Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not. Sometimes, if an idea is supported by the community, we may offer to support the project through crowdfunding as well, via Kickstarter. Essentially, we’re trying to help small teams build awareness of their ideas, and ultimately self-publish.


Square Enix Collective has been created to act as a service provider for indie developers, either through helping to build community, or with support for releasing games. Regardless of which services we work with you on, you will always retain your own IP, as well as creative control over your projects – and at each stage it’s up to you if you want to continue to work with us in the future.

So we’re trying to help – and we’d love you to join us. Every week we post a new pitch to the Collective website from a developer somewhere around the world. These teams are looking for expert gamers (like you!) to look over their projects and give feedback on what works, and what doesn’t – and even an indication of whether or not you’d back the game if it went to Kickstarter, or if you'd consider buying the game when it releases.

Developers can use this feedback as a guide to understand the potential interest in their project, and get an early steer on which parts of the game's design work, or which might need some tweaking. It's a great way to get involved in the game creation process; your voice could be very influential, and make a big difference to an up-and-coming team! If you have any questions, your feedback and opinions are very important, so please get in touch!

With more games being released each year than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for indie developers to share their new and innovative game ideas with the wider gaming community. We created Square Enix Collective to help shine a spotlight on new talent and fresh ideas; to support greater creativity and a wider, more diverse range of emotions, perspectives and experiences in videogames. We believe supporting indie developers is vital to the future health of the videogames industry.

So we’re trying to help – and we’d love you to join us. Every week we post a new pitch to the Collective website from a developer somewhere around the world and invite expert gamers from our community to check them out, give feedback and tell you if they'd support the project in the future.

If the community really likes the look of a pitch, they'll indicate their intention to offer ongoing support with a positive vote. For more detail, they'll often post questions about things they don't fully understand, or comments about the elements they like the most - so you can gauge what's really resonating, or what might need a bit more explanation.

In addition to building more visibility for indie games through the Collective feedback platform, and sometimes supporting indie developers through their Kickstarter campaigns (when we have capacity to do so), we also publish a number of indie games via Square Enix Collective each year. Some may have come through the feedback platform, but we’re also open to working with studios that we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet. Make sure to come back every week to check out a fresh, new indie game pitch; and make your voice heard!


What is collective?

Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not. If an idea is supported by the community, we may sometimes offer to support the project through crowdfunding as well, via Kickstarter (dependent on capacity). Essentially, we’re trying to help small teams build awareness of their ideas, and ultimately self-publish – while retaining IP and full creative control.

How do i submit to collective?

Submissions to Collective open on the 20th of each month (or the next working day if that falls on a weekend or UK public holiday) and pitches submitted will be considered for the following month's slots. The number of slots available is equal to the number of Mondays in the following month; the last pitch in a calender year will be published in mid-November, as we're unable to effectively support campaigns over the Christmas period. Submissions will remain open for a minimum of 48 hours, and successful applicants will be notified within one week.

To submit a pitch, when the submission window is open, please log in and then submit your game pitch below.

Please contact us with any questions at

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You may make updates to your pitch at anytime. Please log in and use the tools below to submit revised assets and/or text to Collective with instructions on what you would like to update. Updates may take 72 hours to complete before they go live on the website. See an example of a developer update here.

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This is your chance to shape games development and champion ideas that you'd like to become reality. The rise of crowdfunding platforms have pushed the concept of gamer choice to a new level, and Collective allows you to use your voice – but with the reassurance that before a project goes through to the funding stage, it'll be checked and helped by our team to confirm that the scope of the pitch is in line with the team's ability and ambition to create, as well as utilising our experience of game production to ensure realistic budgeting plans.

When a pitch goes live, you'll have 28 days to decide if you think it'll make a good game, and get involved in the feedback process. Then, if that idea receives enough support, we'll check it out – and if we have capacity, we may be able to help them through crowdfunding via Kickstarter by building awareness of the campaign.

The concept for the way that Collective works has been shaped by feedback from the development community since May 2013, but we need constant feedback to make sure that we have the best process possible – so send questions and opinions to us direct.


Get your game ideas out there – showcase your project pitches to a dedicated, core gaming community and get feedback on your plans. Talk directly to the people who could be the ones to fund or buy your game, and start building momentum behind your game idea.

Square Enix Collective supports indie developers in three different ways: Feedback, Funding and Distribution – although they're not all necessarily linked. Plus, it’s important to understand that you’ll always retain IP and complete creative control over your projects, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to work with us.

To help build community around an idea, we have the Feedback phase. This is your chance to showcase your project to the Square Enix community, via a pitch on the Collective website. Once you submit your assets, if your project is chosen to be featured (please check the full terms and conditions), we’ll help promote your game concept to our community via our various publisher channels. This phase is free, and lasts for 28 days, with a maximum of one new project published to the platform each Monday.

During the campaign, gamers will be asked to vote on whether or not they would support your project in the future, and also encouraged to leave feedback via the comments section. It’s important that you use this Feedback phase as a time to build your own social channels or mailing lists, and as a practice for future communication plans - eg a crowdfunding campaign. Use the pitch page to promote your game to the public as much as possible! Check out the general guidelines for developers going through the Feedback phase for some tips and suggestions.

Once the Feedback phase ends, if it's clear that the community supports your idea, we may be able to support a project through its Kickstarter campaign. This is dependent on scheduling and capacity, so please check with us before submitting a pitch if this is a route you'd be relying on. If we do have capacity, and accept your request, we can help your campaign with due diligence and marketing via our email network, press contacts and social channels.

Before a Kickstarter campaign can be supported, we’ll conduct a Team Assessment with our experienced senior development staff to ensure that we’re confident you have the capability of creating the game you say you want to; and once you pass we’ll work with you on a campaign launch date.

If for any reason you don't make it through the Team Assessment, we'll give you feedback on why, or what you might need to add – so whatever happens you get something you can work with.

And then it’s into the Funding phase, when we’ll continue to help drive awareness of your campaign as a ‘Square Enix Approved’ project. At the end of the campaign, if you hit or exceed your initial funding target, we’ll ask for 5% of the net funds raised (ie, the amount you receive from Kickstarter after fees are deducted). This isn’t because we’re trying to use crowdfunding to make money, but it does help us to cover our costs and keep the initial Feedback phase free for everybody. If you don’t hit your target, no fee is payable.

If you’re successful, we may also offer to help distribute your game, which involves getting your game onto PC digital platforms, helping with QA and managing the sales administration.

We're also always open to discussing marketing and distribution support for projects that are already funded via other means; and occasionally we may be able to invest into production.

If this is something you'd like to discuss further, or if you have any questions or feedback, let us know.


Phil Elliott

Phil Elliott

Head of Indie Development

Phil created the concept for Square Enix Collective in 2013, and has spent the last few years building it up from scratch to offer a range of services for indie developers around the world. He's often seen at various developer conferences or industry events throughout the year, and also runs the Community team for Square Enix projects based in London. Prior to joining Square Enix, Phil ran for four years, with stints at GameSpot and BBC 5Live before that.

Amy Graves

Amy Graves

Communications Manager

Amy has a huge love for games and the community behind it. Her passion for the indie development scene inspired her to help small teams build an audience via Square Enix Collective, where she's a core member of the team. Amy enjoys spending time providing feedback and assistance to developers and studios looking to stand out from the crowd, and she may or may not be known for her overuse of gifs on social media.

Before moving into the games industry she was part of the distribution team for Universal Pictures in London, then she took her hobby forward and joined the community and PR team at UK indie publisher Curve Digital before moving to Square Enix.

Teressa Wright

Teressa Wright


Teressa is a Scottish/Kiwi/American with a weird hybrid accent and a huge amount of love for working in the video game industry. Her career in video games spans 11+ years, several countries, & hundreds of titles across her time working for SEGA, Microsoft, and now Square Enix Collective.

With a deep background in games QA and management, Teressa well knows the potential pitfalls in making games and how to (hopefully) avoid them. She’s really excited to have joined the Collective team, and assist indie development teams to achieve every possible success.

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

Associate Producer

Inspired by the joy & entertainment that individual fans can bring to a game’s wider community through art, stories, music, videos, mods, events, tournaments & great feedback - Chris stepped into the game creation business as a community manager, looking to highlight the importance of community within a game’s lifecycle from both engagement & development perspectives.

Having worked on some of the most beloved franchises in the industry, from Ultima to Battlefield and Ghost Recon; Chris has since turned his attention towards helping smaller teams bring new and exciting experiences to gamers around the globe.


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We'd also like to thank all the developers who have submitted projects, and all the gamers who have helped by voting and commenting. The feedback and advice we've had during various phases of Collective's life has been invaluable in shaping it.

You're all awesome.