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Ary and the secret of seasons

Ary and the secret of seasons is an adventure game introducing the possibility to navigate between all the seasons at once.

Ary and the secret of seasons
Yes 86% No 14%

Genre: Action

Developer: Exiin

Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC


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Platforms: Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC

Ary and the secret of seasons is an adventure game introducing the possibility to navigate between all the seasons at once.


You will follow the journey of Ary across the world of Valdi. This young girl will join the guardians of seasons, an old organization that will teach her to use the powers of seasons.


With her new power, Ary will be able to open multiple season spheres wherever and whenever she wants.


Season spheres are changing the season locally, allowing Ary to have 4 seasons side by sides.


It opens an incredible range of possibilities for amazing environmental puzzles, innovative gameplay and interesting combats.

The world of Valdi is divided into four regions, and each of these regions has a specific climate relative to one of the four seasons. 1000 years ago, the balance and peace of Valdi was threatened by an evil mage. The mage was eventually defeated by a legendary warrior. The legendary warrior then sealed the mage inside the tomb placed in the very heart of the dome of seasons.


To protect this dome, the guardians of seasons were formed. Each guardian owns a medallion that provides them with the power to control one season.


For generations, guardians of seasons passed their knowledge from father to son. Unfortunately, a tragic accident took the life of the son of the current guardian of winter. Ary, the younger daughter taking her dead brother’s place, finds herself propelled in an adventure that she would never have imagined. For the first time in centuries, a girl has become the new guardian of winter.

The game is split into 3 main different gameplays:  Exploring (walking, climbing, swimming), Solving puzzles and Fighting

As we didn’t want the seasons to be just a gimmick, each of these 3 types of gameplay has interactions with season sphere, and sometimes they are mixed together.

▶ See it in motion:

▶ Black crystals in video:

▶ Fighting with seasons:



She is the daughter of Gwenn, theGuardian of Winter.


Her brother was supposed to replaceher father and become the next Guardian of Winter, but unfortunate events madeher as the only available option.


She’s the first girl to join theGuardians of Seasons. Everybody calls herAry.

The Guardians of seasons

Dagdann, Brynn and Luchtann are theguardians of seasons. Every year, they meet in the dome of seasons to reinforcethe seal that protects the world of Valdi.


Over the centuries, the beliefs aboutthe legend of the evil mage has faded away, and no one believed about theguardian’s duty anymore.


But Ary will join, and give a freshbreath to that wobbly team.


The Prince

Prince Crocus is living in Lutece’sCastle in the region of spring.  One of the most beloved princes in the kingdom. He’s beautiful, Intelligent,courageous, strong and incredibly rich.

Exiin ( is a small indie game company based in Brussels, Belgium. Our games are directed toward all audiences with a big accent on user experience and innovative concepts.


Since June 2016, we’re developing our new IP called Ary, the first game is “the secret of seasons”.


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We’re just two people full-time developing the game, and with the help of the square enix collective, we could benefit from their experience of running kickstarters campaigns or having a wider audience on social networks.

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  • Kwanbo Kim
    3D/ Art direction Kwanbo recently joined and is making the arts of Ary and the secret of seasons. His main focus is “how the game looks”.
  • Sebastien Le Touze
    Founder and Game Designer. Sebastian started in 2002 as a 3d artist, but now he is doing everything but 3d/2d art. With a solid background in marketing and user experience. His main focus is on the player and “how the game feels like”.
  • Pablo Schwilden Diaz (Sonicville360)
    Sound designer He’s in charge of the sound design and direct our composer Marcus Hedges for our original soundtrack. His main focus is “how the game sounds”.