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Studio: Magnus Games

Yes 99% No 1%
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Re:Legend is a monster raising focused JRPG with features such as farming, fishing, crafting, village building, multiplayer and more on PC!


Studio: Stunmason Games

Yes 79% No 21%
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With a sleek and gorgeous hand drawn style, Starflint is an authentic and beautiful cartoon-style point and click adventure game.

Guilt Battle Arena

Studio: Invincible Cat

Yes 69% No 31%
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A game about shooting your friends with only one bullet!

Rise of Titans

Studio: GiantFox Studios

Yes 49% No 51%
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Rise of Titans is an online multiplayer Trading Card Game carried out on an interactive 3D battlefield that changes with your actions.


Studio: Breadcrumbs

Yes 92% No 8%
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Yaga is an Action RPG with a charming narrative that adapts to your choices, exploring the enchanted world of slavic culture and folklore.

Challengers of Khalea

Studio: Dreamloop Games

Yes 73% No 27%
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In the magical land of Khalea, heroes are in no short supply. Alas, there is a woeful shortage of dragons to slay, or princesses to rescue