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Challengers of Khalea

Studio: Dreamloop Games

Yes 73% No 27%
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In the magical land of Khalea, heroes are in no short supply. Alas, there is a woeful shortage of dragons to slay, or princesses to rescue

Ary and the secret of seasons

Studio: Exiin

Yes 86% No 14%
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Ary and the secret of seasons is an adventure game introducing the possibility to navigate between all the seasons at once.

Planet Apolion

Studio: Apolion Team

Yes 91% No 9%
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Planet Apolion is a game which combines classic shoot 'em up mechanics with elements of adventure, exploration and RPG.

Fort Triumph

Studio: Fort Triumph

Yes 86% No 14%
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Welcome to Fort Triumph, a Tactics game in a Fantasy world. Fort Triumph emphasizes the use of Environmental Interactions to support rich, challenging and rewarding tactical gameplay.


Studio: Moonycat Entertainment

Yes 88% No 12%
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Metaphora is a big adventure game. Light the past, seed the present, blossom the future.


Studio: Oakmoss-Games

Yes 53% No 47%
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FRAKAS is an online PvP fighting game. Choose among 30+ characters and win by knocking your opponents’ teeth out!