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Deiland is an adventure and RPG game with some special sandbox mechanics: farming, crafting, building, combat and more on PC and PlayStation 4!

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Genre: RPG, Adventure

Developer: Chibig

PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: PlayStation 4 PC

Deiland is an adventure and RPG game with some special sandbox mechanics: farming, crafting, building, combat and more on PC and PlayStation 4!

Deiland is an experience for a single player. It is a calm game, with a carefully crafted visual aspect and an interesting narrative.

The game is inspired by great titles like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. It also has a special connection with the novella "The Little Prince" that takes the iconic image of a lonely child inhabiting a small world.

Deiland is an adventure game that combines RPG and sandbox mechanics. Its simple calm appearance is the result of the effort put into its creation. It seeks to surprise players with small details and an interesting storyline and appealing characters.

Of course, looking after a planet is a lot of hard work, no matter how small that planet may be. There is a lot to do on Deiland: plant trees to get wood and build structures; we need to sow the fields so we can eventually harvest our crops; and even take the sheep for a walk... At the outset there is nothing. Initially with just a tent and players will seek to build a wooden cabin, later extending the property with an oven, a workshop and a laboratory. These will be necessary so we can fashion tools and handcrafted items, to prepare succulent dishes and create magic potions with unexpected effects.

Arco interacts with his environment through the tools he manufactures in his workshop. Each new tool enables new interactions and game mechanics; furthermore, tools can be improved leading to even more advantages. We will have an ax to cut down trees, a hammer to build, a hoe to grow things, a fishing rod and even a magic staff that will help us channel the magic of the Crystal.

There are space traders traveling in the area where our little planet can be found. Soon, players will receive visits. Attracted by the variety of products visitors will negotiate with the players bartering materials and objects that cannot be found on Deiland. 

A long time ago, when the universe was young, children were sent to Minor Planets. Their mission was to awaken the magic of the Crystals kept within the planet's interior.

This is the story of Arco, the youngest of these children who lives on the smallest planet, Deiland. The tiniest of them all.

But it isn't all peace and tranquility on Deiland. A shadow wonders in the absolute darkness of the universe. The shadow speaks through dreams to evil creatures pressing them in to its service, with the sole objective of finding children and their planets and to rob them of their power of the Crystal and subdue them.

-       Deiland is a sandbox planet that you can develop in your own way.

-       Day/night cycle and climate events.

-       More than 50 craft recipes: tools, cooking dishes, hand-craft items and magic potions.

-       12 characters to meet with 100 quests to complete.

-       More than 120 inventory items to manage and trade.

-       Survival mechanics: hunger and fatigue.

-       12 structures to build and 4 house levels.

-       Improve your skills and tools. The game has some RPG mechanics, like character leveling, 4 magic spells to learn and 4 skills to upgrade (strength, intelligence, agility and stamina).

-       Improve your equipment with 7 tools (each with 3 levels).

Our little planet has attracted the attention of some characters who live in nearby locations. Soon they will come to meet us and offer us deals and barter with products that we can not get on our own.

This is how players will meet Mûn, she is a brave explorer who will team up with players to go on adventures. Players will also come across Chef Brram, a cook of the Qüido race who is recognized as master of interstellar gourmet cuisine; or the pirate Goliath, who has a fiery temper and an insatiable hunger.

This is a universe of contrasts, in which different races who combine science and magic coexist. 

We consider illustration, narrative and music essential artistic elements to transmit emotions in a video game. That's why we have worked a lot in the concept phase to design the characters and their spaceships.

The musician Paco Mitos has composed 14 songs to accompany the whole experience of the game.

In addition, we have been lucky enough to count on some compositions by Rafa Giménez, who brings his artistic quality in composition and production to some scenes that convey the peace lifestyle on the planet Deiland.

Deiland is a small living world, where everything evolves according to the actions taken by the player. There are many species of trees, plants, crops and flowers that will make our planet a unique and special place.

In addition to the day/night cycle, natural effects occasionally occur that the player must learn to take advantage of: meteor showers, storms, shooting stars, Aurora Borealis, fires or hurricane winds.

We can also make small constructions that will make our lives easier: bonfires to warm ourselves and illuminate some areas, wells to store rainwater, fencing to protect crops, etc. Little by little we will develop our skill as a builder and extend our cabin, with a workshop, a kitchen and a laboratory.

Deiland is our home, and living on this small planet will be a unique experience for every player.

The game will be released in Steam and PlayStation 4. 

The Chibig studio comprises a small group of people who have worked hard for a year to advance significantly the development of Deiland. You can subscribe to our Kickstarter news in or you can also follow us on our social networks.


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Deiland is a game that is already in a state of advanced development (having already invested more than a year on development). Most of the pictures and videos we have shown are already integrated in the game and we are just a few short months away from finishing the first version of the game.

We want to hear from you. This collective is a splendid opportunity for us to listen to what you have to say that will surely indicate improvements to be made and suggestions for the final version of the game.

The game will be released on PlayStation 4 in the next months, but we would also like to prepare a PC version (by mid 2018) and this is the main reason for our near Kickstarter. Furthermore, we would like to include some stretch goals: more 3D characters, enhancements for Arco, new objects and other locations off the planet that will extend the gaming experience. And also add more languages to the game.

We hope you can give to us feedback about our materials to improve our kickstarter presentation.

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  • Abraham Cózar
    Game designer and developer.
  • Miriam Barea
    Art director, concept artist and illustration.
  • Vicente Molina
    3D Modeler and animator.
  • Paco Mitos
    Music composer