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Challengers of Khalea

In the magical land of Khalea, heroes are in no short supply. Alas, there is a woeful shortage of dragons to slay, or princesses to rescue

Challengers of Khalea
Yes 73% No 27%

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Dreamloop Games

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC

In the magical land of Khalea, heroes are in no short supply. Alas, there is a woeful shortage of dragons to slay, or princesses to rescue. Thus, the heroes of Khalea find their adventures on the fields of Arenas across the land, in battles waged for the spectacle of common folk and nobles alike. Those hungry for adventure sell their swords on the open market, joining promising teams in exchange for a chance at coin and fame. Tides of townsfolk flock to the Arenas to free themselves from the drudgery of the mundane, and to watch their favorite teams of fearless fighters pit themselves against one another in epic battles for glory, riches, and the hearts of legions of fans.


Beyond the arena walls toils another class of hero, busy banging dents from armor, mending bruises and broken bones, or teaching and training the newest recruits. These often forgotten heroes are the backbone of every team. Fighters move on, and contracts expire but these hardworking individuals remain, paving the path to glory for their warriors.



Challengers of Khalea is a tactical RPG, with deep management and strategy elements. It can be likened to:

      The Banner Saga meets Football Manager

      XCOM meets Pillars of Eternity

      Baldur’s Gate meets Blood Bowl

 Challengers of Khalea is currently in development by Tampere, Finland-based studio Dreamloop Games. It is anticipated that Challengers of Khalea will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/Linux/Mac devices via Steam.

Challengers of Khalea is the tale of a band of misfits - near strangers, brought together by chance to manage a team of Arena fighters and fight their way to the Khalean Cup in the storybook-esque realm of Khalea. You are the team’s manager, a young Perkerian, thrust into the world of Arena Fighting by the drunken mischief of your reckless best friend, Jade. Together, you and your staff travel the realm of Khalea on the challenger’s circuit, getting to know them and their stories as you lead your team to the Championship! As you explore the realm, you will encounter fantastic locations, intriguing characters, and exciting events in the Terry Pratchett-esque world of Khalea.

Negotiate Warrior Contracts
Arena Fighters in Khalea sell their skills with arms on the open market. As a team manager you must negotiate contracts for warriors. The reputation of your team, the skill of your staff, the length of your offered contract, and of course the amount of coin on the table all factor into the attractiveness of your offer.

Manage Your Team
As you roam the realm of Khalea, you will manage the staff of your team. You'll instruct them to train your warriors, take care of their equipment, tend to their physical condition, and outfit them for battle. As the game progresses, you will get to know your staff on a personal level; each has their own unique personality and ambitions, and will develop as characters based on how you interact with them.

Train Your Warriors
Assign each of your warriors a class, providing them a selection of unique abilities to tailor a team fit for any possible scenario. No two warriors will be identical - customizing from a wide range of class abilities means you can fine tune to create your own style.

Infantry Classes


Agile fighters clad in light armor, Flankers are opportunists that are not above attacking enemies from behind or using poison. 

Specializing in breaking enemy ranks and countering their blows, Brawlers are always found in the front lines of every battle.

Hulking masses of heavy armor and often wielding a shield, Wardens specialize in protecting the more vulnerable members of your team.


Specialist Classes

The epitome of travelling knights in shiny armor, Lancers are experts of area control, utilizing their superior reach with brutal efficiency. 


Swift as the wind, yet deadly in equal measure, Rangers rely on mobility and range to outmaneuver their opponents. 


Capable of taking down weaker opponents with a single, well-placed bolt from their massive crossbows, Arbalests are the undisputed masters of long-range combat. 


Both mysterious and revered, Alchemists are capable of unleashing arcane concoctions from their cauldrons, both to aid their allies and hinder their foes.

Enter The Arena
When your team is trained and outfitted, you will guide them in combat in the Arenas of Khalea. Put your tactical expertise to the test in turn-based Arena matches - fight for glory and the gold needed to sustain your fledgling team on your path to becoming champions. Challengers of Khalea’s turn-based arena combat will be the culmination point of your careful planning and cunningly crafted strategies.


Explore the Realm of Khalea
Your adventures will find you spirited across the storybook realm of Khalea - a charming magical land, home to fantastic creatures all bound by mutual love for the exciting combat sport of Arena fighting. Through the tale woven into the fabric of Challengers of Khalea, you will uncover a fabled world of wonder, and perhaps even shape its future forever...

In Challengers of Khalea, you will explore the realm, manage your team, and control your fighters in tactical turn-based combat. Some key features include:


      Purchase warrior contracts from a variety of Warrior Markets around the realm of Khalea

      Manage your staff to equip and train your warriors, as well as to keep them in top physical condition

      Experiment with and tailor your team’s composition and abilities to perfectly fit your strategies

      Engage in visceral and cerebral turn-based combat in the Arenas of Khalea

      Explore a charming storybook world filled with fascinating characters and intriguing locales

Coach Ryker
Ryker is a former gladiator turned barkeep. After his involvement in a tragic accident, he entered into self-imposed exile - vowing to spend his days tending to his countryside inn. He has come out of his retirement to keep your team from what he believes to be certain failure. Under his watchful eye, you will shape your team’s tactics on the battlefield. 

Jade, The Scout
Your best friend, the mischievous Perkerian lass Jade, is the reason your team is off on its grand adventure. Her drunken antics resulted in using the last of your coin to register a new arena fighting team with the Guild of Heroes - your team! Her penchant for guile and quick-witted ways make her the perfect Scout for your staff. As your Scout, Jade digs up information on the competition to help you prepare for your matches.

Samessu, The Trainer
Samessu is a cryptic and mysterious Zurahi, that appears to be of a simple-minded nature. For years, he has studied the comings and goings of patrons at the Pretty Pig - Ryker’s tavern in the Perkerian town of Quarry. He reveals to you a certain aptitude for training warriors (though it is not immediately clear how he has obtained this knowledge), and insists on joining you to teach your warriors in the ways of combat. 

Nicholas, the Medic
Nicholas is a Kritan Royal Academy dropout with a shady reputation, he is largely suspected to be supplying Kritan soldiers with contraband while he lays low in the small village of Quarry. When he spots an opportunity to get back into society under the guise and protection the status of being an Arena Fighting team staff member offers, he jumps at it, and joins your team as medic.

Naileen, the Masseur
Naileen is a Vathosi masseuse, skilled in the healing arts of massage. She is of dour disposition, and is quick with a sarcastic quip - frequently preferring the company of a wineskin to that of her companions. When she sees an opportunity to get back on the road after time spent in the backwater village of Quarry, she offers her services in exchange for coin and passage on your team’s barge.

Grunt, the Quartermaster
Grunt is a rough and rowdy, peg-legged Makapoa tribesman. He also happens to be one of the most skilled smiths that Quarry has ever known. After finding his fascination with mainland culture unfulfilled in the backwater town of Quarry, he seeks the excitement of travel, and sells his services as your traveling quartermaster. He relishes the opportunity to work on swords and armor, rather than the usual plows and spades.

Why Square Enix Collective?

At this point in our development, the most important thing we can get (outside of the support of the gaming community and publishing partners) is thoughtful, constructive feedback. With the feedback Square Enix Collective makes possible, we can shape Challengers of Khalea into a game that the community will love and embrace for years to come. Don’t be shy. Tell us what you think, and how we can improve, and we’ll do our best to make Challengers of Khalea your next favorite tactical RPG!

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  • Tommi Vikstedt, Assistant
    A business intern, who is incredibly passionate about video games and the video game industry. With ongoing degree studies in international business and hunger to learn game design, Tommi is helping out Joni, the CEO, in the day-to-day management in the office, occasionally harassing the people at the office to mark their hours and posting some memes in the company slack. When not at work, Tommi spends time playing games on PC and PS4, writing story concepts, shooting video and enjoying movies and television series.
  • Eero Lamminmäki, Junior Game Designer
    This quiet introvert and game designer is passionate about video game development and always eager to learn more about the industry and development processes. He has a degree in Interactive Technology and studies design, usability and user experience in his Master’s program. During his free time Eero spends lot of time playing large variety of games, writing stories, watching movies and television series, enjoys music from heavy metal to jazz and more experimental electronic music.
  • Olli Ketonen, Sound Designer
    Having studied his B.A in music production and being a classically trained cellist, this sound guy has the expertise and understanding to work in the field of game sound design as well as composing. Before Challengers of Khalea, he has been affiliated with titles such as Outer Pioneer, Stardust Galaxy Warriors, and Angry Birds Seasons. Taking pride in the line of work, Olli has a tremendous attention to detail in all the bleeps and bloops he produces, and is always interested in honing his technical skills even further. In his free time, in addition to playing the cello for 16 years, he also produces totally sick electronic music under the alias Ketonen.
  • Eero Leppäniemi, Designer
    Eero works as a Junior Designer at Dreamloop Games. He also makes playtests, writes down crucial information, and sometimes comes up with a little code. He likes to read, write, think, calculate, write again, discuss, argue, accept, and then start the whole chain all over again. Besides designing, Eero uses his spare time to play games (preferring board and card games to virtual ones), and, whenever Finnish winter allows it, you can probably find him Snowboarding.
  • Juha Saanio, 2D/3D Artist
    When this mystic man from afar is not trying to fit Bravestarr references into his bio, he works for Dreamloop Games as a 2D and 3D artist. He began his journey into the world of art as a hobbyist and it stuck with him through the years. When he is not doodling or bending pixels, he enjoys games on his 3DS.
  • Alisa Komendova, Marketing Aid
    Alisa brings to the team the combined power of business knowledge and visual know-how. Her talents and skills in photography and video production take the Dreamloop team out to the world of social media in a fabulous fashion. She can be rarely seen without her camera as she spends most of her free time documenting concerts, events, and all the beautiful people out there. But when she occasionally puts her camera down, it is to grab a mouse and keyboard to save a galaxy or two, or live up to her honorary status as the team’s Cake Designer.
  • Andy Heinrich, Animator
    This culturally undefined man goes by the names Andy or Red, and in Dreamloop Games he is the one responsible for the animation of the warriors. With a huge passion for the designs of enemy characters and monstrosities, he proclaimed himself to be the “beast keeper”, and attempts to make the creatures move as plausibly as possible. He spends his spare time predominantly in two-dimensional art and appreciation of instrumental music as well as natural and industrial soundscapes.
  • Atso Sariola, Programmer
    Atso is a programmer with skills ranging from Commodore 64 assembly coding to skydiving - this guy is a true jack of all trades. Just don't let him near the artists' workspace. On his free time, Atso prefers to keep his mind occupied by studying Bayesian rationality and tasting Islay whiskies.
  • Essi Suurkukka, Programmer
    Essi is an experienced programmer with special interest in gameplay and UI programming. Essi has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and enjoys new challenges and getting things done. On her free-time she plays badminton and watches lots of movies.
  • Kimmo Kaisla, Lead Programmer
    Kimmo is the programming lead at Dreamloop Games. When not busy ordering others around he works behind the scenes on the game’s systems and framework. He has 4 years of experience in game development and has published games on pc, console and mobile platforms, latest being Stardust Galaxy Warriors on Xbox One/PS4.
  • Szabolcs “Szabi” Saros, 3D and Animation Leadi
    Szabi has 4 years experience in creating 3D game art, including modeling, character rigs and animation. He calls himself a self-taught artist but is on the cusp of finishing as a Bachelors in Arts, where he learned the basic principles of the profession. He is proud member of Dreamloop Games and considers shipping Stardust Galaxy Warriors as his biggest achievement thus far. Szabi is constantly trying to find ways to improve the quality, efficiency and usability of his works. His work and passion are one in the same.
  • Hannes Väisänen, CTO
    At Dreamloop Games, Hannes is working as Jack-Of-All-Arts. Hannes is a highly proficient and respected Technical 3D Artist, especially interested in shader and pipeline development and Unity-related technical troubleshooting. As a long-time enthusiastic hobby developer, Hannes has been involved in multiple high-profile game modification projects. Hannes spends all his rare free time playing games.
  • Ville Kaunisto, Technical Artist
    Hailing from the small (yet notorious) town of Forssa in southern Finland, Ville takes pride in having at least some experience in all areas of indie game development. Having dabbled in the art of making videogames since early childhood, Ville reached one if his lifetime goals in designing and subsequently releasing Stardust Galaxy Warriors on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Due to his strong sense of morality, Ville often prefers the ethical choice over the profitable one to the point of potentially being incapable of making any money whatsoever, and thus relying on the more business-oriented people in Dreamloop to take care of matters of finance. Ville is a big fan of trailer- and electronic music, and simply won’t shut up about superhero comics either. He is known to be loud and merry while intoxicated, which happens with alarming frequency.
  • Teemu Norvasto, Lead Artist
    Born and raised in Tampere, Finland, Teemu has a handful of years of experience in the game industry. His primary focus when starting was concept art and illustration for games but after joining up with his friends to create Stardust Galaxy Warriors he has expanded his skillset to also include 3D modeling, texturing, and level design. Currently Teemu is working as Lead Artist at Dreamloop Games. In his freetime, Teemu enjoys developing his skills as an artist and collecting and painting miniatures.
  • Steve Stewart, Head of Communications
    Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve is a proud U.S. Navy veteran, and a joke-telling, whiskey-drinkin’, son of a gun. Due to his boisterous nature and affinity for celebration, he has been described as “Dreamloop’s very own Robert Baratheon”. Steve is immensely intrigued by all things space, technology, or science fiction related. In his spare time, he maintains a fond affinity for gaming, mixed martial arts, and craft beer.
  • Joni Lappalainen
    CEO When not needed as a game designer or programmer, Joni is the CEO of Dreamloop Games. Joni has a degree in Game Programming and in Business Information Technology, but the bulk of his experience comes in the form of leadership and project management. When not orchestrating development at the office, Joni can be found playing basketball, Xbox or doing his duties for local IGDA hub.