo, the pair have brought that classic British humour to life in Deadbeat Heroes, with hilarious one-liners and commentary within the game. The visuals are heavily inspired by early 60s/70s super hero comics and TV, so let us know if you can spot the charming Adam West inspiration! 
If you're familiar with London you'll recognise some of the locations, but in Deadbeat Heroes everything is an obstacle - so don't be afraid to throw, smash or punch a goon or two into the charming scenery - top tip: this may also help when trying to beat your friend in getting a high combo chain!
Alongside today's launch we have a brand new trailer to share with you:

You can buy Deadbeat Heroes on Xbox One or Steam now. 


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