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Force of Guardians

Force of Guardians

Force of Guardians
Yes 64% No 36%

Genre: RPG

Developer: IDFAME

iOS Android


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Platforms: iOS Android

Force of Guardians is a real-time 3 v 3, 5 minutes countdown MOBA game with a charming pixel art style and stunning features.

The magic portal is going to open in autumn 2017. Prepare yourself my friends, fighting for your honor and passion in the world of Sithdoth.

It’s a beautiful 2D pixel art graphic game and unlike other MOBAs, this one is intended to play on the go. 

The core idea behind Force of Guardians is that the design is a fair competitive MOBA game for all players. Players should only rely on their consciousness, specific weapon system and game control to win the game. Totally inspired by the rogue-like mechanics during the battle, a lot of random elements will also make the game more interesting and balanced. 

Sithdoth is completely symmetrical to both blue and red camps, our final goal is to destroy opponent’s crystal, but there is something which more interesting, two neutral towers that don’t attack but CAN be occupied. Once occupied it will send double the amount of minions to attack enemies crystals. 

Compared with current mainstream MOBA games, common settings for each champion are 3 to 4 skills. However, We do 8+, we have a rotating skill mechanism, and we designed this to show rouge-like elements within our game. Four skills will be randomly chosen and a new skill will auto replace a used one. This innovation truly increases the diversity for game-play and strategy for high-level players. The main mechanism of the Force of Guardians is to encourage players to use more skills.

During the battle, buff will be rewarded to the players per kill, buff will not disappear unless death. Upon dying, all the buffs will be removed, another 7 seconds resurrection will be counted. The point is that half of your buff will transfer to your opponent when you die. Besides, our buffing is not like true damage or increase. 

Last but not the least, we have more features for you to figure out, the whole game session is 5 minutes fixed time+ 1-minute extra-time death mode. portrait screen; one hand easy play; multiple weapons design; 15 champions with individual skins; live stream, unions, mysterious shop, 10 players battle-royal, 3 v 3 Ludicrous mode are still in development.

Our game concept “more fun, less time.”

Through the words of the wise, the tales of Force of guardians are being told.

Once open the time, the wars between gods almost tore the universe. Before the dawn rises, wills of Light and Dark were separated apart from “the Gods world”, deprived all Gods energy and powers. In the end the Gods fell from the sky. Therefore, there are no more gods in the universe. Wills of the universe built the specific inter-space, “Sithdoth”, to avoid more damage and disputes from the original universe. 

Through the power of crystals, the brave warriors from all part of the dimensions will always fight for Sithdoth. At the end of the seasons, the strongest winners will open Zyira, the door of Destiny, and win the blessng from wills of light and dark. Then they can go back to their own worlds and become the force of guardians.

Rotating Skill Mechanism
Rotating Skill Mechanism is kind of core element in FoG. Each character has 8 basic skills, they will be put in a skill pool. Every time you start one game, you will randomly  be assigned 4 skills. They will be shown as skill cards in the game and you can drag tab and release. After using one skill, it will put into the skill pool and another one will be assigned to you. 

Weapon Forge
After each battle, materials or drawings will be randomly awarded to each player, players can use them to build their own weapons, or smelt them to gain other materials. The interesting thing is, some weapons will modify part of champion’s original 8 skills, some weapons can award you one more basic skill. After equipping a weapon there will be dramatic changes in the way your champion plays and looks, which is adorable for such kind of rouge like games.

Simple to play
One hand can do all the control on FOG, including move, cast skill, etc. 
During the battle, There is no any grades or purchases.

Fast pace
One game period is divided into two parts. The standard mode will end when either sides main tower destroyed or the game reaches 5 minutes. If one game is not finished in 5 minutes the death mode will begin. In this mode the resurrection function will be canceled, this mode will last for maximum 1 minute. 

The Neutral towers in FOG are entirely different than any other MOBA game in the market, they will send a group of minions to attack each main tower once they have been occupied by a side. If one side takes control of tower it will send double the amount of minions to attack the enemies main tower, and after each neutral tower has been occupied 2 corresponding NPC recruit points will be opened. Each character can only be assisted by one NPC each time.

We truly believe besides fascinating game play core design, ART and Sound are always the most important pillars that construct a great game.

The best artists in their area are invited to this project to design maps, characters, weapons, and skins. Its our pleasure to invite an Italy Musician to composite BGM, who have lots experience on movies soundtrack!

Have fun with online opponents, friends, and families.

3v3 Online mode, ranking system, Insane mode. and Bluetooth function.

We would like to release the game on both IOS and Android play store, with an estimated release date, autumn of 2017.

Checking us out on:

Twitter: @foguardians

Facebook: @forceofguardians



Square Enix Collective is the perfect platform we are looking for, the games passion and the smart strategy to the live project can truly help a lot to the indie game makers. Moreover, Collective can not only increase the quality of our game but also bring more attention and feedback to us.

We would like to know whether we keep taking the right path, are players be interested in our game? And what we can do to make it better.

Last but not the least, its our honor to share FOG game world structure and stories on Square-Enix Collective.

Additionally, Tokyo Game Show (24th Sept.) is our next milestone, looking forward to seeing you there. 

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