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Night is Coming

“Night is Сoming” is a survival, building and development simulation in a fantasy world amplified with a Hero Mode.

Night is Coming
Yes 91% No 9%

Genre: Fantasy, Survival, Building

Developer: Wild Forest Studio

PC Mac


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Platforms: PC Mac

“Night is Сoming” is a survival, building and development simulation in a fantasy world amplified with a Hero Mode.

The player manages the settlement, giving orders to the inhabitants and improving living conditions on various lands (maps).  It is crucial to protect and upgrade the settlers to fight against the disasters and countless monsters, attacking the settlement.

Gradually, the settlers will be moving to other lands to find the answers to how to save the world and new threats coming along with them.

Build and manage your own settlement on different maps in a fantasy world. In the campaign mode your settlers go to the new lands with you. Hero mode allows you to explore the world to find secrets, elemental spirits and skill masters – they will help you improve the settlement and make it stronger. In the Hero mode you also can fight all the monsters by yourself in a top-down view.

Prince Velimir was once a great ruler – strong, strict, but just. He got numerous Carpathian peoples rallied, and founded a principality of an outstanding majesty. The days of prosperity came: the fields were full of crops, and the peasants worked hard and praised Velimir’s wisdom. But a good prosperous life seduces people’s hearts – in some years the citizens and the Prince himself got fed up with simple life pleasures and turned to spicy feelings of idleness and outrage. The sin settled in the Prince’s Palace, flooding it with wine and blood, but Velimir could not be satisfied… Soon, following a travelling sorcerer’s advice, the Prince opened his heart to the Dark. A curse lay upon the principality: long nights and frost came to the Carpathian lands, and the people’s hearts become hollow and ruthless. The nature itself changed – an uprising Blood Moon was turning animal and birds into terrible monsters, and the Prince and his retinue become the Dark servants forever…

After the cataclysm the Carpathian lands drowned in eternal cold night, and the Darkness spread all over the region. Fight to survive, search to get saved, run away to return.

Build and manage

  • Manage your own settlement in a cold region of the Carpathian Mountains: gather resources, provide as many people as you can with food, clothes and shelter.

 Take care and improve

  • Each settler is an individual. Every one of them has his own characteristics, attributes, needs, abilities and skill levels. Also each settler contains a big amount of spirit, which makes one stronger or weaker.

 Fight and protect

  • Gradually decreasing temperature, snowstorms and blizzards, long dark nights will be your opponents in a survival struggle.  And they will not come alone… Every winter the waves of monsters will be stronger, and the darkness will be thicker.

 Prepare for the battle

  • You are Hero, the main character. Train a lot to become stronger, come out to defend the settlement, form your own squad and clear out neighboring areas. Explore the lands to find the answers.


  • Your goal is to survive and find out how to make the things better. No matter how strong you are, eventually you will honorably fall, devoured by a countless mass of monsters… Or you can tactically retreat to more friendly lands to make up another defense strategy.


  • Procedural generation of the maps for each plot branch makes it possible to experience a new game every time you start a campaign.
  • New lands contain lots of ways to improve the settlement, from legendary skill Masters to new elemental powers for the Hero. Grow stronger to fight the merciless winter night!


  • Full life circle world: sunrises and sunsets, birds, fighting beasts, elemental spirits, weather and seasons change.
  • Audio content by the master of instrumental music Alizbar.
  • Picturesque blend of winter snow and campfire light, soaring mountains and starry nights. 

Ambiance – this is the point we work on most attentively, because our audience is picky about the atmosphere alongside the game-play.

Current Demo is in Pre-Alpha version and has all the core mechanics introduced. The settlement simulation is primarily ready and playable

Compared to the existing games of the genre, Night is Coming has wider possibilities of land expansion without losing plot and game progress.  

In case the conditions become unbearable and the settlement cannot survive on the map any longer, the player has to run away to another land. He orders the settlers to gather resources into convoy and the scouts to find ways out of the land, then the Hero leads his people to a new map. Re-locations can lead to different lands and have different requirements, which must be fulfilled to survive such a long trip, otherwise some villagers will be left behind.  

The player can make a relocation order anytime, if the settlement is developed enough and has required amount of resources.
On each map the player will be able to rebuild the abandoned settlement and continue improving the people he got used to. That will help him to feel freedom and experience the whole world of the game.

Wild Forest is a small indie studio trying to raise a good project – true “emotions generator” named “Night is Coming”. We work hard and update the information on the project weekly, so if you want to stay tuned – feel free to follow us on social networks.

To make a good game one must study the audience’s desires and hopes, use the help of gamers. We appreciate any kind of help, either likes or shares, or even a good piece of advice – that’s why we are looking forward to seeing your feedback here on Square Enix Collective. Thanks to everybody, and remember: Night is Coming!

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  • Sergey Kornilov - CEO
    Project manager, producer, Wild Forest team founder and mastermind. Keeps the track of all the development process.
  • Anatoly Malkov - Programmer
    Unity tamer and the team’s pride. Candidate of Engineering Sciences. 6 projects, one of which is Uncertain.
  • Alexey Timakov - Sculptor, 3D Artist
    Artist from Belarus (Minsk), a master of high-quality models; all day and night he’s pumping his skills to scare players with new werewolf species.
  • Veronica Ovchinnikova - 3D Artist
    Super considerate and creative person. Skillful concept, sketch and 3D artist.
  • Sandu Buzgan - FX Artist
    Master in light. Makes beauty out of shadows, light and visual settings tune-up.
  • Dmitry Parfenov - Game designer-engineer.
    Mathematically minded linguist. Works almost from the very beginning of the idea. Flexible. Constantly studying.