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Studio: Moonycat Entertainment

Yes 88% No 12%
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Metaphora is a big adventure game. Light the past, seed the present, blossom the future.


Studio: Oakmoss-Games

Yes 53% No 47%
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FRAKAS is an online PvP fighting game. Choose among 30+ characters and win by knocking your opponents’ teeth out!

Die for Valhalla!

Studio: Monster Couch

Yes 61% No 39%
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Rogue-lite beat ‘em up where you take up the role of a Valkyrie and go to battle to make a difference.


Studio: MyNextGames

Yes 79% No 21%
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Soulblight is a dark, top­down roguelike built around the literal meaning of RPG


Studio: Twirlbound

Yes 96% No 4%
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Pine is a 3D action adventure game that adapts to how you play, through advanced artificial intelligence and an intricate game ecology.

Fantasy Conquest Tactics

Studio: Explosive LLC

Yes 70% No 30%
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Advance Wars meets Final Fantasy Tactics in this colorful, quirky tactical strategy game of kingdom conquest and domination!