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 Omen of Sorrow is a horror fighting game, where 12 iconic characters engage, either locally or online, in a single deathmatch or through the unholy trial story mode to define who’ll cast its shadow over the hearts of men for the next century.

Play on PS4, Xbox One or PC; We currently have console devkits, and we are testing builds daily to ensure that performance will be optimal across platforms.

The team is led by ex-Ace Team developers (Zeno Clash 2, Rock of Ages) , with Art by the internationally acclaimed Genzoman (Double Dragon: Neon, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hearthstone), Music by Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint) and the best young talent from SCL.

Gabriel - SpecialFeatures

Master its hardcore combat mechanics; The game’s combat system is intended to be challenging, deep and fluid, based on player skill rather than stats or random chance. Timing, reflex, deception and pattern recognition are emphasized, yet we are striving to make it accessible to new players.

Quasimodo - Grab

Compete Online; Using a netcode technique called rollback (the same used in GGPO), we’ll provide you with a near-lagless online experience.

Fight your friends in Local Multiplayer; Having someone in the same physical space when playing a game is a very different experience than playing with them over the internet, you know that, and so do we.



We'll convey horror using a dramatic, dark and grim art style influenced by various sources; from the heavy chiaroscuro of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, to the dramatic framing of Tod Browning´s Dracula, to contemporary gore like Saw and classics such as Jan Svankmajer's shorts.windmill

Each of the environments will have a distinct mood, but darkness will always play an important role, and that, couple with game mechanics that emphasize mind games, will be used to convey tension to the players.



MusicOmen of Sorrow's music is an ambitious mix of diverse influences, we want to  integrate the traditional sonority of orchestral  instruments and the ominous nature of gregorian chant with contemporary genres such as industrial metal and djent, infused with the energy of admirable soundtracks like Tsutomu Ōhashi's Akira and Tom Holkenborg's Mad Max. 


Additional Info:

Omen of Sorrow has been in development by AOne since May 2015.

Funded by the Chilean government through Corfo Capital Semilla and Fondo Audiovisual, we’ve attended Gamescom, MIGS and Festigame with the support of ProChile.

Dracula vs Quasimodo

Comments (30)

  • Ash_Blue
    Ash_Blue / 10 months ago

    So I'm curious, what makes you guys different from the AAA fighter genre? BTW love the look and feel of the world + lore.

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 10 months ago

      Hi! Sorry for the delay, post GDC buzz was a little intense. We don't rely on a specific gimmick but it's the coherent whole that'll make it feel different, for example; our stages are about 3 times wider, that coupled with dashing, running and projectiles, will put a bigger emphasis on zoning and mind games.

  • catalladser
    catalladser / 10 months ago

    Los felicito por el trabajo!!

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 10 months ago

      Gracias ;)

  • SilentTim
    SilentTim / 10 months ago

    The locations, the music, the character are incredible! Fingers cross to see Van Helsing, Headless Horseman, and Invisible Man! Keep up the amazing work ladies and gentlemen!

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 10 months ago

      You'll get 2 out 3 from that list ;)

  • WootAlreadyExist
    WootAlreadyExist / 10 months ago

    The awkward moment when you realize "NO" Button has no action script. But for "YES" there is.

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 10 months ago

      The "No" button redirects to a poll, to ask you why not :)

  • Gojira_Supreme
    Gojira_Supreme / 10 months ago

    The music sounds awesome and the art direction looks amazing. 12 characters is definitely a good starting point for a new IP. You could definitely add more character and stages later on in downloadable expansions but like you've already said in the comments below, its best to keep things realistic.

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 10 months ago

      That's the plan, we want to evaluate the game's reception, and then well focus our efforts on creating new characters based on the folklore of regions that become important for our IP.

  • Chinoise
    Chinoise / 11 months ago

    Excelente juego!!

  • SaltyAlpaca
    SaltyAlpaca / 11 months ago

    Looks amazing, though more characters would be good. And finishers would be cool. Whether it's like fatalities, for just cool special moves for each character.

  • Macelar
    Macelar / 11 months ago

    Okay, yes, this sounds interesting. Not crazy about the title, but then, what do I know about titling? The music, what is available, is great, the art is distinctive, and the concept is intriguing. If it makes it to crowdfunding, I will help fund it.

  • themirrorcle
    themirrorcle / 11 months ago

    I need a combo exhibition or a gameplay tutorial so I can really get on board. Art style is phenomenal but it needs to play well.

  • Joejoe1332
    Joejoe1332 / 11 months ago

    Seriously can't wait to try this! I would like to see more than 12 playable characters, but perhaps more can be DLC at a later time. Graphics definitely look amazing

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 11 months ago

      That's definitely the way to go, as we want to keep the initial release realistic. (besides budget constrains, there's also character balancing and uniqueness)

  • EvangelTepes
    EvangelTepes / 11 months ago

    3DS or PS Vita version please!

  • shadowolf73
    shadowolf73 / 11 months ago

    Cant wait to try this one.

  • Seeking_Cover
    Seeking_Cover / 11 months ago

    Perhaps a game mode like endless waves of enemies or rounds where buffs and de-buffs are applied (kind f like the towers and the "Test Your Luck" of Mortal Kombat)

  • Dablue
    Dablue / 11 months ago

    AbstractSven / 2 days ago You should design a single player "tutorial" experience that teaches you how to play and tells stories about the characters. And please do a bonus stage like the car stage from street fighter pleaase. +5UpvoteDownvoteFlag FelipeBudinich Developer FelipeBudinich / 1 day ago ;) Good suggestion. - My kingdom for a reply button. Anyhow... In stead of a car you could use a horse and carriage hehe +2UpvoteDownvoteFlag

  • Sayk_dos
    Sayk_dos / 11 months ago

    Promete bastante el juego, mi única y humilde sugerencia sería que consideren la opción de cambiar skins a los personajes pero no mediante dlc y esas cosas, sino mediante el mismo juego exigiendo metas difíciles dentro de lo que pudiera ser la campaña o multijugador. saludos y denle con todo !

  • blacklislt
    blacklislt / 11 months ago

    exelente juego!!!

  • Rubickus
    Rubickus / 11 months ago

    Tremendo juego! Awesome game, congratulations!

  • AbstractSven
    AbstractSven / 11 months ago

    You should design a single player "tutorial" experience that teaches you how to play and tells stories about the characters. And please do a bonus stage like the car stage from street fighter pleaase.

    • FelipeBudinich
      Developer FelipeBudinich / 11 months ago

      ;) Good suggestion.

  • Knutoswat
    Knutoswat / 11 months ago

    Genial, les felicito por el gran trabajo que están logrando. Espero que su campaña llegue a buen puerto!! Arriba la industria de vídeo juegos Chilena!!!

  • MoratGurgeh
    MoratGurgeh / 11 months ago

    A great looking project, you have my support. ¡Éxito y suerte en la campaña!

  • Xanoman00
    Xanoman00 / 11 months ago

    se ve bueno, a pesar que solo dos personajes aparecen, pero la música me gusto y la ambientación, ademas de los diseños de los personajes son al puro estilo de M&L.

  • Wasterbull
    Wasterbull / 11 months ago

    C'mon Chile! I like this game, of course I like the art of Genzoman. I want this game :D

  • KEVLARtm
    KEVLARtm / 11 months ago

    Congrats! It will be an amazing game :)

  • Cahede
    Cahede / 11 months ago

    Está buenísimo!!!!!!!

  • EliecerULC
    EliecerULC / 11 months ago

    Very interesting Project! it really cought my attention immediately!


AOne Games

Felipe Budinich Felipe Budinich

+6 years of experience on Videogame Marketing, has released games for PC, iOS, and Android, planned and executed the first successful Kickstarter campaign for a Chilean Videogame, during his time at Startup Chile generation 6.2 he produced the first Orchestral videogame soundtrack in LATAM for Evilot with F.A.M.E.'S. Film Music Recording Company and the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

Patricio Vasquez Patricio Vasquez

+11 years of video game industry experience as a 3D Animator, working at Bandai Namco (Tokyo, Japan), DeNA and Behaviour (Santiago, Chile), on titles such as Evangelion Beginning (ヱヴァンゲリヲン:序), Gundam Memories (ガンダムメモリーズ ~戦いの記憶), After Earth and Star Wars: Galactic Defense, among others.

Tomas Herrera Tomas Herrera

Tomas Herrera graduated from Digital Animation, he worked 3 years creating animations for the advertisement industry. At AOne Games he works as a technical artist, integrating the work from artists and programmers, developing pipeline optimizations between 3d modelling software and the engine, also does memes.

Sebastian Beltran Sebastian Beltran

Sebastian Beltran has been programming since he's 16 years old, competing in multiple university organized high school competitions, continuing his studies at UTEM where he graduated on Computer Science and Civil Engineering. He's passionate about video games, and spends his free time working on Neural Networks (supervised NNA) and probability function models (Kernel Estimation Density), currently he develops Omen of Sorrow using C++ on Unreal Engine 4.

Crístofer Leal Crístofer Leal

Crístofer Leal, graduated from Digital Animation and Video game Design, where he learnt scripting and vfx. His career began at Sky Line Studios, where he developed real time architectural visualizations, while he specialized in assets and scenes optimization on Unreal Engine 4. Now he works at AOne as our Technical Artist, making Omen of Sorrow run at a solid 60 fps across platforms.

Max Kubler Max Kubler

Max Kübler, provided outsourcing services for Wanako Games (On hits such as Assault Heroes 2 and Scuba Snap). He also has been an entrepreneur the last 12 years founding two 3d visualization companies ( South Sky and Sky Line Studios) and one Post production company (Fosforo).

Sebastian Gana Sebastian Gana

+6 years of experience, Software Engineer, has released games for all platforms from PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 to iOS, Android and LG Smart TVs. (Zeno Clash 2, Rock of Ages, Kokori, Selknam Defense).

Rodrigo Alarcon Rodrigo Alarcon

+15 years of experience as a Digital Artist, alongside Sebastian, they have worked on games for all platforms from PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 to iOS, Android and LG Smart TVs. (Zeno Clash 2, Rock of Ages, Kokori, Selknam Defense).

Genzoman Genzoman

Gonzalo has worked for Capcom, Blizzard, Salo, and was chosen as the Best Fantasy Illustrator on 2013 ImagineFX Awards. (Double Dragon: Neon, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hearthstone).

Francisco Cerda Francisco Cerda

Francisco Cerda is a pianist and composer. He started composing music for videogames when he was 14 years old, when he created the soundtrack for a shmup that he programmed (from that point he has worked on titles such as Jamestown, honorable mention by the IGF for Excellence in Audio, and won the second place for OSV’s Best Indie Game Soundtrack of 2011. )