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A fast-paced, visually-intensive, neon retro twin-stick space shoot-em-up RPG.

Yes 67% No 33%

Genre: RPG, Twin Stick, Shoot-em-up

Developer: Sleeping Cat Games

PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android


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Platforms: PC Nintendo Mac iOS Android

Fast-paced, retro-inspired twin-stick shoot-em-up action, RPG advancement and customization, and LOADS OF LOOT await in Ultra STARPG™, an epic synthwave adventure!

We’ve amped up the retro genre to the next level, enhancing it with new takes on gameplay design, visual intensity and particle effect upgrades, and an original synthwave soundtrack that make Ultra STARPG™ as fun to watch as it is to play – a barrage of color and sound that matches the pacing and intensity of the gameplay itself!

Made by a team of game industry veterans who believe strongly in the indie scene and are seeking to branch out on our own, Ultra STARPG™ promises intense, action-packed gameplay and an endless supply of new and unique items as you make your way through the game.

Look for us on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and possibly consoles as well by the end of the year!

·        FAST-PACED COMBAT – Ultra STARPG™ draws inspiration from Galaga and bullet hell games, giving you tons of enemies to fight with loads of bullets on the screen!

·        RPG ADVANCEMENT – Unlike bullet hell games, Ultra STARPG™ isn’t a battle of precise timing and dodging. Your ship is powerful, and you can take a lot of damage! And the longer you play, the more powerful you get! But beware, because your enemies will grow in power alongside you!

·        MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY LEVELS – Ultra STARPG™ looks like a bullet hell game, but it’s an RPG. We’re keeping the difficulty approachable for casual players – the game is about having fun, not showing off! But for the hardcore bullet hell fans, we’re throwing in some additional difficulty modes to let you really flex your stuff!

·        STUNNING VISUALS – Seizure warning! Ultra STARPG™ is full of bright, flashy, neon visuals that complement its synthwave soundtrack!

·        LOTS OF VARIETY – See the Key Features section for more, but Ultra STARPG™ is full of variety! 12 unique player ships, thousands of loot drops, and dozens of unique enemy ship types ensure there’s always something new to try!

  • ·        UNIQUE SHIPS – featuring 12 unlockable ships, each with their own unique stats and their own unique ultra skill!

    ·        LOADS OF LOOT – 24 unique weapons, 24 unique defensive items, and thousands of variations of each to keep your power growing and your gameplay fun!

    ·        IMMERSIVE STORY – Embark on story filled with dark humor that takes you on a unique journey through the dimension of UltraSpace

    ·        ADVANCEMENT AND CUSTOMIZATION – Level up, power up your ships, and customize your equipment loadout for the ultimate play experience

    ·        SHIP SYNERGY – Each of your ships provides benefits that can extend to your other ships when you level them up!

    ·        SYNCHRONIZE AND POWER UP – The unique Ultra Sync mechanic gives you the choice in your gameplay between enjoying a passive power bonus, or expending your buff to unleash a powerful Ultra Skill attack!

    ·        LOTS OF ENEMIES – Ultra STARPG™ features a wide variety of unique enemies to keep gameplay interesting and engaging

    ·        KEEP PLAYING – Ultra STARPG™ features challenging game modes that provide multiple ways to interact with the game, even after the story is finished!

You play as ALEx, the Artificial Lifeform Expansion, an artificial intelligence created by the enigmatic Dr. T to pilot ships in the strange dimension of UltraSpace, a plane of reality the where warped laws of physics render human pilots undesirable. With assistance from the cynical and slightly demented SYSTEM, you take on the enemies of the UltraVerse as you try to defend a universe from extradimensional invasion!

Throughout the game, you’ll embark on missions, complete sidequests, and learn about the UltraVerse, your home dimension, and much more as you grow in power and lead the assault against would-be invaders!

Ultra STARPG™ features three main characters:

·        ALEx, or Artificial Lifeform Expansion, the sentient AI character whose role the player takes on

·        Dr. T, ALEx’s mysterious, enigmatic, and somewhat eccentric creator

·        And SYSTEM, the player’s snarky, not-always-helpful assistant, whose apparent glee at seeing the player fail is integral to the story’s humor

In addition to the actual characters in the game, the 12 ships available to the player are practically characters in their own right: each comes with its own unique abilities and its own unique set of weapons and items. These items are normally locked to only the ship that unlocks them, but by advancing that ship far enough, you can unlock the ability to equip those items on any ship you own!

Ultra STARPG™ provides the player with a number of different ways to engage with the game, which are sure to keep things interesting long after the story has been completed:

1.      Story Mode provides the player with a guided, balanced tour through the game, following our story as they fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies and unique bosses that stand in the way of mission success.

2.      Each ship offers a set of Challenge Missions, with goals other than sheer combat prowess to prove your abilities with that ship and its weapons. These challenge missions provide an integral part of the gameplay, as their completion is a necessary component to unlock each ship’s skill tree.

3.      For a never-ending game experience, the Infinity Gate provides players with an endless stream of enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses at steadily increasing difficulty, testing the player’s mettle as they strive to survive for as long as possible before the hordes ultimately wipe them out.

4.      Boss Rush provides an option to up the difficulty scales by challenging an endless stream of mini-bosses and bosses!

5.      Enable Hero of the UltraVerse mode to ramp up the difficulty for the whole game, greatly decreasing the amount of damage your ship can sustain, but trading that in for greatly increased shield recovery and ultra-bar charge speed, letting you use your ultra skill more often. With great difficulty comes ultimate power!

We’re also experimenting with adding additional game modes to the game. We’ll keep players updated if any new modes come into play!

Ultra STARPG™ is confirmed to release on the following platforms:

·        PC (through Steam)

·        Mac OSX (through Steam)

·        Linux (through Steam)

·        Android

·        iOS

We’re also actively investigating releases on:

·        Nintendo Switch

·        Playstation 4

·        Xbox One

You can find our website at, and from there, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on the progress and release plans for Ultra STARPG™!

You can also follow our social media accounts:


As a new studio, what we lack most right now is visibility and community. SEC offers us the chance to reach out to potential fans and start building those relationships with gamers that we want as a studio, as well as to start getting feedback on our game plans and developing a better understanding of what players want and how we can deliver that to them.

Additionally, Collective will help us secure the funding to get our games out to a wider audience through proper marketing channels.

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  • Abraham Perez
    Abe joins Sleeping Cat as our Quality Assurance expert. Another industry veteran, Abe has a QA pedigree that features a long list of successful titles (including Sims 3, Dragon Age, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect, Loadout, Pop Dash, Incorruptibles). At Sleeping Cat, we believe in quality, and we are proud and excited to have someone of Abe's caliber on our team making sure the games we give you are excellent!
  • Brandon Hartle
    The third co-founder of Sleeping Cat Games, Brandon Hartle takes on the critical role of Community Manager, bringing to the company experience working with communities at eBay and Kabam. As of this posting, his work has officially begun, and he’s going to be hard at work keeping the community up-to-date and ensuring your questions are answered! Brandon also provides character art for Ultra STARPG.
  • Brandon Bare
    One of the co-founders of Sleeping Cat Games, Brandon is acting in the role of technical director for the studio, taking leadership on the more complex and time-consuming coding tasks to allow Jaedyn freedom to act as designer. He brings technical expertise from a variety of industry titles, ranging from previous indie projects (Shred Nebula) to AAA titles (Disney Epic Mickey 2, Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate). While his role on Ultra STARPG has been largely a support role, he’s nonetheless a crucial part of Sleeping Cat Games, and is already hard at work building the technology for Sleeping Cat’s next project after Ultra STARPG.
  • Jaedyn Draper
    Jaedyn serves as both creative director and programmer for the studio. With industry experience as a programmer in games ranging from small MMOs (Imperium: Galactic War) to large AAA titles (Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic), Jaedyn brings both creative vision and technical expertise to the team. Ultra STARPG has been primarily Jaedyn’s project, and she’s filled nearly every role on the game: design, programming, art, writing, and music, with supplemental help from some friends and colleagues.